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Trust the experts and take your pills, citizen! Meet the nerd who wants to force-feed you ‘morality pills’ to beat Covid

By Graham Dockery | RT | August 13, 2020

Swallowing mind-bending pills until you love your government and obey its orders might sound like science fiction. But there are scientists out there who want you to shut up and take your morality pills – by force if necessary.

People, or at least those with a spark of vitality and life in them, don’t like following orders. Months into the coronavirus pandemic, leaders have tried to enforce mandatory social distancing and mask wearing through a mixture of fines, snitching and public shaming. Still, some people refuse to toe the line, from lockdown protesters in the US to cheeky Brits sneaking off for an unlicensed picnic.

The scientific experts, however, have a solution for that. Take Parker Crutchfield, a professor of medical ethics. According to a recent op-ed, he thinks that the ‘ethical’ solution to this rule breaking is to drug the population into compliance, using psychoactive drugs to “induce those who are noncooperative to get on board with doing what’s best for the public good.”

That’s right. A top-of-his-field ethicist at Western Michigan University wants to drug you into cooperation. Should you refuse, he thinks the government should force this “morality booster” on everyone, either by military power, or by administering it in secret, “perhaps via the water supply.”

Crutchfield’s article was retweeted – and later deleted – by the prestigious Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics. However, he isn’t the only labcoat who dreams of drugging the proletariat. Late last month, a group of Cambridge academics suggested adding lithium to drinking water to lower suicide rates and mood disorders. Just like Crutchfield, they see this tyranny as serving the greater good.

Strongmen and dictators are reliable bogeymen in the West. After all, the entire origin story of Western liberalism centers around the struggle of the free world against the fascist axis. However, the tyranny of the nerd more often than not goes unnoticed. In some ways, it’s more terrifying than the tyranny of the dictator. When the despot forces you to obey his diktats at gunpoint, the power dynamic is clear. He’s in control. When the bespectacled professor slips morality pills into your water, you won’t even know you’re being dominated.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve repeatedly heard the same refrains from our leaders. “Trust the experts,” they say. “Believe the science.” But scientists – who worship amoral empiricism above all else – see you as little more than a laboratory mouse, an imperfect specimen to be tweaked and molded until the desired result is achieved.

Perhaps that’s why these “experts” are so beloved by liberals. Jean- Jacques Rousseau considered man a “perfectible” creature, a view that would be refined in the 20th century by GWF Hegel, Karl Marx and Leo Strauss, and now underpins most left-wing thought. While religion saw man as trapped in a state of original sin, these leftists saw him as having boundless potential – if only the right scientific tools were used to shape him.

Changing behavior through science is the perfect method for modern liberalism to crush dissent. Doing so by force would invalidate its core tenet: it’s supposed respect for your human rights. Instead, its scientists dream up ways to silence malcontents quietly and peacefully.

Every now and then, an article like Crutchfield’s gives us a glimpse behind the mask.

Chemically rewiring the brains of the population seems far-fetched, but it’s a logical next step when one considers the social engineering projects foisted on the masses at present. From the endless tirades against masculinity, Christianity and the nuclear family one reads in liberal newspapers, to the bizarre push to convert the Western world to an insect-based diet, academics and their enablers in the media and government want to change your life – usually for the worse.

The latest racial conflagration tearing apart the USA has only served to give them a new angle of attack, with corporate bosses now subjecting white employees to mandatory brainwashing sessions in the name of stamping out their “whiteness.”

As easy as the transition to mass drugging would be, Crutchfield’s dream is unlikely to come true any time soon. The managers and bureaucrats who hold the levers of power lack the skill to pull off such a coup. However, remember that behind their university credentials and scientific clout lurk experts salivating at the prospect of turning you into a lab rat, and that the prototypical nerd can harbor a lust for power to rival even the most demented dictator.

Graham Dockery is an Irish journalist, commentator, and writer at RT. Previously based in Amsterdam, he wrote for DutchNews and a scatter of local and national newspapers.

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  1. “Freedom and Democracy” is a sham behind which, the “1%” call the tune, make, and enforce the rules, and “The People” must comply.
    When you have only two options in an Election, and the “1%” control BOTH options, AND the Media, you do not have a Democracy, you have a live, “Punch and Judy” show, while the REAL OWNERS orchestrate something called “Freedom and Democracy”.
    We are all drowning in ‘Bovine excreta’…….You only have to look at the two options for the coming election to realise that something is terribly wrong with the system.


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | August 14, 2020 | Reply

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