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These sickening videos of Australian SAS troops murdering unarmed Afghan civilians are a disgrace to my country

By Damian Wilson | RT | March 18, 2020

The graphic footage, filmed by body cameras worn by the elite troops and broadcast on national television, must lead to the soldiers being tried for murder.

Australians always look forward to celebrating Anzac Day, but this year it will be different because a pall of shame has fallen over our armed forces thanks to a jaw-dropping TV expose aired this week that showed elite Aussie soldiers murdering Afghan civilians in cold blood when they were supposed to be protecting them from the Taliban.

While a four-year inquiry into the behavior of its soldiers in Afghanistan, by the Inspector General of the Australian Defence Force, is still to deliver on its investigation, the chances of alleged war crimes being swept under the rug thanks to lying soldiers misguidedly protecting their comrades, misinformation from witnesses, or from a political cover-up, have just been blown out of the water.

Thanks to whistleblower Braden Chapman, a former army intelligence officer who witnessed the atrocities first hand in 2012, no one can ignore the reality of what happened as the Aussie Special Air Services Regiment (SAS) stormed the dusty villages of Afghanistan in search of those it considered legitimate targets.

Among the alleged crimes, Chapman says he witnessed an army dog handler allowing his charge to chew on the head of a newly-murdered man, another where an elite troop punched a child in the face and a third showing a soldier seemingly in the grip of ‘blood lust’ firing indiscriminately and throwing thermal grenades from close range into a mud hut occupied by several Afghan combatants.

Then there is the execution of a young, apparently unarmed Afghan man in a quiet wheat field. Shot from a distance of around two meters, his killer seems indifferent to the fact that his act was being filmed.

Somehow, those involved in several of the incidents explored in the documentary had already faced investigation over their actions but were found to have acted lawfully. Looks like they might have some further questions to answer now.

The culprits will regret that alongside their modern-tech weapons and armor they wore high definition body cameras that caught some of the inhumanity, and equally grim audio commentary, during their operations to flush out enemy combatants.

Several of the worst offenders, caught clearly on camera apparently murdering Afghans with thermal grenades, guns and through severe beatings, are still serving in the ADF. Though probably not for much longer thanks to their grinning murderous faces being caught for posterity on 4K video.

As an Australian, I am deeply ashamed by these disgraceful, impossible to deny scenes.

Our armed forces, and particularly their courageous, selfless behavior abroad while on active duty have always been a source of immense pride to Aussies.

Anzac Day (April 25) is a national holiday in our country, initially instituted to celebrate the contribution of Australian and New Zealand soldiers toward the ultimately futile Gallipoli campaign in the First World War that cost the lives of nearly 12,000 soldiers from the two nations among an Allied total of 56,000. The day of remembrance later widened its scope to include the sacrifices by soldiers from Down Under in all wars.

Nowadays, far from being a relic of the past, Anzac Day is celebrated by an increasing number of young Australians, many of whom attend ceremonies swathed in Aussie flags, wearing green and gold T-shirts and beanies and with national flag temporary tattoos on their cheeks.

Across the country, dawn ceremonies are held in memory of the time of the original landing on the Gallipoli peninsula, after which many take a traditional ‘gunfire breakfast’ – coffee with added rum – in memory of the sustenance taken by Aussie soldiers before battle.

It’s all highly symbolic and reflective stuff. Not taken lightly nor ever mocked even by the usually irreverent Aussies.

So to have the reputation of Australian fighting men and women representing the nation abroad dragged through the mud by rogue murderers in disgraceful scenes, all caught on camera and broadcast on the national broadcaster’s foremost investigative affairs programme on a Monday evening, is a devastating blow to national pride.

To realise that some of these animals are still serving in the ADF takes your breath away. It’s as simple as Braden Chapman says: “You can’t shoot unarmed people and not call that murder.”

Damian Wilson is a UK journalist, ex-Fleet Street editor, financial industry consultant and political communications special advisor in the UK and EU.

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  1. I haven’t seen the video of this brutality and I don’t want to either. I read a book(Who Dares Wins) about the British SAS forces some time ago, and apparently only about 1 or 2% of applicants actually make it into the SAS, such is the difficulty of the process involved. The ones who pass all tests are basically “Psychopaths” according to the book. Australian, American, British, and other SAS forces have to be prepared to do ANYTHING to achieve their goal. Such is Modern Warfare.
    Just have a look at what happened in Vietnam about 50 years ago. Carpet Bombing, Napalm Helicopter Gunships, Agent Orange, etc etc…….
    The Real Psychopaths are in Whitehall, The Pentagon, Canberra, etc etc. They direct the people on the ground…..

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by brianharryaustralia | March 19, 2020 | Reply

  2. John the baptist specifically told Roman soldiers not to harm civilians
    in their duties so these psychos have committed a terrible sin which they will answer for .

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by charles allan | March 19, 2020 | Reply

  3. Ugghhh. I can only be reminded of the US bastards at Abu Ghraib, Iraq, circa 2005, and the Zionist bastards shooting out Gazan kids’ and others’ knees, 2018-present (as many as 42 knees in one sadistic day by one scumbag ZioIOFthug), at the fringes of the world’s largest open-air/concentration camp. (And, more distant, the naked young girl running terrified along a dirt path in Vietnam to escape US napalm circa 1970; I recently read that she’s alive and a blessing to humanity in Canada.)

    Kudos to Australia (Chapman, Willacy…) for the courageous and introspective mea culpa…just following the US (Dubya/neocon…) lead, of course. Blame all ’round….

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by roberthstiver | March 19, 2020 | Reply

  4. What did you expect? “Nice guys” in a military establishment. They love killing people, that’s what their “little mind-washed brains” are there for and, it doesn’t matter who! Somebody has to keep the “Golden Crescent-teers” moving the opium out of Afghanistan. The jew puppet and satanic Degenerate in the Half-Wit House, (don-na trump) has to bring “satan’s spawn” back to the jewnited states, (jew.-S INC.) so they can slaughter and lock up americans for the culling under the noahide Laws. That’s why I hear so many satanic sell-outs in the media calling for martial law and why “degenerate donna” is funding “extra provisions” for the fiat “Con-Vid” virus. CRASH GOES THE FAKE/FIAT WORLD ECONOMY AND MANY GOYIM ALONG WITH IT! It’s obvious to me that “satans little helper,” the commander in chief of deception and half-wit extrodinaire, isn’t going to be funding humanitarian help, just more directed energy weapons, (frequency) to make people sick or die and believe they are dying from a virus. The people do good enough perveying the “myth” on their own because they are so wilfully ignorant and afraid. And, combine that with “sympathetic-symptomatic believed illness” and the constant pounding over and over and over, (ad nauseam) of the myth by the worldwide fiat-satanic media and every other sell-out in and of the “communist-corporate franchise system,”(jew.-S. INC. and it’s well-over 600 subsidiary corporations) and “WORLD INC.,” ….It’s a wonder the people in america, that know absolutely nothing about anything in reality, are too mentally lethargic or prefer to know nothing about anything real, or are merely locked into digital dimensia and a hypnotic state of delusion, that they’re not, (but actually are) chopping-off their own heads. In the jew.-S. INC, reality doesn’t matter, only beliefs in myths and false, “never-have-been” ideals.

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    Comment by Wildman 100% | March 19, 2020 | Reply

  5. Sorry, ‘nobody’ and I mean ‘nobody’ surpasses or is even close the jew-itish & jew-S Forces, (mother & son) and their communist governments and their support for commies! 120 Million in WWI & II, and THEY did take over the world, …and that was NOT Hitler’s or the German’s idea at all!!!! Let’s see,…4-5 million in Vietnam, another 2 milllion or so Cambodia & Laos, 3 million or more men, women, and children in the Phillippines between 1899-1914. And, 9-14 million German Nationals in the first five years after WWII, (they planned complete genocide of all Germans) and over a million between the so-called “world wars.” 3 million or so in Korea, 80 million or so native americans, 99 million Africans in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, and who knows the numbers in the how many years of genocide in Africa. 40 plus million in China, 10-15 or so million in South America, 65-70 million during the HOLODOMOR, (before and after the OCTOBER REVOLUTION)! Mexico, Central America, Middle East, Africa, India & Burma, Austrail-Asia, East, West, North & South Africa, Asia, America, South & North America, Europe, Central Asia, Asia Minor, South-East & East Asia, Australia-New Zealand and on and on. There is not a region in this world that hasn’t suffered mass genocide and mass destruction and irreprehensible terrorism by these two jew-run imperialistic communist countries. Israhell is their “bastard-incestual infant” when it comes to crimes against humanity, and they did create, fund it and the jews who own and manage the ‘satan’s couple’ promised the ‘baby-jew’ world dominance and the U-niversally N-atrocious and also, the N-ever A-lligned T-otalitarian O-ligarchy. If you would kill all the ‘so-called and self-referred’ jews that ever existed throughout history, you would not come anywhere near the figure of “non-jews” as well as “jew” lives that they have taken or bear complete responsibility for their mass slaughter. Still feel guilty about their so-referred and completely faked holocaust?….the HOAX of the 20th CENTURY or just HOLOHOAX for short.


    Comment by Wildman 100% | March 19, 2020 | Reply

  6. Wildman, I’d like to “like” your comment, but it’s a little…wild…and I can’t even find that you mentioned the Palestinians, the shattering of Iraq, the shattering of Libya, the Zionists’ frenzy to enlist the US, KSA or any other convenient tool in shattering Iran for eternity, and other machinations past and present in the Middle East region. (Ahhh — at a final scan, I do indeed find “Middle East” in your itemization of colonial (UK, France, Spain, Netherlands, USZioisrael, even Japan and more) myriad war crimes and crimes against humanity.)


    Comment by roberthstiver | March 20, 2020 | Reply

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