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  1. A carbon tax is illogical and demotivating like the window tax – the tax on light and air as it was called – the more windows your house had the more tax – led to dark and airless houses for 150 years – lunacy is not new to governments.
    The CO2 tax is already costing 2 trillion of wealth to be wasted for absolutely
    nothing since :-
    CO2 is not a greenhouse gas
    CO2 is 100% necessary for all life – greening the planet
    CO2 is a trace gas of only 1 molecule per 2500 of air
    CO2 was much more in the past
    CO2 output of industry is less than marshes and termites alone , and
    volcanoes , undersea vents, animals , other insects etc etc
    CO2 output of industry is 7 molecules per million of natural output
    CO2’s slight increase (allegedly) has not raised temps
    CO2’s effect on temp is zero – It is the sun clouds and dust which are
    the inputs.
    CO2’s blame for a one degree rise in 100 years is unmeasurable
    to that level of accuracy with the few old brass thermometers
    we had around then
    CO2’s effect of temp even today is impossible to measure due to oceans
    and air movements.
    CO2’s output will be subject to emission games to avoid the tax wasting
    even more GNP as business will hire advisers , move around
    bribe , connive etc to lower CO2 tax
    CO2 there is enough disincentives to keep fossil fuel waste low without
    another one
    CO2 will not be lowered by one molecule through this fake tax but the
    bank balances of Al Gore et al will rise and rise.


    Comment by charles allan | January 27, 2019 | Reply

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