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Global Warming Blamed For EU Wildfires

By Paul Homewood | Not A Lot Of People Know That | July 28, 2017

Now why am I not surprised?

Exclusive: The number of forest fires in the EU has trebled so far this year, according to figures obtained by Euronews, affecting an area nearly the size of Luxembourg.

There have been 677 blazes in 2017 – a huge increase on the 215 the bloc saw annually on average over the previous eight years.

Experts have blamed climate change for the rise, saying it has extended the traditional wildfire season and increased the frequency of blazes.

They have warned Europe’s forest fires will rage more often in the future and engulf new areas.

Portugal, Italy and Croatia have battled blazes in recent days amid high temperatures and lower-than-normal rainfall.

It comes less than a month since 64 people died in a forest fire in Portugal, with many victims caught in their cars as they tried to flee.

Now you’re no doubt way ahead of me here!

Apparently, the last eight years is the “normal climate”, and 2017 is the new.

Joe, being a suspicious little devil, thought he would check why they used the last eight years as a baseline, and discovered why.

This is the official data from the European Environment Agency, published last November:

The number of fires since 1980 peaked in the 1990s, and have been relatively low in the last few years.

The trend on burnt acreage is even more stark, showing consistent decline since the 1980s.

I wonder what they’ll blame on global warming next?

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