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Robert Faurisson and the Study of the Past

By Gilad Atzmon | October 23, 2018

The history of ideas provides us with the names of those few men and women who challenged the boundaries of tolerance. Professor Robert Faurisson was one such man. Faurisson, who died last Sunday at age 89, was a French academic who didn’t believe in the validity of parts of the Holocaust narrative. He argued that gas chambers in Auschwitz were the “biggest lie of the 20th century,” and contended that deported Jews had died of disease and malnutrition. Faurisson also questioned the authenticity of the Diary of Anne Frank many years before the Swiss foundation that holds the copyright to the famous diary “alerted publishers that her father (Otto Frank) is not only the ‘editor’ but also legally the ‘co-author’ of the celebrated book” (NY Times ).

In the France of the late 1960s-1970s Faurisson had reason to believe that his maverick attitude toward the past would receive a kosher pass. He was wrong. Faurisson may have failed to grasp the role of the Holocaust in contemporary Jewish politics and culture. And he did not grasp that Jewish power is literally the power to silence opposition to Jewish power. 

In 1990 France made holocaust revisionism into the crime of  history denial. Faurisson was repeatedly prosecuted, beaten and fined for his writings. He was dismissed from his academic post at Lyon University in 1991.

I am bothered by the question of why Jews and others  attached to their politics are desperate to restrict the story of their past. This question extends far beyond the holocaust. Israel has enacted a law that bans discussion of the Nakba – the racially motivated ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people that occurred a mere three years after the liberation of Auschwitz. Similarly, exploring the role of Jews in the slave trade will cost your job or lead to your expulsion from the labour party. My attempt to analyse the true nature of the Yiddish Speaking International Brigade in the 1936 Spanish Civil War outraged some of my Jewish ‘progressive’ friends.

Jean-François Lyotard addressed this question. History may claim to relate what actually occurred, but what it does more often is operate to conceal our shame. The task of an authentic historian is, according to Lyotard, similar to that of the psychoanalyst. It is all about removing layers of shame, concealment and suppression to try to uncover the truth.

It was the work of Faurisson that helped me to define the historical endeavour in philosophical terms. I define history as the attempt to narrate the past as we move along. To deal with history for real, is to continually re-visit and revise the past in light of our cultural, social and ideological changes. For instance, the 1948 Nakba came to be thought of in terms of ethnic cleansing in the early 2000s when the notion of ‘ethnic cleansing’ entered our vocabulary (and our way of understanding a conflict) following the crisis in Kosovo. The real historian reevaluates the past and embraces adjustments that place our understanding of that past in line with our contemporaneous reality and terminology.

Professor Faurisson and the controversy around his work illuminates the distinction between real history and religion. While history is a vibrant dynamic matter subject to constant ‘revision,’ the religious approach to the past is limited to the production of a rigid unchanging chronicle of events. Authentic history invokes ethical thinking to examine the past in light of the present and vice versa, religious history often operates by denying or rejecting increasing ethical insight – it judges actions and events according to set predefined parameters. The question at stake is not what happened in the past but the freedom to research and evaluate the past without being threatened by ‘history laws.’ In the same manner I support ‘progress’ in cancer research, although I do not  produce scholarly comments on related scientific findings, I support the past being continually re-examined although I offer no judgment of any kind regarding the validity of those historical findings. For history to be a valid and an ethical universal pursuit, history laws must be abolished.

In 2014 I met Robert Faurisson and discussed with him different questions about the meaning of history and what the past meant to him.

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  1. Huuu….a great Soul has finally earned his recent demise…only to move on to higher dimensions & allow us to carry on his legacy!

    Thank u Robert for being an AMAZING wayshower💥

    Comment by Leland Roth | October 23, 2018 | Reply

  2. Thanks for this, Gilad. Prof. Faurisson is an heroic figure who stands as an example to us all.

    Comment by traducteur | October 23, 2018 | Reply

  3. The Past Of The Human Race?

    Btw, senor Faurisson, Vaya Con Dios.

    Eden in the East / Stephen Oppenheimer

    Atlantis in Indonesia: Interview with Arysio dos Santos, a Brazilian inventor, geologis, 1997..

    In 2005 he published Atlantis, The Lost Continent , Finally Found. Shortly after giving this gem to the world, he met his Maker.

    25,000Yr Old Mountain Sized Pyramids In Indonesia?

    In 2010 geologist Danny Nathanvijaya found evidence of manmade structures inside.

    The work is in progress.

    CIA O

    Comment by Gabreal Jones | October 23, 2018 | Reply


    Arysio Santos explains in this book his Scientific Theory on Atlantis, using an infinitude of arguments, which range from the strictly scientific (such as Geology, Linguistics, and Anthropology) to the more arcane and occult ones. A professional scientist with a PhD in Nuclear Physics and Free-Docency in Physical-Chemistry, the author has dedicated himself intensely to the study of the Atlantis quest, for more than 30 years.

    There are no sunken continents at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean,

    Atlantis was never found because we have all been looking in the wrong places. Realizing that, we started to look for the spot where an entire sunken continent could be hiding itself.

    Geology afforded the correct, irrefutable answer: down under the South China Sea, that is where. That region is what we now call Indonesia.

    Anyone who inspects a chart of the oceanic bottoms in the region of Indonesia such as the Ice Age Map of Indonesia shown in Fig. 1 below, will readily concede that the South China Sea encircled by Indonesia indeed formed a continent during the last glaciation, which ended some 11,600 years ago.

    This chart clearly shows the sunken continent of Lemurian Atlantis in Indonesia, as well as the extensive sunken strip of Indian Atlantis almost wholly sunken, and the other sunken to a very considerable extension.

    We remark that this map — in contrast to most others presenting proposed sites for Atlantis and/or Lemuria — is purely scientific, rather than an invention of ours or of others.

    It is based on the detailed geophysical reconstruction of the seafloors in the region in question, and portrays the areas of depth under 100 meters, which were obviously exposed during the Ice Age, when sea level dropped by that amount and even more.

    ©Arysio Santos

    These giant explosions — which all occurred in the region of Indonesia, volcanically the most active in the whole world….

    The explosion of Mt. Krakatoa (or more volcano´s in that area, gj) caused a giant tsunami, which ravaged the lowlands of Atlantis and Lemuria. It also triggered the end of the last Ice Age by covering the continental glaciers with a layer of soot (fly ash) which precipitated their melting by increasing the absorption of sunshine. The giant tsunami it caused also resulted in a maritime invasion of the continents surrounding the Pacific region and, above all, of the Antarctic region.

    The result was that the glaciers were floated by these invading waters and carried back to the ocean, when these waters returned to it. This process has recently been confirmed by geological and oceanographic research, and is called Heinrich Events. These are associated with the cataclysm end of the Pleistocene Ice age.

    ©Arysio Santos

    Comment by Gabreal Jones | October 24, 2018 | Reply

    • U got Lemuria…not Atlantis 💥

      Comment by Leland Roth | October 24, 2018 | Reply

      • @ Leland Roth @ Aletho

        Hopefully you´ll see that Iberian Arysio dos Santos answers the Lemuria / Atlantis issue more than thoroughly.

        It is standing at the blue suede shoes of many (whites) in the alernative media. But he does so elegantly.

        That NASA and other bastions recognised his findings after 20 years is very hopeful.

        see: gj-comment at aangirfan

        Gabreal Jones20 October 2018 at 13:18

        India is the cradlle of human civilisation.

        Sanskrit is the root of all the Indo-european languages. All languages such as English etc. could be called dialects of it.

        Also Greek & Latin are Sanskrit related.

        The UN/Agenda 21 backed huggging Mamma is a ridiculous disgrace to the Wisdom of India.

        Many prominent western minds recognised the value of India.

        Voltaire wrote:

        ´I am convinced that everything has come down to us from the banks of the Ganges, – astronomy, astrolgy, reincarnation, geometry…´

        There would be no modern science & technology without their mathematical foundation rooted in India.

        It is the Indian math. that gave birth to the Zero. Without the zero no numbers. Arabian ciphers are actually Indian ciphers.

        Moors ruled Spain for 800 yrs and brought the math. they found in India with them to build the Alhambra…

        And it is an open door but he is blocked up by the vrijmetselaars, the freemasons: Chris C. set sail to find another way to get to India. The Silk Road was blocked due to war roadblocks of the Ottomans.

        Marco Polo saw the very dark skinned people (like the hugging A.)in South India. Chris C. thought he had made to India when he got to the Bahamas.

        Yesterday the 19th oct. apparently was Vijayadashami.

        It marks the victory of the good forces over the evil.

        Vijaya = victory Das(ha)=10.

        See a quadruple gj-comment which titled itself ´United in Precision part II´ on that day at :

        Dane Calloway revisited and Cheddar man the first Briton shows his face to us.

        And no, I don´t think these all-white scientists are backing the jew bankers orchestrated empire-strikes-back-mass-immigration agenda with it.

        Then again, yes, the migrant migraine of ´original´ Britons is understandable.

        London is not London anymore, but don´t forget London was build on loot of from over the waves that Britain once ruled cq its former ´inferior´ brownie colony: India.


        After living in tune with Cosmic Law they got to the same level where jews, whites and their uncle tomtoms got us in the present day world now. AS even talks of a Atomic Apolacalypso. Although he is not sure that that tango took place at that time.

        That´s roughly and more directly put the same thing as AS writes: ´ In time, my theory will create a new paradigm for both Science and Religion that seems to be on the coming for this new millennium of ours.

        CIA O

        Comment by Gabreal Jones | October 25, 2018 | Reply

  5. Check out:


    Arysio Santos ´a highly regarded climatologist, geologist, and nuclear physicist´ (Amazon) – answers you here:

    ´More exactly, this sunken continent was Lemurian Atlantis, the larger of the two Atlantises mentioned by Plato´

    ´The greatest of all Lemurian colonies was Atlantis, founded in India, already during the heydays of Lemuria, and which, in time, reached the apex of human grandeur. Atlantis and Lemuria had prospered for a full zodiacal era (2,160 years), when the great cataclysm destroyed their common world, at the end of the Pleistocene, some 11,600 years ago.´

    (His name is actually Arysio dos Santos)


    As: ´We remark that this map (vid: 17.07) — in contrast to most others presenting proposed sites for Atlantis and/or Lemuria — is purely scientific, rather than an invention of ours or of others.
     It is based on the detailed geophysical reconstruction of the sea-bottoms in the region in question, and portrays the areas of depth under 100 meters, which were obviously exposed during the Ice Age, when sea level dropped by that amount and even more.

    In particular, please note the huge chunk of land, of continental dimensions, to the south of Southeast Asia, and which became sunken when sea level rose, at the end of the Pleistocene. Another sizable piece of land in the Indus Delta, the site of the second Atlantis, also disappeared likewise, at that occasion. No other regions of the world display a similar event, including the Americas (not shown). The conclusion is that Atlantis, if Plato was in fact speaking truthfully, could only have been located in that region of the world.

    Interesting note of Arysio Santos:

    [FOOTNOTE: This text was written some ten years ago, and is only now being revised and updated (Jan. 2002). Many of its finds and predictions have recently been empirically confirmed by Science since, then. One such is the dramatic confirmation of the existence of a now sunken giant continent to the south of Southeast Asia and China, precisely as predicted by ourselves. This confirmation was obtained by the spy satellites of NASA an NOAA, and was only recently declassified, as we comment in this site. Moreover, as we now discuss, its shape and features are precisely the ones predicted by ourselves on entirely different grounds (bathymetric soundings). 

    Another important fact was the discovery that the date of the cataclysm which caused the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age — very probably a Heinrich Event, as is fast becoming clear — was not only sudden and brutal, but occurred at the date stipulated by Plato, that of 11,600 years ago. So, it seems the old philosopher was right after all, despite the fact that scientists still adamantly refuse to believe in the reality of the Flood cataclysm. The nature of the cataclysm which caused the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age — the Heinrich Events just mentioned — also seem to be the result of the events preconized by ourselves some 20 years ago, that is, the result of giant maritime invasions caused by giant tsunamis, themselves caused by explosive supervolcanic eruptions, as discussed in this text. 

    Scientists have not yet realized the real cause of Heinrich Events, but I am sure they soon will, when they realize the utter impossibility of the mechanism now held to have been responsible for them: the breaking open of giant lakes dammed by the glaciers themselves. As some geologists of note have remarked, this damming is impossible for several good reasons, one of them the lack of mechanical resistance on their part. The reduction of glacier albedo by soot deposition has also been proposed as a possible cause, just as we predicted it would be.

    In other words, though no prophets, our predictions turned out to be quite accurate. In fact, they are obvious on hindsight, since they are so logical. And they are, though non-canonical, all strictly scientific, as I am a professional scientist myself, and quite used to doing science, conventional or not. In time, my theory will create a new paradigm for both Science and Religion that seems to be on the coming for this new millennium of ours. It is a bit poignant, however, to be some sort of Cassandra, fated to be disbelieved by one and all, despite the correctness of my prophecies. Domine, non sum dignus.]


    See gj-comment 20 October 2018 at 13:18 at:

    India is the cradlle of human civilisation….

    ´Voltaire wrote:

    ´I am convinced that everything has come down to us from the banks of the Ganges, – astronomy, astrolgy, reincarnation, geometry…´

    CIA O

    Comment by Gabreal Jones | October 25, 2018 | Reply

    • Well, if u really want to pursue the Lemuria/ Atlantis connections…remember Lemuria came first…then Atlantis took over AFTER most of Lemuria finally sunk.

      Then pursue the high technology of Atlantis high point in their civilization as a space colonizing entity 💥

      Comment by Leland Roth | October 25, 2018 | Reply

  6. Name your sources. Who told you that?

    Were you there when Napoloeon broke his billiard stick?

    A man like Arysio Santos has a diff. science based vision on Lemuria Atlantis.

    Are your sources Velikovsky, Blavatsky, Graham Hancock – I feel affinity with him, saw him in 1999 doing the Arc of Convenant in Ethiopia thing- he moved over to the Atlantis in the East camp.

    I am sure that the realhistory site is right in many ways but they have certain weak points. There were notmany white Caucasians on the scene in Atlantic/Lemurian days.

    White (un-melanated) skin colour can only get skin cancer in these regions also then.

    And todays India: the ultimate best-selling product there is skin bleachers. And there historical prophets, many of them were very darkskinned. Krsna (watch how Krsna is pictured all over the place there). Vyasa a truly Vedic Seer etc.

    Egypt is a black (rather darkskinned) African civilisation. Read the works of Senegalese Cheikh Anta Diop.

    And see how western musea are whitewashing these authetic clearly African statues of pharaohs.

    Putain juif the crypto jew masquerading as Russian orthodox Christian is busy whitewashing all the real authentic icons of JC and the real Hebrew.

    It Is All A Crying Sham and Shame.

    I´ll relate this in detail later this week. I am a citymystic. During certain episodes I am used to have a lot of esp visions. A bombardment of them. Have not a second of time to use this internet etc.

    History is made of them.

    I just don´t participate in the World Championships humility. I bow down 24/7 365 to the AUM-ni-Present Source of this dream called Life.

    Do you know that the inventor of the cell phonwe was actually a black American? Do you know that the whole email traffic circus was started by a Hindu guy in the US who is making the mistake now to participate in the political circus. If Africa was awake they would put a stop to the child slavelabour in the Congo: Cobalt needed for the whole world wide IT circus to upload the pc, i-pod and all that shit. but the Uncle Tom Toms over there don´t !

    Mossad etc. know me very well. It is all not the right time & place to tell. Most probably you never had an encounter of whatever kind with any of them. I did. A whole lot of them. It is 24/7 365 job since I entered this
    jew stuff in 2009.

    And the classical mistake is that whites whitewash their own holocausting of entire popilations by: it is them
    damn jews.

    I had to defend myself against many mossad types and their useles fools many times for the simple reason that they attack me. Not really openly. When I anasleep than injecting me with an overdosis of watever poison is not really openly attacking me.

    Jacob R. I know very well. Also in past lives. He had me on his radar before I was born. I reported a bit at Kenny´s Sideshow a week before this bright white walked on.

    I did not have any esp visions relating Atlantis / Lemuria. I am 1008 % sure you talk out of the bookshelves about them. The yids are not the only ones that lie. Maybe you are one, Roth, your real name or not.

    Putain juif, Strumpf, Modi, Zuckerberg, Satanic Dirty Tricks (´queen´ Beatrix) Merekel etc. etc. name all these puppits, it is them that I have close encounters of the XI th degree.

    Many satanist who were targetting me in all kind of ways they can´t reproduce the story of their end any more.

    I have to go for now. But to close:Life´s Mystery gave me the ability in those intense periods to raise at the backgound everyones Kundalini in a first stage, to get a taste of the Kingdom within. Healings all over the place. Very good of course. No money involved.


    I AM from CE.RAM Cosmic Energy Ram.

    Good day / night.

    CIA O

    Comment by Gabreal Jones | October 25, 2018 | Reply

  7. See:

    Roosevelt was a Dutch jew. There is ´a kind´ of Nobel Prize given to a worthy one handed out by the satanic Dutch royals every now and then.


    How the US took over an eigth of the world.

    Here a gj-comment that Aletho did not / could not (?) publish connected to it:

    A todays reaction to a therotical suggestion of a Leland Roth (sounds very kazarlike)

    Not really. It is a complicated (therefore questionable) map, not the territory. It is the menucard not the meal.

    About the unlimted software potentially hidden in the hardware of the human body.

    Every Child born on Earth has this most precious human body. As I see the words of JC: the Son (Daughter) of Man.

    Our eductaion everywhere in the world fron kindergarten to university is very limited.

    To put it a little over the top it´s goal is: with the least amount of effort in the shortest possible time to make as much money as possible.

    The (=every) Son of Man has the latent potential to become the Son God.

    Which in actuality means this: the universe ´outside´, ´out there´ with the growth of a-ware-ness, can / will be perceived as ´my own´ body.

    The ´ware´ of the litlle skin encapsuled ego has cosmic potential, unbounded potential.

    This in essence is the inner core of religion. It is making optimum use of the precious hardware of the human body.

    Let me be more specific. I saw during these vision bombardments 2-3 years ago something directly related to Graham Hancock. Not that he was part of what I saw.

    In 1999 I lived in old part of the centre of Rotterdam – Adolf H. had left these buildings standing during the May 40 bombardments- in a Attic above Pizzeria called CIA O.

    I had 3 old big tv´s and 1 small always as moving wallpaper. The small tv I always left on, while I slept.

    Now comes the clue: I could not fal asleep. Discovery Channel was on. A guy (years later I found out this was GH) stood in front of the Notre Dame a Paris. The camera zoomed in on the statues at the entrance od the cathedral.

    Next shot. A bistro, called La Reine de Sheba- opposite the entrance of the ND.

    To be cntd.

    CIA O

    Comment by Gabreal Jones | October 26, 2018 | Reply

  8. thanX, Aletho, the video is making everythimng clear..

    GH starts to talk with the Ethiopian (female) bartender. How much is it (haha)?

    The whole story about the supposed Arc of the Convenant in Ethiopia unfolds itself. Although I was deadly tired I got very alert. Till I read in the Dutch subtitles Aksum. Discovery lost me.

    Aksum, da leg toch ergens in Friesland? A place in Friesland,


    A year (?)later: Willem Ijzer (William Iron, a nick name) slept on the floor in the hall. When he woke up he told me: I gave 2 books of yours to Walter. Lets go there.

    We go there. I was kind of ´autistic´ in that episode. Booze, dope. Willem & Walter (both white fellowmortals) know each other from South Africa.

    Willem says, walking in the sunny morning: Walter is dealing, you know that, don´t you and he has been a geograpphy teacher.

    Is that interesting for me, I thought critically, as long as he has pecunia, ok.


    Walter opens his (a kind of garage) door. Has no shirt on. Rolls a joint. And asks looking at us: Wat kommie doen? What are you both up to?

    I throw a glance: The garage is very messy. I see in the mess an axe lying above a a stair leading to a basement.

    Willem (an older guy) lays down somewhere in the mess, and closes his eyes. What a traitor. While Walter goes to a second floor.

    Hey, Willem, you would arrange pecunia etc. Does not answer.

    The only time I was there, I go upstairs. To cut the story short:

    Walter (a blond kazar jew I would say now btw, with glasses and eyes that almost fall out of his head) asks me: How is it going? I have heard that you are heavy on….and he in his messy office, pushes away some paper money. He is not hooknosed and I bet he did not do any Nase Arbeit.

    I answer: Aksum, yes Aksum….

    And he pronounces the revealing words (the geography teacher got awakened in him) AXUM.

    That´s how I saw it in a flash. U as in Guru.


    There are more acts to it years later in a train from Rotterdam to Amsterdam, but this will save the thread.

    AUM is the Ground Sound of Creation.

    To be cntd.

    CIA O

    Comment by Gabreal Jones | October 26, 2018 | Reply

  9. A = Waking

    X= apeX of Life´s (Your Ver Own Life as a human body) pyramid projecting (perceiving conceiving) objects, thoughtys, emotions are also objects of course)

    U = Dreaming (illusory movie of objects)

    M = Sleep (in deep Sleep, no objects, but no awareness as well, you couldsay the projector is Mute)

    The whole essence of all the holy books in a Self Explaining Code.

    AUM An Sich is the Christ Principle Logos or whateverclabel you choose).

    Remember it is still a menucard, a map. You can´t force a horse to drink. knows every indian / cowwboy.


    A raw yet quite detailed sketch: In those visions I had about AXUM 2 -3 years ago a Tantric Sage from India in circa 2300 years ago was explaining in Ethiopia to his inner circle, each human body is the Arc of Convenant. you could say….And in his Eye he saw: There will come a Seer who will warn about a bunch of diabolic idiots, who are black magicians and will not know the Mystery in Their Heart….S.O.S. his head will be like a Alarm lamp…..Synagogue Of Satan (and their off shoots) they will be treading the Left Path of Tantra,….anyway even a blind child will see this a first class (world?!) ticket to hell, we don´t go there….


    A Greek close female Friend of mine in Amsterdam. Her name is Danai who is in a High Heaven now was present in a vision about the historic crucifixion. Strangely enough some Kazars were also present there.

    Although this adopting of what I call now Judas-ism did not yet come about as we all know now. Danai was a virtuoso pianoplayer, and once I recorded her in a Amsterdam scene cafe playing Rachmaninov by heart. It must be somewhere in the official Amsterdam Archives. I made local television a few years beginning 90´s.

    I am just a waiter who has his eye open. A lantern lighter from Le Petit Prince.

    Her full name is Danai Grigoratos. She is Aletho.

    CIA O

    Comment by Gabreal Jones | October 26, 2018 | Reply

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