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US Dispatches More Military Gear to Kurds in Syria – Reports

Sputnik – 05.05.2018

The US sent a new military convoy to the Kurdish militants’ bases in the Tal Beidar region, between the towns of Qamishli and Tal Tamr in northeastern Hasaka, the Lebanese al-Manar TV network reported.

The convoy included ten trucks full of arms and ammunition.

Local sources said that the Kurdish fighters have detained a number of civilians southwest of the town of Ra’as al-Ein in Northwestern Hasaka in order to train them in military camps.

Earlier this week, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) informed Sputnik that there is a growing French military presence in the area of Manbij in Syria.

Sputnik received a photo showing two armored vehicles with military personnel in the area of the Sajur River in the territory of Manbij. One vehicle has a US flag on it, while the other has a French flag.

A senior member of the Military Council of Manbij told Sputnik that about 50 French soldiers are stationed on duty in the area. While in the north of Manbij work is currently underway to establish a French military base.

​Al-Manar further confirmed the reports saying that three military vehicles under French flags had entered a Kurdish militia base in the al-Aliyeh region, south of the town of Ra’as al-Ein in northwestern Hasaka.

The network went on quoting field sources as seeing the US convoy of armored vehicles moving towards al-Shadadi from a military base north of the Khabour Dam.

Another Arabic media outlet, the Moraseloun news website, also reported today that the US Army has set up a new military base in Hasaka province, despite Donald Trump’s claims that Washington is set on withdrawing its forces from Syria.

The latest information adds to several other reports on the US’ alleged establishment of new military bases in Al-Hasakah, as well as in eastern Deir ez-Zor last month.

The US military presence in Syria has been dubbed an “aggression” by Damascus, as it has neither been approved by the government nor has it received a UN mandate.

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  1. Are the Kurds some sort of example of ‘democracy’ for the US to be arming them?

    What is the US interest in Balkinizing the Middle east if not for the Greater Israel (Oded Yinon) plans?

    Comment by rediscover911com | May 5, 2018 | Reply

  2. “Earlier this week, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) informed Sputnik that there is a growing French military presence in the area of Manbij in Syria”.

    Well, that explains the French Prime Minister’s recent visit to the White House,(and his follow up visit to Australia), where our Prime Minister can be guaranteed to kneel before the American President and give him succour.
    More arms for the Kurds will guarantee more trouble in future as the Kurds are firmly behind Israel. It remains to be seen how the Turks will respond, but it’s almost certain to inflame things further.
    Benjamin Netanyahu will be very pleased with HIS President in the White House.

    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | May 5, 2018 | Reply

    • The aim would seem to be nothing other than violence, chaos, and disunity.

      Comment by aletho | May 5, 2018 | Reply

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