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Most Americans Who See Collapse of Building 7 Doubt Official Story, Survey Finds

AE911Truth | September 9, 2019

A solid majority of Americans who watch the Sept. 11, 2001, collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 on video don’t buy the government’s story that fires brought it down, according to a new survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth).

After viewing video footage of the controversial building collapse from four different angles, 52% of Americans who participated in the survey are either sure or suspect it was caused by a controlled demolition, compared to 21% who are sure or suspect it was caused by ordinary fires. A sizable 27% say they don’t know.

By a similar margin, 51% who see the collapse say they are more inclined to believe the critics who argue that only the use of explosives in a controlled demolition can account for Building 7’s collapse, versus 20% who say they are more inclined to believe the government’s conclusion that fires caused the collapse. (To define “critics,” the survey references a group of 3,000 architects and engineers who have disputed the government’s report as well as researchers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks who performed computer modeling of Building 7’s collapse and also concluded that fires could not have caused the collapse).

By a substantial 3-to-1 margin, 48% say they would support a new investigation into Building 7’s collapse (24% strongly support, 24% support) compared with just 15% who say they would oppose a new investigation (6% strongly oppose, 9% oppose). Meanwhile, 28% say they neither support nor oppose a new investigation, and 9% say they don’t know.

“The lopsided margin between those who suspect it was explosives and those who suspect it was fires really begs the question as to how and why this issue has been marginalized for so long,” said Ted Walter, who is director of strategy for AE911Truth. “Clearly, if the media were to do its job and provide the most basic information about 9/11 to the American people — or if a few elected officials started talking seriously about Building 7 — the public would be up in arms demanding a new investigation.”

Underscoring the absence of media coverage of Building 7, only 64% of participants said they were aware of a third skyscraper collapsing on 9/11 — and just 14% could name the building.

Last week, AE911Truth, along with researchers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, released the draft report of a four-year computer modeling study of the tower’s collapse. “The report confirms what most Americans suspect when they see the collapse,” said Walter. “Building 7 did not come down from fires.”

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  1. I can still picture the English journalist standing infront of #7 saying the building WAS going to fall.


    Comment by GGH | September 11, 2019 | Reply

    • I think she actually reported that the building had fallen, but it was still visibly in place behind her out the window of the studio, just before the telecast was ‘terminated’ because it was clearly Not True……It was “Pulled” shortly thereafter by Larry Silverstein, according to Larry Silverstein……Larry, by the way, picked up a cool $4.5 BILLION DOLLARS insurance….for destroying his own building…….You’ve got to hand it to these people, they really know how to make LOTS of money……


      Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | September 11, 2019 | Reply

  2. Believing anything the Supercriminal Terrorist State = the US Inc. says is completely foolish. Also, extraditing anyone to the US Inc. is a Human Rights Crime due to it’s long history of torture.


    Comment by Animal100 | September 16, 2019 | Reply

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