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Organization of Islamic Cooperation rejects Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ peace plan for Middle East

RT | February 3, 2020

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which consists of more than 50 Muslim-majority countries, has asked member states not to cooperate in any way with US President Donald Trump’s peace plan for Israel and Palestine.

During a special session in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Monday, the OIC’s executive committee called on all member states “not to engage with [Trump’s] plan or to cooperate with the US administration in implementing it in any form.” The body also asked members to refrain from any actions that “do not adhere to the inalienable rights of Palestinians.”

OIC Secretary General Yousef Al-Othaimeen said that the organization will support any international peace effort that is in accordance with international law.

Touted as the ‘deal of the century’ by the Trump administration, the plan describes the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with its capital set up in the outskirts of East Jerusalem, currently controlled by Israel.

The plan, however, allows Israel to keep existing settlements in the occupied West Bank, which the UN considers illegal under international law. The proposed roadmap also rules out the return of all Palestinian refugees, which the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Arab world see as one of the key requirements for lasting peace.

The plan was endorsed by US ally Israel but universally rejected by the Palestinians and the Arab League, who view the plan as heavily skewed in favor of Tel Aviv.

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  1. Trump’s “Deal of the Century” wasn’t a deal at all. It was insulting to say the least, and designed to provoke the Muslim world generally.
    If this is one of Trump’s “Art of the deal”….It’s a Total Fail.


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | February 3, 2020 | Reply

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