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Hamas appreciates European court decision to remove it from terror list

Palestine Information Center – September 7, 2019

GAZA – The Hamas Movement has appreciated the verdict of a European court in Luxembourg to cancel previous decisions designating it and its armed wing, al-Qassam Brigades, as terror entities.

Hamas spokesman Abdul-Latif Qanua stated in a press release that the decision was a positive step in the right direction and would contribute to supporting the Palestinian people’s national cause and their right to struggle against the occupation.

“All laws have given our Palestinian people the right to struggle against the Israeli occupation and defend their national rights,” spokesman Qanua said.

He called for necessarily building up on this decision to remove further unjust bias against his Movement.

“Hamas is an integral part of our Palestinian people and won fair elections, and it would be unjust and frivolous to have it on terror lists,” the spokesman added.

According to local websites in Gaza on Friday, the Movement’s attorney in Europe, Khaled al-Showli, said the European Court of First Instance in Luxembourg decided last Thursday to remove Hamas and its armed wing from the world’s list of terrorism.

He also said that the court’s verdict was not final, but the previous decisions on the reinsertion of Hamas and its military wing on terrorist lists became “null and void.”

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  1. “Terror Entities”? It may be feasible to identify other “Terror Entities” in various parts of the World, going on recent history as a guide.
    U.S. Air Force was probably considered a “Terror Entity” by the Vietnamese, Laotians, and Cambodians, and many South American countries over the years?
    NATO may have been considered as a “Terror Entity” by the Libyan people?
    Saudi Arabian Army/Air Force may have been considered a “Terror Entity” by the people of Yemen.
    The Israel Air Force is probably considered as a “Terror Entity” by the Lebanese, Iraqi’s, Syrians, Iranians, etc.

    Al Quieda, ISIL, ISIS, Daesh, White Helmets, etc etc might be considered as terrorists.
    NO ONE, it seems, has completely clean hands when it comes to “Terror Entities”


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | September 7, 2019 | Reply

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