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Jews vs. Israelis

By Gilad Atzmon | September 16, 2019

 Now would be the correct time for Ali Abunimah, JVP,  & CO to form an orderly queue to issue their deep and sincere apology to me. Since the early 2000s my detractors within the so called Jewish ‘Left’ together with  their sometime stooges, have been harassing me, my publishers and my readers for pointing out that Zionism is an obsolete concept with little meaning for Israel, Israelis  and their politics let alone the conflict that has been destroying the Eastern Mediterranean region.

In my 2011 book The Wandering Who, I argue that “Since Israel defines itself openly as the ‘Jewish State’, we should ask what the notions of ’Judaism’, ‘Jewishness’, ‘Jewish culture’ and ‘Jewish ideology’ stand for.” Just before the publication of the book I was urged by both JVP’s leader and Ali Abunimah to drop the J-Word and focus solely on Zionism. In Britain, a gang of so called ‘anti’ Zionist Jews relentlessly terrorised my publisher and promoters. Funny, most of these authoritarian tribals who worked 24/7 to silence me have been expelled from the British Labour Party for alleged anti-Semitism. Now, they promote the ideal of ‘freedom of speech.’

In ‘The Wandering Who’ and in the years preceding its publication, I realised that the Palestinian solidarity discourse has been suffocated with misleading and often duplicitous terminology that was set to divert  attention from the root cause of the conflict and that acted  to prevent intelligible discussion of  possible solutions.

Let’s face it. Israel doesn’t see  itself as the Zionist State: not one Israeli party integrated the word ‘Zionism’ into its name. To Israelis, Zionism is a dated and clichéd concept that describes the ideology that promised to erect a Jewish homeland in Palestine. For Israelis, Zionism fulfilled its purpose in 1948, it is now an archaic term. In ‘The Wandering Who’ I presented a so-far unrefuted argument that an understanding of ‘Jewishness’, a term familiar to every self-identified Jew, may provide answers to most questions related to Israel and its politics. It may also help us to grasp the fake dissent that has dominated the so- called Jewish ‘anti’ Zionist campaign for the last two decades.

Though I was probably the first to write about the crucial shift in Israeli society in favour of Judeo-centrism, this shift is now mainstream news. Haaretz’s lead writer, Anshel Pfeffer, just wrote a spectacular analysis of this transformation. Pfeffer’s view is that Israelis are going to the polls this Tuesday to decide whether they are “Jews” or “Israelis.”

According to Pfeffer, in the mid 1990s it was Netanyahu’s American campaign guru, Arthur Finkelstein, who promoted  “a message that could reach secular and religious voters alike. In his polling, he had asked voters whether they considered themselves ‘more Jewish’ or ‘more Israeli.’ The results convinced him there was a much larger constituency of voters, not just religious ones, who emphasized their Jewish identity over their Israeli one.”

In light of Finkelstein’s observation, Likud focused its message on Jerusalem. Its campaign slogan was: “Peres will divide Jerusalem.” In the final 48 hours before Election Day there was also “an unofficial slogan, emblazoned on millions of posters and bumper stickers distributed by Chabad Hasidim: “Netanyahu is good for the Jews.”

In a Haaretz interview after his narrow 1996 defeat, Peres lamented that “the Israelis lost the election.” When asked then who had won, he answered, “The Jews won.”

Pfeffer points out that Netanyahu learned from Finkelstein that the “Jew” is the primary unifier for Israelis. This certainly applies to religious Jews but also to those who regard themselves as secular. After all, Israel has really been the “Jewish State” for a while.

This is probably the right place to point out that Netanyahu’s move of locating Jewishness at the heart of Israel is a reversal of the original Zionist promise. While early Zionism was a desperate attempt to divorce the Jews from the ghetto and their tribal obsession and make them “people like all other people,” the present adherence to Jewishness and kinship induces  a return to Judeo-centric chauvinism. As odd as this may sound, Netanyahu’s transformation of Israel into a ‘Jewish realm’ makes him an ardent anti Zionist probably more anti Zionist than JVP, Mondoweiss and the BDS together.

Pfeffer points out that when Netanyahu returned to power in 2009 and  formed a right-wing/ religious coalition, was when “the Jews prevailed — and have done so ever since in four consecutive elections, including the last one in April 2019.”

To illustrate this Pfeffer cites the 2012 Israeli  High Court of Justice decision to deny a petition by writer Yoram Kaniuk and others to allow themselves to be registered solely as ‘Israelis’ as opposed to ‘Jews.’

Every so often we hear from one Torah rabbi or another that “Zionism is not Judaism.” Those who have reached this point surely grasp that ‘Zionism vs. Judaism’ is a fake dichotomy. It serves to confuse and to divert questioning minds from the path toward an understanding of the conflict: In Israel Zionism is an empty concept, politically, ideologically and spiritually. Israel defines itself as ‘The Jewish state’ and orthodox rabbis are at the centre of this transition in Israeli politics and life.

I guess that Abunimah and JVP were desperate to silence me at the time as they foolishly believed that shooting the messenger or alternatively burning books was the way forward for human rights activism. I stood firm. The observations I produced in ‘The Wandering Who’ were endorsed by the most profound thinkers associated with the conflict and the anti war movement. My observations are more relevant than ever and in Israel they have entered mainstream analysis. When it comes to Palestine solidarity we have managed to waste a good two decades of intellectual progress thanks to authoritarian lobbies operating in our midst. For truth and justice to prevail, we have to learn to speak the truth as we see it, and to accept JVP and Abumimah’s apologies when they are mature enough to come clean.

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  1. It isn’t a matter of maturity. JVP demonstrated its connection to mainstream Jewish organizations by selling out Alison Weir. From their perspective, Alison made her position plain by calling out the actual conspiracies which founded and recognized Israel way back when. It embarrasses Jewish/American sensibilities that Jews lied and connived their way into the heart of America. Sure, it is embarrassing. But, so what? One is not “anti-semitic” by virtue of telling the truth. Or are they? By directing its assets toward the endless search for “anti-semitism”, JVP joined the mainstream organizations all of which exist for the purpose of finding sufficient “anti-semitism” for the organization to survive and prosper, and supporting Israeli racism in the process.

    Abumimah sometimes works for the Israelis. There is no other way of putting it. The moment he kow towed to Jewish phony “sensitivities”, he became an agent of “Jewishness/Zionism.” Like other Palestinian organizations the word “Jew” is kept sacrosanct, kept in the tabernacle and only trotted out on certain ritual holidays. One must be licensed to use the word and licensing demands an in-depth evaluation of the user, their allegiances, friends and foe. Miko Peled, sometimes described as “Zionist royalty,” was told that his talk would be ok but not to talk about “Jews” or “Jewish” this or that. Truly bewildered, Peled reminded them that the people with the guns and checkpoints and prisons are Jews! So, Peled crossed the line with Jewish organizations and is now a rogue, self-hating Jew. What about JVP? When Peled tweeted something about “the Jews”, he was called to task by JVP. The word “Jew” was used in a context that had not been approved and this caught the attention of JVP execs. Like every other Jewish organization, JVP responded to the word “Jew” in order to broaden its membership base.

    The best strategy for Palestinians, aside from BDS, would be to de-weaponize and de-value the word “Jew”. Inasmuch as the word gains its value by being so rare, the right approach would be use the term as much as possible in discourse, both formal and casual. The word will lose value through repetition. One must refer not to “Zionists” as though this betokens a group different than “Jews” . One should refer to the IDF as the” army of the Jewish State.” Pictures of IDF “rounding up” stone throwing children should be captioned “Jewish soldiers arrest criminal children”. The defense for using the term is simply that this is consistent with what the Jewish State is all about and that one reinforces the concept of a Jewish State by identifying Jewish interests as such through repetition. One is simply doing what Israel is all about, what Israel insists upon, there being no nationality known as “Israeli” !


    Comment by ontogram | September 16, 2019 | Reply

  2. Although zionism has gone by many names ower the past 3 centuries such as; The World Revolution, Int’l zionism, Globalism, Internationalism, New World Order and etc.. It has always meant world communism at the hands of jewish domination over the world’s population from “greater israel” with the capitol being in Jerusalem. This is what the US Inc., UK, France and other countries have been working for during the past 2 centuries.


    Comment by Animal 100% | September 17, 2019 | Reply

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