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Iran, China, Russia to partake in Caucus 2020 military drills

Press TV – September 10, 2020

Military forces from Iran, China, and Russia are scheduled to take part in joint military exercises with a number of other countries in southern Russia later this month.

China’s Defense Ministry made the announcement in a news release on Thursday and said troops from Armenia, Belarus, Myanmar, and Pakistan would also participate in the drills, code-named “Caucus 2020.”

The ministry added that the exercises, to be held from September 21 to 26, would focus on defensive tactics, encirclement, and battlefield control and command.

The drills have special significance “at this important moment when the entire world is fighting the pandemic,” the ministry said.

The United States administration has insinuated that the coronavirus was artificially developed in a Chinese lab. China has rejected that insinuation.

Iran, China, and Russia have over the past years increased their military and diplomatic cooperation to counter the United States’ hostile policies and extra-territorial presence in their regions.

Late last year, the three countries held four days of naval exercises code-named the “Marine Security Belt” to promote regional security and peace and safeguard international trade in the Sea of Oman and the Indian Ocean.

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  1. “The United States administration has insinuated that the coronavirus was artificially developed in a Chinese lab. China has rejected that insinuation”.
    “Well, they would say that wouldn’t they”!

    The Military Industrial Complex has forced these three countries(and others) to form alliances because of their continual bullying/Sanctioning/lecturing of many nations around the World, not to mention the USA’s military interventions in several countries, AND their attempts to remove democratically elected governments(ie Venezuela).
    The Military Industrial Complex is The Problem, not China or Russia, or Lebanon, or Iran……..The common denominator in all these squabbles in the M.I.C……..and, they send the bills to the overwhelmed American Tax Payers(Not the Tax Evading Multi-National Corporations)
    Take your country back, America…….Boot Out your Congress, and begin afresh.

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    Comment by brianharryaustralia | September 10, 2020 | Reply

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