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Exposing the 9/11 Deception – Christopher Bollyn, #412

Christopher Bollyn in NYC on 9/11; companies hired to do ground zero “clean-up”; hot spots; analysis of nuclear footprint at ground zero; analysis of smoke and the particle effect that caused debilitating illnesses in NYC; the mysterious “final load” moved out of ground zero; same criminal network behind 9/11 and Jeffrey Epstein; Ronald Lauder; privatization programs; Ehud Barak; University of Alaska Fairbanks study on WTC 7; Commissioner of the Franklin Square and Munson Fire District calling for a new investigation; government officials conduct the cover-up; Khalid Sheikh Mohammed; surveillance state; dystopia created by 9/11 attacks; motivation of 9/11 to create the war on terror; Bollyn’s new book.

Aired: September 11, 2019

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September 24, 2019 - Posted by | False Flag Terrorism, Timeless or most popular | ,


  1. The USA is in deep trouble. Taken over, from within, and, YOU KNOW Who they are. But everyone is too frightened to Speak Up and Save America. You’ve got to hand it to these people, they are very clever. They have the USA in a death lock………


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | September 24, 2019 | Reply

    • Make the effort – – PLEASE don’t let 9/11 be another JFK. .
      Check out ALL the James Corbett videos on the “9/11 whistleblowers” ASAP.
      Over 1,900 first responders & innocent bystanders have died from 9/11 related illnesses following the terror attacks & experts believe the deaths from 9/11 ( DUST ) related illnesses will soon surpass the number of those lost that day.
      Absolutely shameful how the American Media has been used to trick the public into believing the ridiculous “Official Version” of the 9/11 “terrorist” attack on the Twin Towers in New York on September 11 ,2001.
      Everyone who has seen the American Media’s presentation of 9/11 ON TV saw immediately it was a fraud when every TV showed a commercial airliner with it’s “light aluminium wings” enter the Twin Tower as if by magic & cutting through a concrete & steel building like a knife through butter.
      Be a patriot & support NY Fire Commissioners Call for New 9/11 Investigation
      BTW fortunes were made on Wall ST. by “SOME INVESTORS” who seemed to be tipped off.

      A “Lawsuit” presently underway seeking answers to what happened to the 5 men arrested by the FBI on 9/11 will hopefully provide some “long awaited” answers that you have missed.


      Comment by trueman2u | September 24, 2019 | Reply

  2. Bollyn connects Epstein with Ehud Barak.


    Comment by rediscover911com | September 28, 2019 | Reply

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