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Never Forget, Never Again

By Assad Al-Liftawi – empirestrikesblack – September 23, 2019

You say ‘never forget’

But what is there to forget when you don’t know what indeed happened?

You bow down at the altar of jingoism

Renewing your religion

Every year, a minute’s silence

Singing the hymn of American exceptionalism

Uttering hollow clichés claiming to ‘never forget’

As you drag the names of the dead through the mud

Refusing to do justice to their sacrifice

Alas you will never forget because you haven’t known the truth to be remembered

Dov Zakheim flew those planes

Chertoff released the ‘Israeli’ spies

Silverstein took the lease and buried the evidence

The ‘Israelis’ danced in Manhattan

But you don’t even know, so how could you forget?

Never forget: ‘Israel’ did 9/11

Or perhaps not ‘Israel’?

The Mossad and her network of sayanim

Dug in to the States like ticks on a host

From D.C. to NYC and everywhere in between

Remember, remember the 11th of September

How dare you say ‘never forget’?

When you refuse to honour the dead with the truth

‘Never question’ would fit you more

As you toe the line you’re fed

Walk on, walk on

Two decades of slumber

Never forget

September 24, 2019 - Posted by | False Flag Terrorism, Mainstream Media, Warmongering, Timeless or most popular | ,


  1. Skyscrapers don’t collapse into their own footprints because of fire. They collapse into their own footprints because of “Controlled Demolition” powered by explosive devices.

    The NYFD heard explosions in the Towers before they came down.

    Why are the NYFD ignored?

    Why isn’t Larry Silverstein(along with a lot of others) in Jail?

    Why are the Dancing Israeli’s back in Israel?

    Why has NO AUTHENTIC Investigation been carried out, by the American Government?

    Why is the American Government lying, and covering up what REALLY HAPPENED on “9/11”?


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | September 24, 2019 | Reply

  2. It was a false flag that obviously really excited 5 Israeli tourists. No rich or important people died so what’s the big deal.


    Comment by GGH | September 25, 2019 | Reply

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