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The Stomach-Churning Victim Blaming by “Labour Friends of Israel”

By Craig Murray | May 14, 2018

The true face of the organisation calling itself “Labour Friends of Israel” has been revealed today, in truly disgusting victim-blaming tweets reacting to the massacre of over fifty Palestinians – including yet more children – by the Israeli Defence Force in Gaza.

No Israelis were injured and no “border communities” attacked. This amplification of the worst extreme right wing zionist propaganda by the Likud government shows beyond doubt that “Labour Friends of Israel” is nothing whatsoever to do with the professed values of the Labour Party, but rather a well-funded entryist front solely intended to promote the interests of a violent, expansionist and aggressive foreign state.

I am not a Labour Party member and I do not know what institutional ties the “Labour Friends of Israel” has to the Labour Party, but whatever they are they should be cut off immediately.

The “Labour Friends of Israel” featured very prominently on our TV screens after the recent English local elections, beating the drum for their widespread accusations of anti-semitism within the Labour Party. They have been driving that agenda for many months. One would like to think that the mainstream media would, after today, cease to accept them as a genuine and well-motivated group and understand them for the hate-filled fanatics they truly are. Of course that will not happen, and they will be back on television shortly accusing yet more lifelong anti-racism campaigners who have the temerity to criticise Israel.

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  1. Agreement and appreciation for this statement, “The Stomach-Churning…”
    Israel is waging war in every conceivable way and its minions, appointed and self-appointed, are its conductors. Violence, lies, bribery, blame, perverted logic… anything and every thing is the conduct, the means to achieve their goal.
    Anything deemed contrary is an enemy and thus to be eliminated, conquered or vanquished.
    That this will result in a conflagration, perhaps an annihilating world war, is acceptable to them. Blinded by their justifications, and they continue to draw in the others, willing or stupidly oblivious.
    The conduct from beginning to present to future leads to this conclusion.


    Comment by Parfore | May 15, 2018 | Reply

  2. The powerful Jewish lobbies in Washington and London have managed to subdue Britain and American governments, who have failed to hold Israel to account for their disgusting murders of innocent people in Palestine.
    And the cries of Russian influence in the American Election have been fostered by the corrupted Western MSM, owned and controlled, by Israel and it’s “agents” in the UK/USA.
    Israel has got Britain and the USA, by the BALLS……..


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | May 15, 2018 | Reply

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