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Scientific American, Global Warming & Iran

Penny For Your Thoughts | January 8, 2018

Today there are claims being made that the Iran Protests are Due to “Global Warming”- Seriously, this is the absolute baloney, garbage, nonsense that is being put forth as the reason for these protests.

Scientific American no less. Wild speculation at it’s most crazeeeee….

“Barbara Slavin, director of the Future of Iran Initiative at the Atlantic Council.

She said the role of climate change on the protests is “massive” and under-reported by the media.

This exact same claim was made regarding Syria, by self proclaimed authority figures and regurgitated by agenda pushing 5 eyes msm and alt media. Though it was later clarified that the scientific evidence for the Syrian claim was so thin as to be considered tenuous. Tenous: lacking a sound basis, as reasoning; unsubstantiated; weak: Yah, tenuous sounds exactly right!

Another AGW Lie Bites the Dust:“Climate Change Fuelled Syrian War”

“There is no sound evidence that global climate change was a factor in sparking the Syrian civil war,” said University of Sussex Professor Jan Selby, one of the study’s co-authors, in a statement.

“It is extraordinary that this claim has been so widely accepted when the scientific evidence is so thin.”

A lack of evidence never stops liars from lying. Same spin, different destabilization campaign.

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  1. No surprise there. I think it was “Popular Mechanics” that fully endorsed the complete farrago of lies put out in the NIST Report, agreeing with their lies that 15 Arabs used two planes to destroy the Twin Towers in NYC. About 6 buildings were actually destroyed that day, ALL by controlled demolition(Tower 6 was blown OUT) by a large Bomb and lots of gold went missing from the safe(which was opened using the ‘combination’.
    And NO Real investigation was ever made into what REALLY happened.


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | January 8, 2018 | Reply

  2. It does seem ridiculous to try to link ‘climate change’ (aka man-made global warming) with political disturbances in Syria & Iran. But I think there is method in the madness of those who have made this claim.

    Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is an accepted, even central doctrine among so-called “progressives” and even among organized socialists (= controlled, fake socialism) today. If you don’t believe in AGW, you are unwelcome in progressive and other leftist circles.

    Since the AGW movement was the brainchild of the international finance capitalists of the City of London and, to a lesser degree, of Wall Street, these brainwashed ‘socialists’ have ironically, and stupidly, embraced a myth that was invented by, and is pushed by, their major traditional ideological enemy, the bankers.

    But that’s the power of a myth that has developed into a quasi-religion, (see Gaia). Just compare past articles about AGW from The Economist magazine with articles on the same topic in socialist or even self-titled “communist” magazines and websites. The articles from both camps are virtually identical.

    Now, the same forces behind the AGW myth are also behind the political disturbances in Iran and Syria. These forces want to enlist the support of ‘progressives’ and others on the left in their plans for war and the ‘toppling’ of the governments Iran & Syria. They want this support because the left has always been the main source of anti-war activism and, as the Vietnam War showed, anti-war activism can be disastrous to those who want war.

    To recap, ‘climate change’ has become, more or less, a quasi-religion among most ‘progressives’ and other leftists. As a result, when someone in authority claims that climate change is the cause of some social or political unrest, leftists are very prone to accepting that statement as true. This is because true believers in a religion, any religion or cultish belief, tend to believe that their religion is the major cause of all significant events. To question the linkage of unrest in Iran and Syria with climate change is just one step away from questioning the significance of, and even the veracity of climate change itself, which is something that the brainwashed leftists are unlikely to do.

    That’s my theory for the rationale of blaming the troubles in Syria and Iran on climate change.


    Comment by I Speak | January 11, 2018 | Reply

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