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The Paper Of Record Says Feel Sorry For Bill Gates, Who’s Been Targeted With Conspiracy Theories

By Tyler Durden – Zero Hedge – 04/17/2020

The Wall Street Journal’s Deepa Seetharaman wants us to know that while poor billionaire Bill Gates has ‘long been a target for online trolls,’ that ‘the social-media attacks have intensified’ as the Micrrosoft co-founder and World Health Organization (WHO) benefactor has become the left’s de-facto coronavirus czar.

Seetharaman suggests that the attacks have increased due to Gates’s angry criticism towards President Trump, who halted funding to the WHO due to the organization’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and its allegiance to China.

In the 24 hours after Mr. Gates’s comments, his Twitter account was mentioned at least 270,000 times—more than 30 times more than average—mainly by angry supporters of President Trump, according to Clemson University researchers. Mr. Gates’s Instagram post from April 5 drew an additional 45,000 comments in that same 24-hour period. The post now has more than 225,000 comments. WSJ

Perhaps the ‘conspiracy theorists’ are having a little trouble digesting the fact that Gates – whose vaccine efforts in India were blamed for a devastating non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP) epidemic that paralyzed 490,000 children – coincidentally hosted an October, 2019 high-level ‘pandemic simulation’ in New York called Event 201 which specifically focused on coronavirus and projected over 65 million deaths worldwide.

Combine that with Gates’ recent comments about mass vaccination and biometric identification in order to ‘open up’ the country and allow people to attend mass gatherings – an idea which Dr. Anthony Fauci said “has merit,” and so-called conspiracy theorists have plenty of dots to connect.

According to the Journal, “social-media platforms remain fertile ground for virus-related conspiracies and online harassment, despite repeated pledges by the companies to crack down on such activity.”

So – Gates is being harassed and nobody is stopping these thought criminals with their menacing opinions. And of course, ‘bots’ are also being blameed for amplifying ‘conspiracy claims’ – since there can’t be that many real humans with bad things to say about Mr. Gates.

I’ve never seen a time where more mis- and disinformation has flowed than this coronavirus period,” said Univsity of Texas assistant professor Sam Woolley, who has ‘studied disinformation for nearly a decade.’

Some antivaccine activists and conspiracy-minded posters encouraged their followers across social media to attack Mr. Gates on Instagram, a form of harassment called “brigading” in which people coordinate attacks and hijack conversations online, according to a review of accounts. This week, one Instagram account told its 52,000 followers that “it wouldn’t be a bad thing for all of us to go visit Bill Gates Instagram and let him know what you think.” A spokeswoman for the Gates Foundation declined to comment. –WSJ

According to the report, Facebook is now “looking at this behavior carefully to determine whether it violates our policies. People on our services are allowed to speak freely, and do so in an organized way, but we remove accounts that are fake or designed to mislead,” and will begin notifying users who have engaged with what they deem misinformation that they’ve been hoodwinked by bad actors in cyberspace.

How nice! Maybe Facebook will hire someone from the Gates foundation to do their fact checking?

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  1. From ex NSA asset Jim Stone:  Artificial intelligence has obviously been employed to fight the Chloroquine battleI have noticed now Brazil’s president Bolsonaro spoke in favor of it, that any time chloroquine is mentioned anywhere as a cure for coronavirus an absolute unrealistic mountain of replies stating that it causes multiple organ failure and other horrible things gets posted at a ratio that might as well have arrived from outer space like an asteroid. There’s absolutely no way there are real people responding like that, CLEARLY, someone wants hydroxychloroquine banned because they want their virus to flourish for an agenda AND BIG BUCKS. No one other than the elite or the owners of powerful AI could ever launch responses of the volume and veracity that I have been seeing lately SO FOLKS, FOR THE RECORD:

    HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE IS A 70 YEAR OLD MALARIA DRUG THAT IS AS SAFE AS CANDY AND IS PRODUCED FOR 1 CENT PER DOSE. SOMEONE INTENTIONALLY MADE THIS VIRUS BE POSSIBLE TO KILL WITH IT “JUST IN CASE” THEY CAUGHT IT THEMSELVES, AND THEY DID NOT EXPECT THIS TO BE DISCOVERED. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE “THEIR SECRET” WHILE THEY SCREWED EVERYONE TO OBLIVION WITH HELLISH MEDICAL EXPENSES AND FREAKED EVERYONE OUT TO THE POINT where Certification Of Vaccination ID WAS ACCEPTED.FACT: Hydroxychloroquine is what put an end to malaria and it has no bad history. It is so safe it is taken as a prophylactic drug – which is a drug you take when you are not even sick, as a preventive measure against getting sick. There’s no way ANY drug that “causes multiple organ failure” would ever be taken that way. That alone stands as proof it is possibly safer than even aspirin.

    FACT: Very evil people want society shut down so they can steal it while everyone sits at home, only to have people emerge to a brave new world (probably worse). Very evil people also ran this exact same plot for the exact same virus, finishing their exercise less than a month before they actually released the virus. They
    wanted to have practice with how to run this scam, and chloroquine was not factored in so they can’t handle it. Therefore they are banning it everywhere.

    Remember: Anyone who claims this came from bats, or China, and skips Ft Detrick is only upholding the Bill Gates event plot they already practiced. If YOU (doubt it) are spreading the bat shit hoax or China hoax, you (I doubt you are) are supporting the New World Order, the Vaccine Id and Bill Gates. Those are the scenarios they ran for fronting this but it has been proven this virus started out in the U.S. and as soon as that was proven they miraculously found “patient zero” in China. That is as big a load of B.S. as chloroquine causing multiple organ failure, they have moved to FULL ON LIES WITH EVERYTHING.I’ll give a GREAT example of how “chloroquine can cause multiple organ failure:Back in the day we had a clean and safe artificial sweetener called Sodium Cyclomate. It did not have neurological side effects, and the elite wanted “candy” that would screw people up. So they HAD TO prove cyclomates were bad before replacing them with something else. To do this, they removed the amniotic fluid from a pregnant rat and replaced it with pure sodium cyclomate. The rats actually survived this and were born. But ONE got cancer. They then stated cyclomates cause cancer, banned them, and released sodium saccharin and aspartame which ARE the candy that will screw people up. If Chloroquine can cause multiple organ failure, it has to be administered at the intensity the rat fetuses got that sodium cyclomate, SALT CAN ALSO CAUSE MULTIPLE ORGAN FAILURE IF YOU EAT A WHOLE POUND OF IT AT ONCE. Is that a relevant reason to ban salt? THAT is how they are claiming Chloroquine is bad.

    REALITY: Chloroquine is a drug that never hit the radar for ANYTHING bad over 70 entire years. Until it could cure a weapon they launched. Now it is HORRIBLE!

    Here’s the reason for the recent AI assisted Chloroquine freak out:Brazilian president Bols
    onaro ended all quarantines and openly stated that if there are any problems, hydroxychloroquine will take care of them. He openly stated it was a weak virus that did not need a national shut down, especially when chloroquine was there to fix anything that might happen. HE THEN FIRED FAUCI’S HANDLER for Brazil, who was a brazen scam sucking liar about chloroquine the same way Fauci is. Trump does not have the balls to fire Fauci. I guess Bolsonaro is better.

    AS A RESULT, with Brazil being an enormously credible country that’s in the top 10 global economies, the NWO crowd FREAKED OUT and HAD TO launch AI’s to handle the “chloroquine problem”. With Bolsonaro firing Fauci’s southern right hand man it was too much of a blow against their pet virus, one that could kill the entire plot entirely, so they threw everything into overdrive to save their virus and are now coming off like funeral shriekers and are banning anyone who talks in favor of Chloroquine wherever they can. You cannot, in many places now, say chloroquine works for this virus without getting banned.

    So I commented here, and this site happens to sit at a fulcrum point that tips everything over. AI THAT! I’m sure they’ll try.

    Seriously: Bolsonaro called Fauci’s Brazilian counterpart a fraud and ditched him. That was golden.GETTING LESS DEAR TRUMP: YOU ARE MAKING ME ENVY BRAZIL. FIRE FAUCI. GROW A DAMN PAIR.

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    Comment by Leland Roth | April 18, 2020 | Reply

  2. bill gets a cut for every child harmed.
    melinda gets a vaccine for every child harmed.

    this should cure them of their delusions, evil.


    Comment by 5 dancing shlomos | April 18, 2020 | Reply

    • cut means a cut.


      Comment by 5ds | April 19, 2020 | Reply

  3. I lasted only 14 minutes.Have low tolerance for Gates’ whining ~ could not stand his BS any longer. Once you know the truth about things, in your own mind at least, there comes a time when you just shout, “Enough, already!”


    Comment by nooralhaqiqa | April 19, 2020 | Reply

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