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  1. WE won’t let you down Gilad.I will try to support you as much as I can.Your fight is my fight. This nonsense as gone on much too long.

    Comment by Richard Guillemette | March 16, 2018 | Reply

  2. an affidavit :

    A GLOBAL POGROM…’Affidavit’….telling the truth.

    modern day so-called “Jews” are not “Semitic”.

    modern day so-called “Jews” are not ‘Hebrews”.

    modern day so-called “Jews” are “Proselytes” to
    the Talmudic terrorists BAD FAITH “religion”…
    TALMUDIC JUDAISM….which Gilad should be able
    to …identify, and examine as FACT !!!

    the whole world should not be held hostage by less than 1% of
    the population that hate truth and justice, and hate Jesus.

    no one on Earth HAS to stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound

    Comment by Anthony Clifton | March 16, 2018 | Reply

  3. In America, they’re also trying to “set legal precedent,” by suing a “jewISH” person. Michael Kayder and his father for all of their hoax bomb threats from inside stolen Palestine, against other fake jews. So they may send all the non zionazi goyim to jail “legally” for opposing their genitalia mutilation and ither insanities.

    Dystopian doesn’t even cover it. Orwell would have a field day.

    In “their” perfect world America is experiencing its own “200 Years Together “ moment

    Comment by Colburn | March 16, 2018 | Reply

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