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“Let’s Walk to the Haram,” youth initiative to pray at Ibrahimi Mosque

Palestinian youth at Ibrahimi Mosque
Palestine Information Center – November 30, 2018

AL-KHALIL – A Palestinian youth group calling itself “Let’s Walk to the Haram” has launched an initiative in al-Khalil aimed at reviving its Old City and encouraging citizens to pray at the Ibrahimi Mosque.

Young men and women of different ages are participating in this initiative, and they organize tours to the Ibrahimi Mosque, pray collectively inside it and raise public awareness on the importance of visiting the holy site and protecting it against attempts to Judaize it by Jewish groups, settlers and their right-wing government.

The Palestinian group has urged the Palestinian citizens in al-Khalil and the West Bank to participate in the tours it organizes at the Mosque and not to fear any assaults and acts of bullying by Jewish settlers during their presence in the Old City and the Ibrahimi Mosque.

The Ibrahimi Mosque is being exposed to systematic Judaization and attempts by settlers to change its interior appearance in order to make it look like a synagogue and to gradually prevent Muslims from entering it.

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  1. Bless these youth. Dammit, I wish I were over there (and young); I’d join them in solidarity in a “resistance” heartbeat.

    (Al-Khalil of course is the Arabic for the more commonly used Hebron–a principal West Bank flashpoint of Zionist illegal-settler arrogance and the Zioentity’s constant drumbeat of oppression, immiseration, humiliation, collective punishment, and ethnic cleansing-cum-genocide.)

    [Back in my better days, I aired more than once on my local public-access TV system video footage of sadistic Zionist bast*rds raining feces, urine and ancillary garbage down onto the city’s main (Shehada?) street from their above-situated illegal/stolen abodes just for the vindictive pleasure they — male and female — derived from the practice…all tolerated and unpunished, natch, by the Zioregime goons-in-charge.]


    Comment by roberthstiver | December 1, 2018 | Reply

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