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US’ War Tactics Might Not Be Useful Anymore

By Prof. Zamir Ahmed Awan | One World | July 21, 2020

The US’ typical war tactics of the past may not be useful against China, Russia, or North Korea. Let us review the Iraq War as a typical case. The first step was the media war by building an anti-Saddam narrative. The BBC reported on the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and termed them a threat to regional and global peace. UN inspectors were dispatched to verify their existence, but could not confirm anything. When the US was sure that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and capability of resistance or retaliation, that was when it decided to attack the country. Later on, the BBC apologized for spreading fake news, but only after the destruction of Iraq.

Simultaneously, the media distorted the image of President Saddam Hussein and instigated the public against him. The US intelligence identified individuals disgruntled with the Saddam regime, provided them training, equipped them, liberally funded them, and organized systematic agitations, demonstrations, and insurgency against the Saddam government.

After the US established a strong network against Saddam Hussein and agents providing them with ground intelligence, they felt comfortable attacking Iraq.

The preparatory work that was undertaken before the attack included spreading anti-Saddam sentiments, supporting insurgencies, spreading fake news, and creating an environment for a smooth attack. Media and intelligence agents were the tools to achieve all of this.

Then the US, along with its allies, launched airstrikes, carpet bombed, and dropped unlimited explosives. After destroying the control and command, dispersing troops, telecommunications, power plants, fuel storage facilities, hospitals, airports, government buildings, and other important installations, they were assured of no resistance or retaliation from the Iraqi forces.

The airstrikes were made as a result of high-tech warfare, jamming radars, and disabling Iraqi defense systems. The US used bombers at a very high altitude where Iraqi anti-air crafts defense systems could not reach so that there were no casualties on the American side. After damaging the whole country so badly, and when they were 100% sure of no resistance from the Iraqi forces, the ground troops conquered Baghdad almost without any resistance or loss of lives.

The Libyan War was a similar case. They tried to do the same thing in Syria. However, this did not succeed because Russia rescued Syria, while it was quite a different story in the case of North Korea. The US could not penetrate into Korea, reach disgruntled individuals, or lobby against the Kim regime. The media war was not successful either. On the other hand, North Korea really has nuclear deterrence. That is why the US never attacked North Korea. In the case of Iran, the US understands the potential of resistance and retaliation. Iran demonstrated its capabilities well when the US assassinated General Soleimani in Baghdad.

I am pretty sure that the US will never come into direct confrontation with China. Although the US tried its best to destabilize China by creating issues like Hong Kong and Xinjiang, China has almost fully overcome such disturbances. The media war is also under the control of the Chinese government. China is officially recognized as the second-largest economy just after the US, but the realities may be different. In the case of weapons, China is not behind the US. In high-tech and advanced technologies, in some respect, China is ahead of America. China might not compete with America in conventional warfare, but it can move swiftly, decisively, and with its most modern advanced defense systems.

At the same time, the US is losing its reputation worldwide because it was — and in some cases, still is — involved in countless killings in South America, the Middle East, Vietnam, Japan, Africa, Korea, and many other parts of the world. Some people say that “when you have America as your friend, you do not need any enemies”. Even close allies of the US are not satisfied. Anti-American sentiments are growing globally. While this is happening, China is engaged in connectivity, infrastructure development, and the promotion of understanding and harmony among various cultures. The Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) is a message of peace, stability, development, and prosperity. As a result, China enjoys an immense amount of goodwill.

In order to preserve this message of global peace, we must always struggle to avert any conflict in any part of the world and resolve all issues amicably, diplomatically, and politically under the UN Charter.

Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan is a Sinologist (ex-Diplomat), Editor, Analyst, Non-Resident Fellow of CCG (Center for China and Globalization), National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan. (E-mail:

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  1. “The American people should know that it is not Them, but their Governments policies that are so hated”…..Arundhati Roy

    It is the American government(heavily influenced by “Dual Passport Holders”, and VERY RICH DONORS) that are bringing the USA into disrepute. The American people are no longer in control of their destiny, because of corruption of the American Government system, by “BIG MONEY”(and people with dubious loyalty to the USA).

    It’s there for everyone on Earth to see, but, successive Presidents, from both sides of the House, seem powerless to actually change anything. The USA is in very deep trouble, and anyone who wants to fix the massive problem they have, wont last long at all, and they know it.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by brianharryaustralia | July 21, 2020 | Reply

  2. With Israeli military writing legislation for the US Congress, what could go wrong?!!

    Liked by 2 people

    Comment by Guilded Rage | July 22, 2020 | Reply

  3. Very agreeable analysis reminding us of facts the US, UK & their media lackeys would have us forget, especially about the unwarranted, illegal and inhuman devastation of Iraq, Libya and much of Syria until, as said, Russia saved the rest and the legitimate government.
    I would question the belief; “that the US will never come into direct confrontation with China”. The US’s wars have generally been orchestrated by foreign infiltrators, deceptively known as ‘neo-Cons’ who have used US forces for their own evil ends and have no care for the death and destruction they wreak, even on their allies’ lives and resources. Therefore, realistically, given US provocations in the S.China Sea, Xinxiang, Hong Kong, over Covid and even over trade, all of which are largely false, one has to accept the likelihood of hawks like Pompeo pitching US forces into another war. The Zionist neo-Cons want it because of China’s sanction-busting trade with no.1 enemy, Iran. The US arms lobbies want it to make money. The New York Stock Exchange wants it for similar reason. And even Trump may want it because wars are oddly popular. It may begin with a false flag attack on an American tanker in the Taiwan Straits. Sorry to be pessimistic but is it not healthier to imagine the worst and try to counter it than to assume the best and be helplessly shocked?

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by jbthring | July 24, 2020 | Reply

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