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  1. Mossad bought 10 million coronavirus masks to Israel –
    The Mossad purchased 10 million medical masks to protect against the coronavirus more than a week ago, The Jerusalem Post has learned.
    Due to the sensitivity of the information, the Post could not report it until they arrived in Israel on Monday. But it did note in a report on Friday that significant new acquisitions were on the way.
    In addition to the 10 million medical masks, the Mossad brought a few dozen ventilators, tens of thousands of test kits and some 25,000 N95 surgical masks that are designed to protect the wearer from airborne particles and liquid. It expects to bring more medical equipment to the country. Mossad Director Yossi Cohen heads a special command center along with other national security units and the Health Ministry.
    Last Tuesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Cohen was taking over the country’s efforts to purchase medical equipment from abroad.
    Cohen succeeded in bringing 100,000 test kits to Israel two weeks ago, with an estimated four million on the way.
    The kits were obtained from countries with which Israel does not have diplomatic relations, the Post learned at the time. An Al Jazeera report said the countries were in the Persian Gulf, which could be one reason why the Mossad took the lead.
    {STUPID GULF ARAB FOOLS. If this virus spreads within the Gulf States, you can be sure ISRAEL will not come to their aid so quickly and probably will try to sell them back at EXORBITANT prices in line with Jewish Usurious practices- MONOPOLISING SUPPLIES
    Mossad obtains huge supply of masks, ventilators to fight coronavirus
    Mossad officer describes covert global battle to obtain ventilators at …
    Spy agencies ‘locked in fierce battle to buy ventilators at all costs’ in …
    Mossad sources alleged that intelligence services are turning their focus from … Israel has more than 5,500 confirmed cases of coronavirus, and so far … to obtain supplies such as 25,000 N95 respiratory masks, 10 million …


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