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Did Ghislaine’s Sisters Backdoor the FBI, NSA + more?

Amazing Polly – September 4, 2019

Returning to Epstein-related investigations, I look at Christine and Isabel’s multiple software ventures. I go beyond Magellan and look deeper at the Chili@d/FBI story and bring you some deeper information. more.. There are links here to the NSA, CIA, Intel, Microsoft, Google and many more. I don’t know if back-doors or other vulnerabilities were installed with the software.. but what if they were?

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Where are the others? Telegraph:…

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VIDEO: ChiliAd sales:…

On the Net, No one Knows You’re a Maxwell:

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The Battle For Hewlett Packard, V Ward:…

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CYREN / C-mmT-uch history & updates:

VIDEO World Economic Forum, Post Human:…

Hayden:… SEC Filing:…

SEC 1999 Description of C-mmTouch:…

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