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Muslims Were Framed For 9/11: Fake News MSM Silences Us

By Kevin Barrett | American Herald Tribune | July 11, 2018

Dear Mr. President,

During your presidential campaign you made some courageous statements about 9/11. You demolished Jeb Bush’s campaign by implying that George W. Bush deserved blame, not praise, for 9/11, which happened while he was president – he did not “keep us safe.” You derided “those people who knocked down the World Trade Center” and said such people wouldn’t have been there if you were president. And most interestingly of all, you told us to elect you so we “will find out who really knocked down the World Trade Center.”

You also made statements that, taken at face value, were egregiously false and libelous. You repeatedly claimed that Muslims danced and celebrated in New Jersey as the Towers came down. As the fake news MSM reported (correctly, for once) that was just not true. But if you had substituted Israelis for Muslims your statement would have been true. A team of Israeli spies was indeed arrested after they were caught wildly celebrating the completion of their successful operation. There is also some evidence, including a police audio tape, that other Israeli operatives were caught red-handed trying to blow up bridges and tunnels in New York on the morning of September 11, 2001.

During the first two years after 9/11, I may have been the only one of the more than 2,000 Muslims in Madison, Wisconsin who did not firmly believe that 9/11 was a false flag operation designed to smear Muslims and Islam. Certainly all of my Muslims friends and acquaintances believed this. Most of them were terrorized into silence by surprise visits from the FBI. It wasn’t until late 2003 that I seriously investigated 9/11 and learned that my co-religionists – and many other Christian and even Jewish 9/11 “truthers,” were right. Muslims were framed for 9/11, with malice aforethought.

Polls show that the vast majority of Muslims, worldwide and in America, knows or suspects that 9/11 was a false flag event. Yet this fact is almost never reported; and articulate Muslims representing the Muslim-majority view of 9/11 are never allowed to make their case in mainstream media, academia, think tanks, or other institutions of power in America or in Europe.

You have said “I think Islam hates us” and tried to ban Muslims from entering the US. These misguided remarks and policies are based on the false and libelous official story of 9/11, and the equally false and libelous official stories of the many other Israeli-sponsored false flag operations that have continued to drive the bogus “war on terror” (i.e. the hoax war that Israel uses to suck blood, treasure, and spirit from the USA).

Right now you are not managing our Middle East policy – and especially our policy toward Zionist apartheid Israel with its massive covert nuclear arsenal funded by the US taxpayer – on the basis of evidence, truth, or even a semblance of respect for the public interest. To your great credit, you have stated that we have gotten nothing for our seven trillion dollars spent in the Middle East. I totally support your view on that.

I beg of you, as a US-born citizen, please keep your campaign promise and make sure the American people find out who really “knocked down” the three World Trade Center towers. One participant, WTC owner Larry Silverstein—a close friend of Benjamin Netanyahu—has already admitted to participation in the demolitions – and briefed his plans for a 2002 re-build a year before 9/11. Please have each of the 103 people on this list properly investigated, including proper analysis of all stored NSA data on their network of calls and emails in the year prior to 9/11, and give America a chance to know the truth, to be liberated from the Deep State and its Zionist underbelly, to see that you mean it when you say we will find out who really planned, executed, and then covered up the 9/11 atrocity on US soil that murdered over 2,000.

Very respectfully,
Kevin Barrett, PhD

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  1. It’s not a matter of who was framed. It’s a matter of lies. I am sick of lies.

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    Comment by tsisageya | July 12, 2018 | Reply

  2. The “up-wising” depends upon as many people as possible discovering the big lies.

    Twilight Zone scripting bring Jon Bolton to the fore of foreign policy, Oliver North to head the NRA, Nikki Haley as a parrotter of big lies and more Orwellian developments.

    It’s time for The Big Sting operation to operate out in the open.

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    Comment by rediscover911com | July 12, 2018 | Reply

  3. 9-11 Evil, a book by the late Victor Thorn, tells that only Israel could have pulled the attacks of Sept 11 off successfully. Of course, they had plenty of help from the dual loyalist Zionist neocons in the Bush administration.


    Comment by larryzb | July 12, 2018 | Reply

  4. My website is mentioned in that book, Chapter 24, first two paragraphs.

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    Comment by rediscover911com | July 12, 2018 | Reply

  5. “If you’re going to tell a lie, make it a big one”…….Adolph Hitler.

    It is absolutely impossible for an air plane made of lightweight materials, full of “Avgas”(Kerosene) to slam into Two ‘mountains’ of concrete and reinforced steel, and not only demolish THREE of the steel/concrete buildings, but to turn them into choking dusty powder, and Molten ‘Lava'(still molten 6 weeks later).

    Those buildings had explosives planted in them, as can CLEARLY be seen exploding, as they came down, in a classic “Controlled Demolition”.

    The USA was attacked on 9/11 by Foreign Agents, the vast majority of them holding Dual Passports, and they certainly were NOT MUSLIMS. If they had been Muslims, Imagine the publicity the “trial’ would have generated, and the hatred that would have followed. But the “Muslims” who were identified as the guilty parties immediately after the buildings came down were whisked away to Guantanamo Bay Cuba, and “found Guilty” by a ‘military court’. It was a travesty of “America justice”. Everything about it was clocked in secrecy.

    Larry Silverstein has publicly admitted that He and the NYC Fire Dept “Decided to PULL the Building”(building 7), this, despite the NYCFD admitting they have NO EXPERTIZE in Controlled Demolition. If he was a black guy, he would have been hung by now.

    The USA will never be “FREE” again, until the REAL perpetrators of “9/11” are identified, and the only way to identify them is a FULL, GENUINE, PROPER enquiry.

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    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | July 13, 2018 | Reply

  6. A great letter…how I’d love to have it grow legs. Thanks to AHT and Aletho News for trying.

    “… Please have each of the 103 people on this list ….”: Wow! Here would be a proper and meaningful “real news” investigative task for Robert Mueller!

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    Comment by roberthstiver | July 13, 2018 | Reply

  7. I’ll bet that, any Muslims(those that are still alive, that is) that have suffered because of the lies of “9/11” must be astonished at how easily the American public have been persuaded to believe the total fantasy of what really happened on 9/11, despite the HUGE pile of evidence that it was a “stitch up”…….

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    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | July 13, 2018 | Reply

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