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Greenland’s ‘Record Temperature’ denied – the data was wrong

Greenland’s all-time record temperature wasn’t a record at all, and it never got above freezing there.

By Anthony Watts | Watts Up With That? | August 12, 2019

First, the wailing from news media:



Climate Progress :

Polar Portal :

Now from the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), via the news website The Local, the cooler reality:

Danish climate body wrongly reported Greenland heat record

The Danish Meteorological Institute, which has a key role in monitoring Greenland’s climate, last week reported a shocking August temperature of between 2.7C and 4.7C at the Summit weather station, which is located 3,202m above sea level at the the centre of the Greenland ice sheet, generating a spate of global headlines.

But on Wednesday it posted a tweet saying that a closer look had shown that monitoring equipment had been giving erroneous results.

“Was there record-level warmth on the inland ice on Friday?” it said. “No! A quality check has confirmed our suspicion that the measurement was too high.”

By combining measurements with observations from other weather stations, the DMI has now estimated that the temperature was closer to -2C.

The record temperature ever recorded at Summit is 2.2C, which was reached in both 2012 and 2017. But -2C is still unusual at the station.

Shoot out the headlines first, ask questions later.

August 12, 2019 - Posted by | Fake News, Mainstream Media, Warmongering, Science and Pseudo-Science

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  1. Greenland was much warmer when Vikings grew grains and other crops
    this was around 1000 years ago – it got so cold that the Vikings had to sharpen their swords and emigrate to warmer places. So climate always changes – its called weather trends.
    When a millionaire collector wanted to dig down a few feet of snow to salvage P51’s and Bombers after WW2 they had to go to 150 feet of hardened layered snow in only 50 years proving that the layers were not
    annual but could be daily blowing apart the Greenland long timescale
    of 100,000 years ice core theory.
    Eg if the cores represented 100,000 annual layers then at 150 feet
    of snow per approx 50 years there then there would be around 300,000
    feet of snow – lol and not the 10000 ft they find today – google

    Comment by charles allan | August 13, 2019 | Reply

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