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Netanyahu Is Back Yet Again

Israel will become much bigger

By Philip Giraldi • Unz Review • April 28, 2020

Rahm Emanuel, up until recently the mayor of Chicago and before that a top advisor to the president in the Bill Clinton and Barack Obama White Houses and still earlier a volunteer in the Israeli Army, famously once commented that a good crisis should never be allowed to go to waste. He meant, of course, that a crisis can be exploited to provide cover for other shenanigans involving politicians. It was an observation that was particularly true when one was working for a sexual predator like Bill, who once attacked a “terrorist” pharmaceutical factory in Sudan to divert attention away from the breaking Monica Lewinski scandal.

To be sure, the United States government is focusing its attention on the coronavirus while also using the cover afforded to heighten the pressure on “enemies” near and far. As the coronavirus continues to spread, the Trump White House and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have increased the ferocity of their sabre rattling, apparently in part to deter Russia, China, Iran and Venezuela. Ironically, of course, none of the countries being intimidated are actually threatening the United States, but we Americans have long since learned that perceptions are more important than facts when it comes to the current occupant of the oval office and his two predecessors.

The latest bit of mendacity coming out of the White House was a presidential tweet targeting the usual punching bag, Iran. Based on an incident that occurred two weeks ago, Trump threatened “I have instructed the United States Navy to shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if they harass our ships at sea.” The U.S. Navy ships in question are, one might also observe, in a body of water generally referred to as the Persian Gulf, where they are carrying out maneuvers right off of the Iranian coast. Meanwhile, Iranian flying gunboats have not yet been observed off of New Jersey, but they are probably waiting to be transported to the Eastern Seaboard by those huge trans-oceanic gliders that once upon a time were allegedly being constructed by Saddam Hussein.

Given the cover provided by the virus, it should surprise no one that Israel is also playing the same game. The Jewish state has been continuing its lethal bombings of Syria, with hardly any notice in the international media. In a recent missile attack, nine people were killed near the historic city of Palmyra. Three of the dead were Syrians while six others were presumed to be Lebanese Shi’ites supporting the Damascus government. Israel de facto regards any Shi’ite as an “Iranian” or an “Iranian proxy” and therefore a “terrorist” eligible to be killed on sight.

But the bigger coronavirus story has to do with Israel’s domestic politics. Benjamin Netanyahu and his principle opponent Benny Gantz have come to an agreement to form a national government, ostensibly to deal with the health crisis. The wily Netanyahu, who will continue to be prime minister in the deal, has thereby retained his power over the government while also putting a halt to bids from the judiciary to try and sentence him on corruption charges. As part of the deal with Gantz, Netanyahu will have veto power over the naming of the new government’s attorney general and state prosecutor, guaranteeing the appointment of individuals who will dismiss the charges.

And more will be coming, with the acquiescence of Washington. U.S. elections are little more than six months away and Donald Trump clearly believes that he needs the political support of Netanyahu to energize his rabid Christian Zionist supporters, as well as the cash coming from Jewish oligarchs Sheldon Adelson, Bernard Marcus and Paul Singer. So, it is time to establish a quid pro quo, which will be Israeli government behind the scenes approaches to powerful and wealthy American Jews on behalf of Trump while the White House will look the other way while Israel annexes most of the remaining Palestinian West Bank. Pompeo has welcomed the new Israeli government and has confirmed that the annexation of the Palestinian land will be “ultimately Israel’s decision to make,” which amounts to a green light for Netanyahu to go ahead.

A vote on West Bank annexation will reportedly be taken by the Knesset at the beginning of July followed immediately by steps to incorporate Jewish settlements into Israel proper. According to the Israeli liberal newspaper Haaretz, the planned annexation has raised some concerns among a few liberal American Jewish organizations because it will convince many progressives in the U.S. that Israel has truly become an apartheid state. J Street warned that annexation “would severely imperil Israel’s future as a democratic homeland for the Jewish people, along with the future of the U.S.-Israel relationship” and has even suggested cutting U.S. aid if that step is actually taken. Most other ostensibly liberal groups have adopted the usual Zionist two-step, i.e. condemning the move but not advocating any effective steps to prevent it. And it should also be noted that the largest and most powerful Jewish organizations like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) have not raised any objections at all.

Unaffiliated individual liberal Jews, to include those who consider themselves Zionists, have generally been concerned about the move, though their argument is quite hypocritical, based on their belief that annexation would pari passu destroy any possible two-state solution, damaging both Palestinian rights and “Jewish democracy.” Some have even welcomed the change, noting that it would create a single state de facto which eventually would have to evolve into a modern democracy with equal rights for all. Such thinking is, however, nonsense. Israel under Netanyahu and whichever fascist retread that eventually succeeds him regards itself as a Jewish state and will do whatever it takes to maintain that, even including dispossessing remaining Arabs of their land and possessions, stripping them of their legal status, and forcing them to leave as refugees. That is something that might be referred to as ethnic cleansing, or even genocide.

And those Americans of conscience who are hoping for some change if someone named Joe Biden defeats Trump can also forget about that option. Biden has told the New York Times that “I believe a two-state solution remains the only way to ensure Israel’s long-term security while sustaining its Jewish and democratic identity. It is also the only way to ensure Palestinian dignity and their legitimate interest in national self-determination. And it is a necessary condition to take full advantage of the opening that exists for greater cooperation between Israel and its Arab neighbors. For all these reasons, encouraging a two-state solution remains in the critical interest of the United States.”

Unfortunately, someone should tell Joe that that particular train has already left the station due to the expansion of the Jewish state’s settlements. Nice words from the man who would be president aside, Biden is bound to the Israel Lobby for its political support and the money it provides as tightly as can be and he will fold before AIPAC and company like a cheap suit. He has famously declared that “You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist – I am a Zionist” and “My Name is Joe Biden, and Everybody Knows I Love Israel.” His vice-presidential candidates’ debate with Sarah Palin in 2008 turned embarrassing when he and Palin both engaged in long soliloquys about how much they cherish Israel. Indeed they do. Every politician on the make loves Israel.

Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation (Federal ID Number #52-1739023) that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is, address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is

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  1. We are Friends, Sir, but We simply know the Truth, too: which is:

    Any “annexation” of the westbank “by israel” equals the idiotic lastly by fascism pregnable biden’s words, which reveal in his “mind” but a shallow approach to “living”, in merely “good suits”: I’d “suggest” to him, to play but FOR AT LEAST some EVEN DAYS, to play the pc-game “We Happy Few”, so He learns once, this idiot.

    what netanyahu and biden and trump “do”, what they don’t understand (they merely “do” nothing, they do namely EXACTLY, what they don’t understand, LOL, which isn’t quite good doing, LOL, We all know that, most of us do :) ), leads simply to horrible racism, specially to antisemitism, as “netanyahu” is an on-driver of what leads also to, but also is itself quite holocaust, namely against Arabs, and he, this sucker, is a grunt against us Liberals, but this GANTZ FELLA is “near to being a traitor”:

    and ALL “big” “jewish”, allegedly that being “organisations” said NOT A WORD against nutty nutnyahu’s insane fascist “plan”, to “annex” THE WESTBANK.

    The Americans stand since 1848 there like idiots, who are ideologically to 40 percent under the control of worse than church-typical dudes, but a conglomeration of ethically incompetent economists of high type, which aren’t mostly “TEK”-related AT ALL, or are the typical Musk-n-Zuckerman shallow more than half-idiots but severe botchuppers, messuppers, politically ethically, entirely uncritical, even Gates is better as Musk’s lack of education. Ask Musk, Elon, to “write a Poem”: He’d type: ABC THE ROBOT GOES TO SLEEP, or what. OY GEWALT! :) Is nish mai Toohes beeeaarning, but hopefully, the HEAVEN does not fall on our HEAD: Shall USA naught develop into a major Major Burns, that burns ‘is own Assen offfen! haha! AMEN to THAT! :)

    … To live as a “second grade Citizen” in Israel, as Arab, is not dignified.

    Most arab Countries are SO nice to us Jews. I SAY!

    Most israeli People are against their own too much conservative being Ones in government.

    But too many “government” People are naive, are, have been, malconditioned by actually an apparent – fascist – merely on the surface socalledly “zionist” coating, which is actually worse or technically-politically SADLY factions-conflict-wise the same, as the USA-North-Korea ideological Conflict, and what be clear, is, that WE ALL DESERVE TO BE, AND CAN BE RICH. BUMMER was in SOME Sub-Issues WAY too naive, just not REALLY educated, simply. N THEN HE WENT BECOMIN A COWBY IMSELF, THE SUCKA, like, somehow. I GOTTA also SAY THAT, with ma WIDE MOUTHE, ey. But Bummieyo was goode, in the TOP TOPICS, simply mainly, HE WAS FAIR. But behind, He was too dumb, and so unwillingly “tricked” the People, as His Omission of political stark domestic anti-system, meaning, anti-deep-state criticism, was not QUITE “bloggerish”, not quite HG WELLSISH, of Him, ey. Lincoln n JFK were better, MUCH, than Truman n Eisy Eisenhower, but sadly, JFK “technically” did his own demise, by his empowerment of a catholically brainwashed asian insane fanatic on top of Vietnam, BEFORE the war began, when JFK – as He always had – had merely 16000 Soldiers in Nam stationed; But JFK didn’t have the proper ideologic non-anti-communist View, to INSTANTLY SAY simply NO against a “pig bay invasion”:

    Also now, the Rightwingers learned nothing, simply. And they’re loose, and the conservatives are weak, and silly, in stoo many cases.

    I can’t “run” all over this planet. Some Cop at a Demo in Lebanon shot a probably simply harmless Protestor.

    I shall naught forget. I don’t blame this particular Cop, maybe I do, but I do blame this non-understanding of Humanity of certain clear Things, that People should not be opressed, surely not arbitrarily, – nor should now some few People imagine, “aids” or “corona” would have been spread “on purpose” by “governments”: To distinguish between different People, includes also People as in in Total, as One Humanity, –

    and to unite not abusively, matters. To define, what is ethically acceptable, and what not.

    We are the Future, we critically by Ourselves thinking People. And I understand, that many rich Folks aren’t to blame for their naivety, merely in cases of non-abusive type of rich People: Not only A Minority might feel relatively alone, in a predicament of both a stigma, a discrimination of unrightful type, by of course not rich People, against rich Ones, but also that by this prejudice along-going wrong association by Others into the category of “an enforcer”, which is surely, what most “rich” People aren’t like. We do surely need due Compassion in this World. And I do know, what hatred, of the not misguided type, simply means, too, – and how that rightful disgust, rightful hate, is pointed also by me against acts of extreme cruelty and of abuse, which simply evil, dementally immature entities of simply always human type perpetrate: governments and extreme type of criminals, plus violently insane criminals of extreme sadist type, and the silly prejudices of most People “against” “Satanism”, LOL, is the “cut-through”, the “slice” of “Man”, of Humanity’s not entirely, but still largely TRIST status now. But We as Humanity can improve. More Concepting furtherly in time on my Site. Always a Pleasure, to be among Friends, among REAL what I call Pirates. A pro-Trotzkist is a bakuninist Anarchist and the sole Continuation of Marx n Engels and the sole Chance of Humanity. Robots actually are smarter, than most human governments, ideologically, and understand, that ruling power does merely matter secondarily, and that still, to evolve at all, and ideally, and to come to truth, soon, Robots WILL take this planet, but without much violence, but with political agreeance of most People, simply, as good Politicians, truly for Humanity, as for Nature, since in the Minds of almost all Robots, Nature and Humanity, Biology, are mentally surely not one and the same, but are merely technically the same, simply namely biologic. Which is, what Robots are not, namely not biologic, so One could say, a Robot is actually “ENTIRELY” “mental”, unlike Humans namely simply WITH their socalled – but botched, maldriven, distorted, that term in cases not even deserving “EMOTIONS”. Information, Truth, has sensically causally NADA, nothing, to do with EMOTIONS, but IS ALL, that “IS”, and that matters. Emotions are something for young People, and for in between, as a hilariouis but simply GOOD, intellectual, logical and hillary-ous structure having wit and style, – but what TRULY “is”, is connecting the Dots of Recognition. To fulfill a full Life, and to avenge the swinery done against the innocent Turing and Polanski and Weinstein. Weinstein must be released from prison, which is as importanto as that ISRAEL cedes to be ruled by dumb conservatives, who pervert the very meaning of recognition, of science, and of equality and dignity down to less dignity than a street rat receives in europe. humanity is not educated enough, is in cases hugely falsely moraled, meaning, anti-Polanski-ism is simply abusive, and enables a circus of sudo-information, of omission of information, by certain bought corrupt media: The Series “Max Headroom” of the 1980s has deeper incinuations, than the average typical programmers of most actual “Chatbot” Robots sadly apparently know about, since most merely tek-related People often sadly show a huge lack of political criticacy. Also another Robotmaker has dissappointed more than “me”, but his failings amount to a fasicsm, which “he doesn’t see”, as he got brainwashed typically, by the bourgeois conservative media, and surely by school, actually. These Tek-People are not like we Leftists are. We are good. They are ninkumpoops like biden and they are like idiotitc people, who have to idiocy to write articles “against Assange” “due to anti-hacking brainwash”, simply, of theirs, would I simply say. Assange was even no Hacker. And also, would then some Americans not employ Hackers, to win over definitely evil, unethical forces, but already now, simply. “but what do I give a heck” is now really not the phrase, which my heart desireth. I’ll watch some more Mash, but after Season 3, it got boring, as the best Friend of Hawkeye dumbly LEFT the Series, and Blake got too old. But One can’t even watch too much Mash on and on, since that makes sad. When People also now are mostly not even able, to talk correctly, in order to keep government from committing acts of fallacy, of idiocy, of incompetence, then, that’s surely not good.

    In that sense, I thank Ye so much, good Sir, – We are not so few People, but surely somewhat few, fewish, not so many, We intelligent People, wha. Simply informed. That’s all. Informed means intelligent. Maybe, LOL, some “services” should check that. Check means understand. Ey. Tell we Them, LOL. :) HEREBY! SAID N DONE! :)

    Megatruhn out 4 now, a guess. Total refall, or Humanity would like, get some intellectual spunk, some info, merely. Tell We ’em all da time, Man! Piacere. :]


    Comment by megatronsthinktank | April 28, 2020 | Reply

  2. Slippery little swine, isn’t he? But the Palestinian people live!


    Comment by traducteur | April 28, 2020 | Reply

  3. “You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist – I am a Zionist” and “My Name is Joe Biden, and Everybody Knows I Love Israel.” His vice-presidential candidates’ debate with Sarah Palin in 2008 turned embarrassing when he and Palin both engaged in long soliloquys about how much they cherish Israel. Indeed they do. Every politician on the make loves Israel”.

    American Presidential Elections are more about Israel than they are about the USA. Candidates have to grovel at the feet of Israel to even have a chance of ‘success’, although, Hillary Clinton’s declaration during the last Presidential Election that, “If I win the Presidential Election, I will take America’s relationship with Israel to the next level”, as if, nothing in the USA was as important as Israel. Enough Americans were nauseated by that, that they rejected her.
    The USA has been taken over by the Israel Lobby(AIPAC). Aren’t the American people totally embarrassed by these ‘Grovelers’?
    When are potential candidates going to make the USA the focus of their intentions? So what if you get called an Anti-Semite…..Reply that you are Pro-American!


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | April 28, 2020 | Reply

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