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UkraineGate Part 3 – A not so noble president

The documentary was produced by French investigative journalist Olivier Berruyer, founder of popular anti-corruption and economics blog Les Crises.

In this third episode, we publish several important testimonials, through exceptional exclusive interviews. You will thus discover the revelations of several personalities, such as the Director of the Ukrainian Action Centre against Corruption, but also a former Prosecutor General of Ukraine, a former Ukrainian diplomat, and other famous specialists on Ukraine… We are particularly grateful to Oleksandr Onyschenko for the importance of his testimony. This oligarch, a former member of parliament, was a close associate of Petro Poroshenko, whose mission included corrupting Ukrainian elected officials. Disgusted by these mafia practices, he repented by becoming a whistleblower. Since our interview, he has been arrested in Germany, where he is awaiting an extradition judgment – Interpol having refused to prosecute him since 2016…

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  1. From Ben Fulford’s latest report:
    Leland Roth#433812
    Twitter’s Greg Rubini destroys Schiff, Biden, Qbama, Brennan, Pelosi (& yes, bad, bad Eric😈)

    Greg Rubini

    1. ERIC CIARAM3LLA is involved in much darker things than you can imagine. [THREAD] Joe Biden, John Brennan, & Barack Obama are also in it. and Victoria Nuland. The Ukraine Holocaust please RETWEET !

    2. in Feb 2014 there was a Coup d’Etat in Ukraine. a violent Coup. There was a massacre in the main square of the capital, Kiev. 100 people were killed

    3. There were SNIPERS at windows of tall buildings surrounding the square. Strategically placed. The snipers from the buildings shot both at protestors, both at police officers. it was a HORRIFIC massacre

    4. 100 people were killed BY THE SNIPERS. both Ukranian citizens, both police officers. that was The Ukraine Holocaust. .

    5. the SNIPERS were professional mercenaries. they were hired and paid to do that job. Their assigned job was to KILL about 100 people. They had been given precise instructions. hired and paid BY WHOM?

    6. why 100 people had to be brutally killed? because the CIA Director John Brennan and Victoria Nuland (State Dept.) wanted 100 people killed. That would trigger a Coup d’Etat in Ukraine. which in fact happened. .

    7. and WHO organized those SNIPERS in Ukraine, to make this massacre?
    WHO hired them?
    WHO paid them?


    E.C. in this photo with Victoria Nuland:

    8. Eric Ciaramella was assigned that task by the CIA Director John Brennan.
    Brennan was the CIA Director at that tme, in 2014.

    and Eric Ciaramella was, and is, a CIA Operative.
    he was Brennan’s CIA point man in Ukraine, in 2014

    9. Eric Ciaramella is a CIA Operative,
    he speaks fluently Ukrainian and Russian.
    Ciaramella was the perfect guy for the job. and a Brennan Loyalist

    Ciaramella has been many times in Ukraine.
    and he flew several times to Ukraine with Joe Biden.

    10. Eric Ciaramella is the guy responsible for the UKRAINE HOLOCAUST
    which killed 100 people.

    this is why the CIA and the DEEP STATE protects him.

    11. and this is why the DEEP STATE and the CIA do not want Eric Ciaramella’s name to be spoken.  
    This is the reason of the COVER-UP.

    COVER-UP also by the Chief Justice John Roberts – who is compromised, blackmailed & OWN by the CIA.
    12. this is why there are GAG ORDERS not to pronounce Ciaramella’s name.

    GAG ORDERS by the CIA.

    the HORRIFIC Truth of what Ciaramella did in Ukraine, cannot be revealed.

    13. ERIC CIARAMELLA hired and paid the SNIPERS,
    and organized the Ukraine massacre.
    under John Brennan orders.

    but WHO authorized Brennan to proceed with the massacre of 100 people in Ukraine?

    none other than Barack Hussein O.

    14. is it clear now why ADAM SCHIFF has covered-up ERIC CIARAMELLA?

    is it clear now why ADAM SCHIFF did not allow ERIC CIARAMELLA to testify in the Impeachment hearings?
    15. this makes Adam Schiff – as a matter of fact – an ACCOMPLICE of Eric Ciaramella, in his crimes in Ukraine.

    16. killing 100 people is not a small crime.
    and 40 of them were police officers.

    a good question now is:
    will Ukraine ask for the EXTRADITION of:

    – Eric Ciaramella
    – John Brennan
    – Barack Obama
    – Victoria Nuland
    – Joe Biden
    – Hunter Biden

    17. imagine if a foreigner hired SNIPERS in NYC
    to shoot and kill 100 people in Times Square

    Snipers positioned in the tall buildings around Times Square
    shooting at people and NYPD officers

    imagine that

    this is what those guys did in the main square of the Ukraine capital


    Comment by Leland Roth | January 31, 2020 | Reply

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