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‘Human error at time of crisis caused by US adventurism led to disaster’: FM Zarif on Iran’s downing of Flight 752

RT | January 11, 2020

Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has offered “profound regrets, apologies and condolences” over an unintentional downing of a Ukrainian civilian aircraft over Tehran, stating “human error” during a “crisis” led to the accident.

“A sad day,” the FM wrote on Twitter, adding “Preliminary conclusions of internal investigation by Armed Forces: Human error at time of crisis caused by US adventurism led to disaster. Our profound regrets, apologies and condolences to our people, to the families of all victims, and to other affected nations.”

The incident took place soon after an Iranian missile attack on American positions in Iraq, launched as a reprisal for a US kill strike on Qassem Soleimani, the commander of Iran’s elite Quds Force, seeing months of rising tensions between the two countries come to a head. All 176 passengers on board the airliner were killed in the crash.

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  1. Full credibility to this gentleman and to RT + Aletho News! (although the headline could be a lot better! — “…on the crash of Flight 752 in Iran.” — or “…on allegations of Iran’s….”

    (On the other hand, does a second reading of the text by me indicate that FM Zarif is actually admitting an unintentional action? Did my eyes wander too quickly to “…US adventurism…”? I’ve not perused enough other coverage on this issue and had better do so.)


    Comment by roberthstiver | January 10, 2020 | Reply

  2. The planes electronic identifiers were turned off, intentionally. Who would do such a thing? Who are the only ones capable of such acts? Who?

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    Comment by Robert Browning | January 10, 2020 | Reply

    • I’m sadly deficient (naïve?) on nuance, technical matters, malign intentions/actions, etc., but I think I get your drift. I’m glad to give you a “Like” under Aletho News’ newly featured “Like” system, which I “Like” very much!


      Comment by roberthstiver | January 11, 2020 | Reply

    • It would be nice for the world if your source for this EXPLOSIVE tiblet was revealed Robert Browning…ps I want to nail Israel as much as anyone⚡

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      Comment by Leland Roth | January 11, 2020 | Reply


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    ‘I wish I was dead’: Senior IRGC commander accepts responsibility for downing Ukrainian jet, says it was mistaken for missile

    January 11, 2020
    from RT:

    A top Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) officer has revealed that the Ukrainian jet was mistaken for an incoming cruise missile and that the commander of the anti-aircraft unit had only 10 seconds to make the decision.
    “After hearing about the crash of the Ukrainian plane, I wished to die”, Hajizadeh said during a press conference on Saturday.

    I wish I had died and not witnessed such an accident

    The commander explained that the incident had occurred as the country was bracing for potential US strikes and that the “likelihood of conflict” between the two nations has been “unprecedented” since the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

    According to an early assessment, the Ukrainian plane was erroneously identified as an incoming cruise missile, which resulted in the tragedy. Air-defense units received a warning that cruise missiles had been fired at the country and stayed on high alert at the time of the incident, Hajizadeh stated.

    The commander of the anti-aircraft unit had sought confirmation for the launch from his superiors, but experienced communication problems and had to make the decision –which turned out to be wrong– on his own. The officer only had 10 seconds to make the decision, Hajizadeh added.

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    Comment by Leland Roth | January 11, 2020 | Reply

    • Thank you, sir!

      The fog of war is…foggy — and fraught with the potential for tragedy, unintended consequences, collateral damage, etc.


      Comment by roberthstiver | January 11, 2020 | Reply

  4. An elegant mea culpa by the distinguished FM Zarif. In comparison with an admittedly less-than-crystal-clear memory, when the US warship Vicennes shot down an Irani civilian airliner in 1988 or 1989, murdering close to 300 humans, did the US issue an expedited (or any) and abject apology? and did the US in due course actually award the guilty ship’s commander an effing MEDAL for valor?

    Has the US ever apologized to the Irani people and their leadership for the 1953 UK-US colonial overthrow of the duly elected democratic government of Iran?

    US adventurism, US terror indeed….


    Comment by roberthstiver | January 11, 2020 | Reply

  5. Brief updates:
    It appears Israel shut off the transponder and lights on the Ukranian jet via a remote hack, making it impossible to identify itself as friendly. This is when it “suddenly went dark”, it did not “go dark” from the missile strike. Having no transponder, no communications and no lights made it appear to be a cruise missile, which Iran then shot down.
    Shoot down: Israel’s fault. Or whoever hacked the plane. That probably means Israel.

    And another interesting tidbit: Here’s why the generals were scared in Trump’s national address and Iran did not get any subsequent attacks:
    As it turns out, the Iranian missiles had a very low failure rate, (if any at all) and ALL of them that were fired at U.S. bases hit valuable targets with pinpoint precision. This was finally admitted to today. In total, 12 targets were hit, all of them perfectly. It is VERY important to note that the U.S. had 3 hours warning before the missiles came in to activate missile defenses and get them targeted, and not one Iranian missile was hit. Now that the wash is starting to dry, we are getting a little more truth from the Pentagon.
    As far as the plane shoot down, Iran should have stated right from the get go they shot it down, and then explained why. Perhaps it took them a while to figure out – with no transponder and no lights on the aircraft, (which would have been clearly visible even in the videos if they were working) it really did look like a cruise missile and there’s no way they could have known different with such short notice, – they had seconds to make decisions and that was clearly not enough time. Israel can laugh and say, HA HA, you killed your own nuclear scientists to boot.

    That is my final answer: Iran shot it down, but it was not Iran’s fault.

    Prediction: Because Israel now knows Iran has 200, 000+ very powerful missiles that can hit them with smart bomb accuracy, when Iran does get struck by Israel it will be a massive surprise strike. But it will fail, Iran is too geographically large and there will be a serious counter strike that can’t be avoided because if GPS is being used for guidance, China and Russia have their own versions and it won’t get shut off. Iran absolutely will kill Israel if Israel asks for it, but Iran will also be very badly damaged, if not destroyed also.
    Iran probably does use GPS, I doubt inertial guidance systems are capable of that kind of accuracy. ( ex NSA asset Jim Stone )

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    Comment by Leland Roth | January 12, 2020 | Reply

  6. I admit that I’m not keeping up with my reading, but I’m not getting good vibes here.

    –If the transponder was indeed compromised/disabled by a nefarious entity, why aren’t Irani authorities making that case — esp. with reported growing domestic protests against the Irani government, including the Supreme Leader (am I relying on faux-news CIA and/or Mossad and/or MSM coverage?)

    –If true (transponder disabling), the Irani authorities should be making their case on the bases of domestic awareness and international-player interest.

    What’s going on??!


    Comment by roberthstiver | January 13, 2020 | Reply

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