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Lebanon SITREP: Letter from a Lebanese friend

The Saker | August 4, 2020

This was just sent to me by a good Lebanese friend:

Huge disaster, investigation underway, on face value was caused by utter negligence, corruption and incompetence of Lebanese state, but I am one of those that has been stressing that the enemies could have exploited this state negligence and corruption to trigger this disaster through sabotage. Few simple reasons for this, including:

a) this disaster completely serves current US-Israeli efforts to pressure Lebanon economically to bow down to their demands

b) the site of the explosion, Port of Beirut, was the transit through which 50-80% of Lebanon’s commodity and trade needs were met

c) the explosions struck wheat reserves stored there as well, exacerbating the dire economic situation and inflation further

d) Israeli officials few days ago were warning the Resistance that if they struck Israeli army targets (a response to recent Israeli crimes by Resistance was imminent), Lebanon’s infrastructure will be targeted

e) one year ago exactly Israel’s ambassador to UN said at the Security Council that the Port of Beirut had become ‘Hezbollah’s Port’. Lebanese ambassador said this was a direct threat to Lebanon’s civilians and security

f) last but not least, the 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate (that exploded) were reportedly stored there 6 years ago, and they have been described as a ticking time bomb considering the irresponsible way that they were stored. Is it really coincidental that this ticking time bomb goes off today, at the worst possible moment for Lebanon (Country is falling on all levels, coronavirus, US siege at its peak etc)?

So, while initial reports have said this disaster was caused by the utter negligence, corruption and lack of accountability of Lebanese state institutions, an official investigation is currently underway, and the Resistance will certainly be doing its own investigation, because there was no worse possible time for this disaster to occur to Lebanon than today. Sabotage by the enemy must remain a strong possibility (though actually proving that may be difficult).

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  1. In 1997, the Central Bank of Lebanon pegged the Lebanese Lira to the U.S. dollar at 1,507 to 1. Now, with Scamdemic, sanctions & IMF destabilization, the Lira trades 9,600 to 1. Was the Beirut explosion US-Israel retaliation using photovoltaic golden nanoparticle technology to blast Lebanon into submission after self-preservation forced them to dump the US dollar for cryptocurrency? Is that why altcoins took a dip today?

    Integration of Gold Nanoparticles to Modulate the Ignitability of Nanothermite Films

    Is that what caused all 3 of the World Trade Center towers to collapse on 9/11? If so, it confirms both US & Israel pre-planted explosives in the towers & explains why Building 7 collapsed and why Flight 93 was shot down after it missed its target.

    Is it just a coincidence that Scamdemic has caused David Bruck, the new defense attorney for five men charged in the 9/11 attacks, to requests a 30-month delay to prepare his case for a trial that was scheduled for January 2021?

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    Comment by Guilded Rage | August 4, 2020 | Reply

  2. Ammonium Nitrate, “Fertiliser” will not explode without the addition of a commonly available “ingredient” and a detonator, but has more explosive power than TNT when these are added. It becomes a Fertiliser Bomb.
    This explosion was not an accident in my humble opinion.

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    Comment by brianharryaustralia | August 4, 2020 | Reply

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