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Concentration of forces near Gulf risks ‘conflict outbreak,’ US policy ‘a mistake’ – Moscow

RT | July 19, 2019

Washington’s claim that it downed an Iranian drone is another sign that tensions in the Persian Gulf are at risk of spiraling into a bigger conflict, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov warned.

President Donald Trump had earlier claimed that the assault ship USS ‘Boxer’ shot down an Iranian drone that was approaching it in the Strait of Hormuz. Iran denied losing any aircraft that day.

“The concentration of forces of different countries in the Persian Gulf is so high that any incidents are possible there,” the Russian diplomat told reporters on Friday, adding that the main task now is to “prevent the escalation.”

“As we see once again, the situation… can lead to an outbreak of a conflict.”

Ryabkov said that, despite calls to show restraint, Washington “stubbornly continues to follow the path of stoking tensions and maximum pressure on Tehran.”

This path is a mistake, and prone to cause further complications and shocks.

Last month, the Iranian military shot down a US drone it said had violated the nation’s airspace. Washington said the drone was destroyed over international waters.

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  1. The situation is extremely dangerous, simply for what can be done to precipitate hostilities.
    How easy for a deceptive action on the part of Israel, to ignite its willing coalition into doing its biding for it.

    How Iran can be deemed a threat to the United States, or Britain, to bring both to employ their military might into the region is a sleight of hand by Israel of the most ghastly influence.

    Will Israel successfully initiate a USS Liberty-like action? Israel has so many ways to carry out its deceptive ploys: submarines; drones; on and on.

    How pleased it has been, has said of and to have Britain and the United States there to enforce an ever greater snare and strangulation upon a country which is no threat the either. How quite it now conducts itself, since it doesn’t want to bring its past machinations to the forefront in what it has been doing to establish this present situation.

    The United States and Britain, long lap dogs for Israel, now are set to unleash the dogs of war upon another country which has voiced opposition to what Israel has done to Palestine.

    What subservience to whatever that Jewish state and its world-wide adherence stand for, to the politicians of both countries and beyond, having clamored and applauded and seek to outdo each other, one after another to show their devotion. They are so blinded by the money they seek as to envelope the middle east into another war, one that may very well trigger Israel to use what it never acknowledges is a part of its weaponry?

    And given all it proclaims, it is most ready to unleash their dogs of war, the weapon of ultimate mass destruction.

    After all, Israel’s “right to exist, to defend itself” is agreed to by all of its support nations.

    Where is the rational counter to this thuggery, this insanity, this willful goading to make war?


    Comment by michael | July 19, 2019 | Reply

  2. Time for Russia to step in and clean up the mess. Russia was able to drive ISIS, etc out of Syria ( the US and Allies were going to diddle around for decades and lose ). If Israel gets brave with their nukes, I wouldn’t want to be on the West Bank.
    Don’t push Russia too hard – they may say today is as good as any.


    Comment by GGH | July 20, 2019 | Reply

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