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South Korean’s medical association urges govt to suspend flu shot program after 25 people die following jab

RT | October 23, 2020

South Korean Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun called for a probe into the deaths of at least 30 people who died shortly after receiving seasonal flu shots, stepping up scrutiny after Seoul previously denied any link to the vaccine.

“The authorities should thoroughly investigate the causal relationship between vaccinations and the deaths and make public the development transparently,” Chung said on Friday at a meeting of the government’s disaster and safety counter-measure group.

Chung’s statement came after the death toll among people who recently received the vaccine more than doubled between Thursday morning and Thursday afternoon, then continued rising through the night. There were 25 deaths recorded as of 4pm Thursday, up from 12 earlier in the day, and the toll reached 30 at midnight.

Jeong Eun-kyeong, director of the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA), reportedly told South Korean lawmakers on Thursday that there was no direct link between the deaths and the vaccine. Of the first 25 deaths recorded, 22 involved people aged 60 or older, but a 17-year-old boy last week died two days after getting his flu shot.

Chung called on the KDCA to investigate quickly and provide the public with an explanation for the deaths “so that people can receive vaccination without anxiety.”

The spate of deaths comes amid an effort by South Korea’s government to provide free flu vaccinations to 19 million people, including the elderly and teenagers, to avoid having to cope with both a major flu outbreak and the Covid-19 pandemic at the same time. The vaccination program will continue uninterrupted by the investigation, despite the recent deaths and a recommendation by the Korean Medical Association to suspend the shots for one week.

The program was previously halted for three weeks after it was revealed that five million doses had been transported at room temperature, rather than being refrigerated as required.

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  1. Two interesting points in this piece.

    1) We are not informed which vaccine is being used by the S. Korean government.
    As the article is just portraying facts and citing what people have said, the actual naming of the manufacturer would not be cause for legal action; RT do not accuse the manufacturer of anything.

    2) The argument that we should enforce quarantine and lockdown measures on entire populations to protect elderly people is now completely turned on its head by the Korean health spokesperson who is reported here as having justified the safety of the vaccine with the argument that the victims are elderly (???).
    Not acceptable that elderly patients should die from Covid19; OK if they die from the vaccine.

    More desperate confusion from yet another government’s wild flailings; demonstrating that sole political image is leading health policy and decision making that should be conducted calmly and in cooperation. (S. Korea is not the worst in this by any means.)

    The French epidemiologist, Didier Raoult* has underlined on several occasions that the timeline for publication and communication (results, decisions, new protocols) by scientists and health practitioners is not the same as that of the media and the politicians. The sensationalism and positioning of the latter are incompatible with the objectives of the former.

    *Didier Raoult ceased his participation on the French government’s panel on public health policy
    – in response to Covid19 – because of the number of its members he said had “undeclared interests” ie working for big pharma.


    Comment by redracam | October 23, 2020 | Reply

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