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Iran Ready to Hold Talks With US if Sanctions Lifted – Rouhani

Sputnik -July 15, 2019

Iran is ready to hold negotiations with the United States if Washington lifts sanctions and gives up “bullying,” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday.

Earlier in the day, Berlin, Paris and London called for a dialogue between all parties of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), saying the deal risks falling apart due to the US sanctions against Iran and Tehran’s decision to partially discontinue its obligations and.

“We are always ready for negotiation. I tell you this hour and this moment to abandon bullying and lift the sanctions and return to logic and wisdom. We are ready,” Rouhani said, as quoted by the Mehr news agency.

Rouhani added that Iran shifted its approach from “strategic patience” to “reciprocal action” and would respond in kind to any of Washington’s steps related to the nuclear deal.

On May 8, 2018, US President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew his country from the JCPOA and imposed several consecutive rounds of economic sanctions on Iran. A year later, Tehran announced its own decision to partially suspend obligations under the deal and giving the other signatories – France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, China and the European Union – 60 days to save the accord by facilitating oil exports and trade with Iran.

On July 7, as the deadline expired, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Seyed Abbas Araghchi announced that his country was ready to begin enriching uranium beyond the 3.67 percent level set in the JCPOA, adding that Tehran would go on gradually abandoning its nuclear commitments every 60 days.

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  1. (Irony/satire in the form and manner of a POTUS Tweet) How outrageously inappropriate and uncivilized of this savage who purports to represent the downtrodden, hungry-for-regime-change camel drivers of his backward terror “state”! Imagine: Treating the exceptional nation, leader of the world — led by me! Whee! and don’t forget it! — with such disdain! Disgusting! How dare he make demands on me, The Donald?! Fire his ass! And, BTW, how dare he not pay homage to and do the donkey each and every day with my dear friend Bibi over there in Israel who lives in such a tough neighborhood? I just might bomb the sh*t out of 150 or so of this guy’s fellow savages as a preview to “fire and destruction” such as their land and people’ve never known! Or I might just find another one or two individuals on whom to place crippling sanctions and teach them who’s in charge…by God, that just might convince ’em to make a deal! [BTW, fu*k Obama, who should go back to his own sh*thole country! Obama’s the son of a bitch whose JCPOA caused me to be distracted in the first place from my love affair with Leader Kim Jong Un…y’know, that young yella fella whom I once jokingly referred to as “Rocket Man”? He’s a great guy. I’d be getting the Nobel Peace Prize tomorrow if it weren’t for Obama. Hmm…I wonder if there’s a way I can plant news of some connection between Obama and my old friend-who-likes-his-girls-on-the-young-side Jeff Epstein, that sly ol’ pussy-lovin’ Jew? I’ll call Fox in the morning and discuss a deal…that’d be the real deal of the century!]


    Comment by roberthstiver | July 15, 2019 | Reply

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