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Is Iran in Our Gun Sights Now?

By Pat Buchanan • Unz Review • July 21, 2017

“Iran must be free. The dictatorship must be destroyed. Containment is appeasement and appeasement is surrender.”

Thus does our Churchill, Newt Gingrich, dismiss, in dealing with Iran, the policy of containment crafted by George Kennan and pursued by nine U.S. presidents to bloodless victory in the Cold War.

Why is containment surrender? “Because freedom is threatened everywhere so long as this dictatorship stays in power,” says Gingrich.

But how is our freedom threatened by a regime with 3 percent of our GDP that has been around since Jimmy Carter was president?

Fortunately, Gingrich has found a leader to bring down the Iranian regime and ensure the freedom of mankind. “In our country that was George Washington and … the Marquis de Lafayette. In Italy it was Garibaldi,” says Gingrich.

Whom has he found to rival Washington and Garibaldi? Says Gingrich, “Maryam Rajavi.”

Who is she? The leader of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, or Mujahedeen-e-Khalq, which opposed the Shah, broke with the old Ayatollah, collaborated with Saddam Hussein, and, until 2012, was designated a terrorist organization by the U.S. Department of State.

At the NCRI conference in Paris in July where Gingrich spoke, and the speaking fees were reportedly excellent, John Bolton and Rudy Giuliani were also on hand.

Calling Iran’s twice-elected President Hassan Rouhani, “a violent, vicious murderer,” Giuliani said, “the time has come for regime change.”

Bolton followed suit. “Tehran is not merely a nuclear weapons threat, it is not merely a terrorist threat, it is a conventional threat to everybody in the region,” he said. Hence, “the declared policy of the United States of America should be the overthrow of the mullahs’ regime in Tehran.”

We will all celebrate in Tehran in 2019, Bolton assured the NCRI faithful.

Good luck. Yet, as The New York Times said yesterday, all this talk, echoed all over this capital, is driving us straight toward war. “A drumbeat of provocative words, outright threats and actions — from President Trump and some of his top aides as well as Sunni Arab leaders and American activists — is raising tensions that could lead to armed conflict with Iran.”

Is this what America wants or needs — a new Mideast war against a country three times the size of Iraq?

After Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen, would America and the world be well-served by a war with Iran that could explode into a Sunni-Shiite religious war across the Middle East?

Bolton calls Iran “a nuclear weapons threat.”

But in 2007, all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies declared with high confidence Iran had no nuclear weapons program. They stated this again in 2011. Under the nuclear deal, Iran exported almost all of its uranium, stopped enriching to 20 percent, shut down thousands of centrifuges, poured concrete into the core of its heavy water reactor, and allows U.N. inspectors to crawl all over every facility.

Is Iran, despite all this, operating a secret nuclear weapons program? Or is this War Party propaganda meant to drag us into another Mideast war?

To ascertain the truth, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee should call the heads of the CIA and DIA, and the Director of National Intelligence, to testify in open session.

We are told we are menaced also by a Shiite Crescent rising and stretching from Beirut to Damascus, Baghdad and Tehran.

And who created this Shiite Crescent?

It was George W. Bush who ordered the Sunni regime of Saddam overthrown, delivering Iraq to its Shiite majority. It was Israel whose invasion and occupation of Lebanon from 1982 to 2000 gave birth to the Shiite resistance now known as Hezbollah.

As for Bashar Assad in Syria, his father sent troops to fight alongside Americans in the Gulf War.

The Ayatollah’s regime, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the Basij militia are deeply hostile to this country. But Iran does not want war with the United States — for the best of reasons. Iran would be smashed like Iraq, and its inevitable rise, as the largest and most advanced country on the Persian Gulf, would be aborted.

Moreover, we have interests in common: Peace in the Gulf, from which Iran’s oil flows and without which Iran cannot grow, as Rouhani intends, by deepening Iran’s ties to Europe and the advanced world.

And we have enemies in common: ISIS, al-Qaida and all the Sunni terrorists whose wildest dream is to see their American enemies fight their Shiite enemies.

Who else wants a U.S. war with Iran, besides ISIS?

Unfortunately, their number is legion: Saudis, Israelis, neocons and their think tanks, websites and magazines, hawks in both parties on Capitol Hill, democracy crusaders, and many in the Pentagon who want to deliver payback for what the Iranian-backed Shiite militias did to us in Iraq.

President Trump is key. If he does the War Party’s bidding, that will be his legacy, as the Iraq War is the legacy of George W. Bush.

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  1. “Iran must be free. The dictatorship must be destroyed……..” Gingrich might very well say that, but, it might also, apply to the current situation in the USA.

    “Calling Iran’s twice-elected President Hassan Rouhani, “a violent, vicious murderer,” That term could also apply to most of the American Presidents in living memory(excluding Jimmy Carter)

    Given that the “Sabre Rattling” coming from Washington(and sold to the World, by the MSM) is in full flight, the American people should realize that General Wesley Clark’s disclosure that the Pentagon has already predicted the war with Iran several years ago, and is still the Policy of the Pentagon.
    Whatever the outcome of a war with Iran, there’s going to be many thousands of “Body Bags” required for America’s young naive soldiers, because Russia will not stand by while the Zionist Neocons plunge America into ANOTHER war, on behalf of Israel.
    “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals, to be used as pawns in foreign policy”………


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | July 21, 2017 | Reply

  2. Q: Cui bono most from all these machinations? A: The Zioentity so-called Israel, that has, with the endless personal imprint of the psychotic Zionist criminal Netanyahu, been pursuing the shattering of Iran since at least as far back as 1992…a lot of that had and has to do with Hezbollah’s patriotic alliance with Iran to save its country Lebanon from the clutches of Zionism going way back to the late 1970s. More currently, via clever maneuvering, manipulation, diversionary tactics, and exploitation of Arab Sunnis who (because of a combination of inbreeding, oil-wealth greed, and unsophisticated inability to play on a level with the Zionist masters of deceit and deception) have lost track of their true enemy. Gingrich and his ilk, dangerous as they are intrinsically, are in the main mere tools of the Zionist mindset and imperial ambitions for divisiveness, control, domination, and subjugation via war or other nefarious means. Too bad that PBuchanan doesn’t report on the disease: the cancer, as it is now and as it is metastasizing, based on courageous geopolitical analysis, even as he plants hints and points to symptoms of the cancer here and there.


    Comment by roberthstiver | July 21, 2017 | Reply

  3. Nice to see that those responding are awake and aware of the TRUE problem; ‘Israel’.

    Sad that there’s TWO comments. Now all we need is 360 million more people to wake up. Jeeeeez.

    But we ALL know no one in DC is EVER allowed to speak out against ‘Israel’ – or the pic, movies, and tapes the Mossad has collected on EVERYONE in DC or a position of power will be released.

    And from a meme I can’t post:

    “When I write about ‘Israel’, I always use quotation marks, because I’m not stupid enough to believe it’s a legitimate country”

    “The US-Israeli-UK alliance (the real axis of evil) alone threatens world stability, peace, and perhaps survival” ~ Stephen Lendman

    “I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race.” ~ Voltaire (about Jews)

    The ONLY bright spot in all this is if the US is stupid enough to start another war, perhaps it will destroy the US and it’s ability to pay for it’s war-mongering, globalist madness.

    ~ Occams


    Comment by ~ Occams | July 21, 2017 | Reply

    • Interesting quote by Voltaire there. He also famously said, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”
      I Googled your quote and it seems to have been attributed to various people, including H.L. Menken, Karl Marx, and others. It’s a good quote though, and it works.


      Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | July 21, 2017 | Reply

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