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Is the UK heading toward medical martial law?

We are hearing frequent calls for the UK’s coronavirus “pandemic” response to become a military operation

OffGuardian | October 2, 2020

On the 28th September Tobias Ellwood, Tory MP for Bournemouth East, stood up in Parliament and suggested that the British Army and the Ministry of Defense be in charge of distributing and administering “millions of doses” of the Sars-Cov-2 vaccines, as well as issuing “vaccination certificates” which will “allow travel”.

And that’s just the highlights, there’s a lot more vaguely sinister language, camouflaged in his rather drab monotone voice. (You can watch the whole speech here, go to 20:24).

This is a concerning development, one very much worth keeping an eye on. The BBC don’t think so, of course, because the call for what would easily amount to medical martial law didn’t even make it into their “Today in Parliament” programme.

This is not new behaviour for Ellwood. He has always been a consistent voice for use of the military in response to the “pandemic”. On the 18th of September he requested the Prime Minister make “greater use of our fine armed forces”.

He specifically mentions “managing the narrative”, which is no surprise considering his role as a former Army officer, a current reserves officer, and his known affiliation with the 77th Brigade. For those who don’t know: The 77th is the British army’s team of “facebook warriors”. An information warfare unit whose job is to “counter misinformation”, “manage the narrative” and generally corral and control the internet conversation.

That’s not a “conspiracy theory”, their existence is readily acknowledged by both the government and the mainstream media. Considering they’re currently employed “countering covid misinformation“, they will likely be in the comments of this post (Hi guys!).

Other countries around the world have already moved on to this “war footing”, and the UK is likely not far behind.

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Police find ‘no evidence’ of brutal racist attack on Wisconsin woman, but won’t press charges for false report

RT | October 2, 2020

Madison police found no evidence to corroborate Althea Bernstein’s claim four white men tried to set her on fire during a night of riots in the Wisconsin capital in June, but will not charge her with filing a false report.

Bernstein, 18, had claimed that four white men sprayed her with lighter fluid through the open window of her car as she sat at a red light in downtown Madison, then threw a flaming lighter at her while yelling racial slurs. She suffered burns on her neck and face and had them treated at a local hospital.

Her case had attracted national attention, with federal and state investigators joining local police in probing it as a hate crime. Bernstein called for Americans to “support black lives” in response.

On Friday, however, the US attorney’s office in Madison announced the investigation was closing without any charges being filed, after investigators found no evidence that the attack actually took place.

Madison Police Department detectives were unable to “locate evidence consistent with what was reported,” acting chief Vic Wahl said in a statement. The department released a 150-page report into the investigation, showing that Bernstein’s car had indeed stopped at a red light, but there was no one else near it. She was in the right lane of the street, not the left as she told investigators, and her window had been closed.

Nor was she in downtown Madison, but Middleton – a suburb about 15 minutes away, according to both traffic cameras and GPS data from her cell phone.

NEW: An 18 year old girl said in June that four racists in Wisco. lit her on fire. She went on Good Morning America, got a call from Meghan Markle, and now has her name on NFL helmets Authorities today said there’s no evidence the incident ever occurred

— Brent Scher (@BrentScher) October 2, 2020

An arson dog found no traces of a lighter or other incendiary device in her car, which was not damaged. Bernstein’s clothes did have traces of lighter fluid, and her medical records did show she was treated for burns that night. Absent any alternative explanation from Bernstein, the authorities decided to close the case without charging anyone.

“Althea Bernstein and her family appreciate the detailed investigative efforts by all involved in this case,” said a statement released through the Madison police. “Althea’s injuries are healing and the support of our community has been invaluable in that regard. We continue to maintain our family privacy and will not be granting interviews at this time.”

During the night Bernstein alleged she had been attacked, rioters protesting the arrest of an African-American man toppled several statues in downtown Madison – including the one of a Norwegian immigrant who died fighting against the Confederacy during the Civil war.

State Senator Tim Carpenter, a Democrat, was punched and kicked when he tried to take a photo of the protest. Rioters also vandalized cars, smashed storefronts, and set fire to several buildings.

On the same day Bernstein made her allegation, NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace insisted to CNN that a pull rope on the door of his garage was indeed a noose. A team of 15 FBI agents sent to Talladega Raceway in Alabama had concluded that the garage-door opening mechanism was not in fact a hate crime, after someone from the African-American driver’s entourage made the allegation.

While neither Bernstein nor Wallace faced legal repercussions for their claims, actor Jussie Smollett has not been so lucky. He has been charged by special prosecutors with six counts of making a false police report, over the February 2019 claim that he was a victim of a racist attack in Chicago. Two ethnic Nigerians later told the police they were paid to stage the incident, involving bleach, a rope, and hats with ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan used by President Donald Trump.

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Daniel Korski: The Intelligence-Linked Mastermind Behind the UK’s Orwellian Healthtech Advisory Board

By Johnny Vedmore | Unlimited Hangout | October 1, 2020

As a futuristic, hi-tech dystopia increasingly takes shape around us, the concept of the Panopticon is more relevant than ever as it functions as the underpinning of the ever-growing mass surveillance grid.

For those who are not so familiar with 18th century social philosophy, a Panopticon was originally the design of a prison building by an English philosopher named Jeremy Bentham. The Panopticon prison’s architecture would allow one guard in a central guard tower to observe every inmate without those prisoners knowing that they were being observed, and so those incarcerated were left to assume that they were actually being observed all of the time. This prison would, in theory, allow that singular guard to maintain order over every inmate.

Much later, in the 20th century, the famous French philosopher, Michel Foucault, would use the concept of Bentham’s original Panopticon as a way to describe and explore “disciplinary power”. According to Foucault’s work, disciplinary power had been successful due to its utilisation of three technologies; hierarchical observation; normalising judgment; and examinations. Hierarchical observation refers to the fact that the observer in a Panopticon can be of any hierarchical position within the observing body, meaning that a prison guard, supervisor, or a governor could be the person viewing the inmates. Foucault would also insist that the normalisation of judgement is imperative for disciplinary power to exist. The final principle, the examination, is used to combine the first two principles of the observations and the resulting judgements to help decide on whether further actions should be taken or punitive measures be applied.

Among the most notable of Foucault’s analyses of the utility of the Panopticon is the following quote from his book Discipline and Punish: “The major effect of the panopticon is to induce in the inmate a state of consciousness and permanent visibility that assures the automatic functioning of power.” In other words, the uncertainty of whether or not an individual is being constantly watched induces obedience in that individual, allowing only a few to control the many.

In addition to Foucault, the concept of the Panopticon has been vigorously studied over the past few centuries and it has special relevance in understanding modern forms of mass surveillance. The aim of many of the modern day state surveillance apparatus function under a similar doctrine to the original ideology behind the invention of the Panopticon.

The British GCHQ, the US’s NSA, the Israeli’s Unit 8200, among many others, are the all seeing eyes of national intelligence agencies who have longed for a way to watch their populations remotely, i.e. online, without their citizens knowing whether or not they’re actually being observed. One man has striven to be at the center of the growing global Panopticon, from his base in the Panopticon’s birthplace — Britain. His name is Daniel Korski.

The Creator

When I first came upon the NHS Healthtech Advisory Board, a body created in 2018 to “advise” the UK’s Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock, its members opened my eyes to some of the darker actors involved in designing our tech-guided futures. One of the panelists on Matt Hancock’s team of tech pioneers, who are seeking “to transform technology in the NHS [National Health Service],” was Nicole Junkermann.

The Israeli Intelligence-Linked Team behind Carbyne911 (including Nicole Junkermann)

Junkermann’s multiple links with Jeffrey Epstein, which appear to have begun around 2002, exposed her as someone who couldn’t be trusted with the future direction of the UK’s healthcare system. Furthermore, Junkermann’s connections with Ehud Barak, Peter Thiel, and Jeffrey Epstein via her investment in the Israeli intelligence-linked surveillance company Carbyne911, made her entry into the United Kingdom’s government advisory panel very problematic for everyone involved. But she was not the only interesting character intimately involved in this particular government project.

While the Healthtech Advisory Board has been hailed since its creation as the brainchild of Matt Hancock, he was actually guided to the project by the man who was, and is, the real mastermind behind the board’s founding, a man who has been helping to quietly write the history of Britain from behind the scenes for the last two decades. He is somebody you’ve probably never heard of, even though his impact on public policy is felt not only in the United Kingdom, but globally.

This man has been a senior advisor to the US State Department, an advisor to Hamid Karzai in post-invasion Afghanistan, the team leader of the Basrah Reconstruction Team in post-invasion Iraq, the Head of Political-Military Affairs for the Office of the High Representative to Bosnia-Herzegovina, and a Committee Specialist for the House of Commons Defence Committee. If that weren’t enough, he was also a founding member of the European Council on Foreign Relations, an advisor to the Vice President of the European Commission, a special advisor to UK Prime Minister David Cameron, deputy head of policy at 10 Downing Street. Yet, even  these are just some of the public offices he has held. This man’s name is Daniel Korski and he should be notorious.

Described as a “Foreign Policy Writer” and a “Post Conflict Expert”, Daniel Korski is currently only in his early forties and yet his experience is vast. How does one get the opportunities which have been afforded to Mr Korski? Do you need to be a member of a special club from a very young age? Everything about Korski points to military intelligence, so to find him on the same advisory board as a Mossad-linked Epstein associate isn’t too much of a shock, but it does deserve further scrutiny.

This is especially true now that Daniel Korski has left public office and set up a venture capital firm which specifically funds government-related tech startups. While Korski wants to publicly appear to have left government work, it is pretty clear that, upon further inspection, he hasn’t drifted too far from the authorities. So, let us look at Mr Korski’s history in more detail and work our way forward towards his more current projects. In doing so, I truly believe that you will not be able to deny his continuing role as an intelligence operative. You will also be shown evidence of his dystopian side projects and connections to one of the largest growing, government-backed mass surveillance projects in the world. This is an introduction to Daniel Korski, one of the creators of the current digital panopticon.

Daniel Korski’s Curious Past

Henryk Korski, grandfather of Daniel Korski eluded the Nazi’s whilst living in Poland in the 1940s. After the war, he would join the Polish Communist Party and by the mid-to-late 60s he was working in the Ministry of Foreign Trade. But a decade later, when his grandson Daniel was born, the whole family had already relocated to Copenhagen. If you were to go by Daniel Korski’s Wikipedia page then you would be told that his family were expelled from Poland in the late 1960s. But, if you were to look behind the scenes at Korski’s Wikipedia pages history then you’d discover that someone disagreed with that description of events.

On 21st April 2013 someone edited this part of Daniel’s Wiki page. This editor wanted people to know: “Korski is the son of Polish Jewish refugees, who fled persecution.” I decided to see if I could trace the I.P. Address of the person who made this change. I managed to track the computer to Brussels in Belgium and the edit was made while Daniel Korski was living in the Belgian capital when working as an advisor to the Vice President of the European Commission. It’s also just before he left that post and headed off to become a special advisor to the then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron. It seems that Daniel Korski wanted everyone to believe that his parents had fled persecution in Poland, but was this true?

Daniel Korski himself would eventually head to Twitter to show people the evidence that his parents were Jewish refugees fleeing persecution. He would post two images of official court documents sealed in plastic sleeves and describe it as evidence of a pogrom. For those who are unaware, a pogrom is described as “an organized massacre, especially of Jews”. But do the documents supplied by Daniel Korski provide any evidence of a massacre of Jewish people? The straight answer is a definite no. The court papers Korski so proudly presents on Twitter do not mention Judaism at all, but they do mention Henryk Korski’s stance on the war between Israel and Egypt. The documents, which were written in Polish, relate to a court case involving Henryk Korski and his employer.

Henryk demanded to be reinstated into his previously held position in the Polish Ministry of Foreign Trade and compensation to be paid for the wages he had been denied. The court refused Mr. Korski’s application and the Korski family would soon move to Denmark, a decision which Henryk himself said turned out to be a lucky move. There is no massacre of Jews in Poland at this time and there is no pogrom involving Korski’s family either. In fact the last recorded pogrom happened in 1946. Instead, Daniel Korski is caught misleading the public in an attempt to appear as though his parents were Jewish refugees fleeing the threat of death in communist Poland. Is it any wonder then that in the same year as Daniel Korski was making up parts of his family’s history, he would also be appointed as vice president of the United Kingdom’s Jewish Leadership Council.

Daniel Korski grew up in Denmark, so how did he become such an important part of the British government? Korski didn’t start studying for his degree until 1997 when he was 20 years old. He would attend the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and would later attend Cambridge University for his Masters. He was either well connected or very talented, maybe even both, as by the age of 25 he was working for ex-Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown as Head of Political-Military Affairs while Ashdown was serving in the office of High Representative for Bosnia-Herzegovina. Korski would hold that position between 2002 until 2004 and he would then go on to be the Committee Specialist for the UK House of Commons Defence Committee. That short term position would be followed by his first official role overseas on behalf of the British government. In 2005, Korski would be in Kabul, Afghanistan, where he was officially advising the Karzai government on counter-narcotic operations. He would also soon become part of the UK Government’s “Stabilisation Unit” for the war-torn country.

His next appointment, in 2007, was a move to Iraq as the team leader for the Basrah Provincial Reconstruction Team and during this work in Afghanistan and Iraq, Korski became a senior advisor to the US State Department. With all this experience, we are able to see that Daniel Korski, who was still only 30 years old, had very clear intelligence connections. So it will come as no surprise that in 2009 Daniel Korski helped to found the European Council on Foreign Relations where he would also be named a “Senior Policy Fellow”. Korski would, soon after the creation of the European CFR, become an advisor to the vice president of the European Commission, Catherine Ashton, also referred to as Baroness Ashton of Upholland.

In 2013, Korski would return to the UK as a special advisor to the David Cameron government. In May 2015, he would take up the position as deputy head of policy at 10 Downing Street and would stay in that position until Cameron stood down following his defeat in the EU referendum. The Brexit defeat hit everyone involved in the Cameron administration like a hurricane. Many of the politicians who orchestrated the lacklustre campaign for Britain remaining part of the EU immediately stepped down and some went into hiding.

Quite amazingly for any advisor to a Conservative government, Daniel Korski had managed to get through almost 15 years in leading Whitehall positions without being involved in a single sex scandal; at least that’s what he thought. Yet, on 14th November 2017, the Telegraph, in an article entitled “David Cameron aide denies groping television writer at Downing Street event,” the paper named Daniel Korski as the man who allegedly groped producer Daisy Goodwin. The article states:

“Daniel Korski, who left his post as special adviser following the Brexit vote, admitted that he had met the TV producer in Number 10 on two occasions, but said that any accusation of inappropriate behaviour was “not only totally false but also totally bizarre”

Ms Goodwin, 55, has claimed that she was “summoned” to Downing Street to discuss a proposed TV show when Mr Cameron was Prime Minister and an official told her she looked like a Bond girl before putting his hand on her breast as she went to leave.” Korski, by the time the sexual assault accusation had been made public, had started his own venture capital firm called simply “Public” or Even though he was officially outside government at the time, Korski’s capitalist venture would specifically focus on tech startups designed for government applications. They set up base at an address in 1 Horseguards Avenue, Westminster, just opposite the HQ for the UK Ministry of Defence. also owns Eva Health Technology, previously named Microtest Ltd, which supplies patient management systems for healthcare professionals, including everything from simple customer booking software through to documentation software for vaccines.

In 2018, Korski would become Chairman and Co-Founder of the Govtech Summit, which is planned to be held each year in Paris and is a global stage to pitch next-generation technologies to governments from around the world. Govtech is a place where Daniel Korski and his business partner, Alexander de Carvalho, can introduce the world to such tech startups as Ehud Barak’s Carbyne, a company frequently advertised by and Govtech even though they are not direct investors in the Israeli firm. It was also in 2018 that the Healthtech Advisory Board, supposedly the idea of Matt Hancock, was formed and began to bring together such people as Nicole Junkermann and Daniel Korski to help create the future blueprint for the hi-tech “transformation” of the UK’s public health sector.

Some members of the Healthtech Advisory Board, (Rear) Daniel Korski, Parker Moss, Nicola Blackwood, Nicole Junkermann (Front) Dr Ben Goldacre and Matt Hancock

But Korski, since leaving official government employment, has been involved in other activities too. One of his other enterprises is with a man who already has a foothold in the mass surveillance business via a government application and who intends to repeat his early successes on a global scale, as well as many other interesting characters. Please, take your predesignated seats, strap yourself in and welcome to Daniel Korski’s Panopticon.

Enter the Panopticon

Nicole Junkermann and Daniel Korski have many common interests in the big tech sector. In 2017 and 2018, they both began to invest in and focus on mass surveillance technology and future healthcare-related tech with great intensity. If one didn’t know any better, one might come to the conclusion that both Junkermann and Korski had inside knowledge of a coming healthcare crisis, such as a pandemic. Conveniently for Korski’s and Junkermann’s investment portfolios, the current pandemic has become an excuse for government to take away our current civil liberties and implement widespread mass surveillance technologies on an unwitting public.

While Junkermann was personally investing with Epstein and Thiel in Ehud Barak’s Carbyne911, Korski was supporting similar projects in the UK. On 26 March 2018, Daniel Korski became the director of the UK registered company Panopticon Technologies Limited. If you were to go to their previous website, Panopticon.Tech, then you’d be met by a dead link, but the Wayback Machine captured their original site twice in 2018.

The founding team at Panopticon Technologies included:

  • Sir Mark Rowley QPM who is described as “one of the most respected and decorated police leaders in the UK”. Rowley had led the national police counter terrorism effort as Assistant Met Commissioner in the UK.
  • Alastair Aitken CBE, who helped restructure the Army in the UK, informed by his three decades of experience in the UK military. He was also heralded as helping to redesign US military strategy and was involved in every complicated war zone over the last three decades.
  • Mark Austin, a former global board member of PricewaterhouseCoopers and senior executive at IBM. An expert in finance, technology and corporate governance.
  • Dale Murray, a partner in the digital strategy consultancy Founders Technology. She was a co-founder of Omega Logic as well as being another advisor to David Cameron on the “Business Taskforce”.
  • Max Chambers, who is also part of Korski’s and was a former senior advisor to David Cameron. He was principal adviser on all aspects of home affairs policy, including security, immigration, counter-extremism, policing and criminal justice.

There are two other important players who also played major parts in the creation of Panopticon Technologies. One is Mike Iiams, the CEO and President of Alcohol Monitoring Systems Inc., one of the leading electronic monitoring companies globally. The second is a man named Alasdair James Eli Truett. These last two men should be examined in greater detail.

SCRAM Systems and Mike Iiams

Alcohol Monitoring Systems Inc. was founded in Colorado by Michael Leonard Iiams among others. Iiams would go on to be a very successful President and CEO of Alcohol Monitoring Systems/SCRAM for almost 20 years. His name would also be on the patent as one of the inventors of the SCRAM Systems Bracelet, a useful technology designed specifically for use by professional law enforcement. America has a well-developed law enforcement technologies industry and it also has plenty of problem drinkers. Police departments all over the country are equipped with some of the most state-of-the-art equipment available. One of the first successful forms of police technology to be widely adopted by many states was an alcohol detection system, which was used to track problematic drinkers who would commit offences while under the influence. This system was a simple tool in dealing with crimes related to alcohol abuse.

In 1985, Dr. Daniel J. Brown of Indiana University School of Medicine published studies on the subject of measuring volatile substances through the skin including sensing alcohol in sweat. By 1991, the first patent was filed for the Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor (SCRAM) System. In 2005, the SCRAM system was monitoring 1,700 offenders a day and the program was active in 30 states. Over the following decade and a half, improvements in technologies have seen the addition of further functions on top of the capabilities of the original device. By the rollout of the 4th generation of this technology, it had reduced in size and included the introduction of GPS tracking that would also allow the police to monitor people on house arrest.

Today, this technology has developed into a multifaceted tracking bracelet that allows officers to monitor suspects via a tablet or a mobile phone and it is being rolled out globally. Mike Iiams inclusion into Korski’s Panopticon Technologies came just before SCRAM Systems tagging technology won UK Home Office backing for its use in tackling Britain’s problem drinkers. In 2020, national rollouts were announced in Wales, England, and the Netherlands with the intention to continue its expansion into other countries. According to Public Health England, alcohol-related crime costs the UK economy more than £21.5bn a year and the Ministry of Justice has declared that the Alcohol Abstinence Monitoring Requirement (AAMR) can be imposed by courts in accordance with community-based orders, which allows for the use of these “next-generation” SCRAM Systems bracelets, referred to in the UK as “peace tags”.

Although Mike Iiams is not listed as a director of Panopticon Technologies in the official UK companies database, he is listed as someone with significant control of the company with shares of over 25%. Iiams has also worked for the accounting firm Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. in Alaska, during the building of the TransCanada pipeline, and has been in a senior executive role with JD Edwards, which is now part of Oracle.

Alasdair James Eli Truett

The other person of significance, who was at one point a director at Panopticon Technologies alongside Korski, is Alasdair Truett. Truett’s involvement in the project makes for a fascinating addition to PT, as his background is in military intelligence. Truett’s LinkedIn shows him simply as an officer in the British Army for over 20 years between 1997 and 2017, but the title of officer seriously understates Lt Col Alasdair Truett MBE’s experience.

In the British Army, “Alasdair was advising, planning and executing domestic and overseas intelligence and security policy and operations,” as described on the homepage of Cerebra Global Strategy. His profile goes on to tell us:

“He has operated at the political, strategic and tactical levels for national intelligence, national influence, small and large scale wars and counter-terrorism. Since 2017, Alasdair has provided advice and commercial services to leaders in governments and corporates on a spectrum of matters to do with national, corporate and personal intelligence, security and leadership.”

Truett was not just your average garden variety grunt with a gun on the British Army payroll, Lieutenant Colonel Alasdair Truett was in fact a very focused specialist in the field of military intelligence. Truett claims to have only been at Panopticon Technologies for its first 7 months of operation, afterwards he would found both Fortisat, followed by Cerebra Global Strategy Ltd.

In a Cyber Unplugged podcast entitled Social Engineering: The Threat Is Coming From Inside The HouseTruett describes Fortisat as “a national security advisory and business intelligence company that looks at ‘human network intelligence’ and offers advice to governments on emerging technologies that will enhance their national security.”

Flash in the Pan(opticon)

So, why has Panopticon Technologies recently gone dark? Although it is still an active company, the pulling of the Panopticon.Tech website seems to suggest that the enterprise is on hold, or about to be abandoned. But these data hungry lobbyists for government mass surveillance often work in the shadows.

What do we know about Panopticon Technologies? They described themselves as “a new, ethical, tech-enabled UK security company” and have stated that “we are passionate about new technology and providing immigration, police, intelligence and probation officers with high quality hardware and software to enhance their day-to-day work in monitoring offenders and protecting the public.” But their method, described as using “new behavioural and compliance models powered by cutting-edge analysis,” may have been too much for supporters to bear after the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Korski and his, led by Max Chambers, may have been rash to launch PT so publicly in the first place. For a Panopticon to be successful, the inmates must know that there is the potential for them to be observed and that is very much the society we find ourselves in today. In this vast cyber-Panopticon, the masses are being observed by the few, and people like Daniel Korski, Alasdair Truett, Nicole Junkermann, Ehud Barak, and Mike Iiams lobby governments to expand and normalise their own homeland mass surveillance programmes. It only takes one government to agree to private companies being responsible for the mass surveillance of their populations for this trend to begin to take a permanent place in our societies. Now, with Covid-19, there are many excuses to implement panopticonic technologies to further the observation power of the few over the many.

Korski has positioned himself to be one of the most influential players in the modern UK government tech sector. He has used his many UK government connections to benefit himself financially and has been eager to remain publicly affiliated with the ruling UK Conservative government since leaving Whitehall. Korski’s venture capital firm is located at the heart of the UK MoD and is just a stone’s throw away from the UK Parliament. His entry into military intelligence at such a young age suggests he was recruited by an intelligence agency before attending university. He would start studying for his first degree later than most, at the age of 20, leaving us with a small two year gap in his timeline.

Before he’d even reached his thirties, and with no obvious experience in fighting the war on drugs, Korski would become a counter-narcotic operations advisor to the relatively recently installed Afghani leader, Hamid Karzai. Karzai’s brother, Wali Karzai, would later be revealed to have been on the payroll of Western intelligence agencies and also one of Afghanistan’s most prominent, and notorious drug traffickers. His drug trafficking activities were allegedly protected by his brother’s government and his CIA benefactors.

Korski was also heavily involved in the UK government’s stabilisation and reconstruction projects in both Afghanistan and Iraq. He was even acting as a senior advisor to the US Department of Defense just before he would help create the European Council on Foreign Relations. His intelligence links led him to become one of the most important advisors during the David Cameron government.

His links with military intelligence have become clearer since he’s officially left the halls of power, with Korski’s Panopticon Technologies bringing some of the leading advocates for government overreach who also have deep links to military intelligence. Alasdair Truett, Alastair Aitken, Mark Rowley and Max Chambers have all had leading roles in the creation of the modern intelligence networks in the UK for both homeland security and global intelligence strategies. Korski’s work on the Govtech summit has been keenly supported by French President Emmanuel Macron, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and Matt Hancock. Korski’s work has also been a vehicle for the normalisation of the use of public big data by private companies.

Daniel Korski listens to Canadian PM Justin Trudeau at Govtech Summit 2019

The NHS Healthtech Advisory Board gives us a brief glimpse inside the on-going creation of the modern digital panopticon. It let us see some of the intelligence-linked tech sector giants vying for opportunities to gain access to mass national databases. Junkermann’s Carbyne911 and Korski’s Panopticon Technologies are the monsters lurking in the shadows of the big tech world. They are constantly circling the part of the public sector that they see as soft targets, because control over the data from the public sector means access to every piece of private information from every citizen. Korski and Junkermann may have beautiful smiles and a charming way about them, but they are simply cogs in a machine leading us towards a dystopian future.

So, who is Daniel Korski actually working for? His deep love and support for the European Union suggests that his whole-hearted allegiance is to the European project. But with his globalist back story, his establishment connections, and his association with both public and private intelligence agencies, Daniel Korski would be a useful asset for any power with a similar agenda of creating a digital Panopticon.

Johnny Vedmore is a completely independent investigative journalist and musician from Cardiff, Wales. His work aims to expose the powerful people who are overlooked by other journalists and bring new information to his readers. If you require help, or have a tip for Johnny, then get in touch via or by reaching out to

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Mercenaries from Sudan, Senegal arrive on Yemen’s Socotra

MEMO | October 2, 2020

Sudanese and Senegalese troops have arrived on the Yemeni Island of Socotra, reported the Yemen Press Agency yesterday. A batch of some 600 soldiers from the two African countries turned up on the island amid earlier reports that the UAE had requested forces belonging to the Southern Transitional Council (STC) return back to Aden on the mainland, with others moving onto the Hadramaut province.

At the start of the year Sudan announced it had begun reducing the number of its troops deployed in Yemen. Senegal, a Sunni Muslim majority country is the only non-Arab country to be involved in the US-backed, Saudi-led coalition and – along with Sudan – has been since the formation of the coalition in 2015.

According to a local source, Socotra Post reported that an Emirati ship has arrived at a port of the island, carrying an unknown cargo, two weeks after the arrival of a “suspicious Emirati ship” suspected of unloading military and communications equipment. It is speculated that the shipments may be used to complete the construction of a military and intelligence base on the island. There are already concerns that Israel, which has normalised relations with the UAE and is growing closer to Sudan is working with the UAE to set up a spy base on the Yemeni island.

The Post also reported that 21 local and three international lawyers have joined a human rights group in working to file a lawsuit against the internationally recognised Yemeni government over its failure in fulfilling its duty to protect the sovereignty of the Socotra Archipelago as the UAE consolidates its influence on the island.


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Arrest of Hamas co-founder by Israeli security forces denounced as attempt to undermine Palestinian reconciliation

RT | October 2, 2020

Israeli security forces have arrested senior Hamas leader Hassan Youssef. The two rival Palestinian groups, Hamas and Fatah, have both condemned the move as being politically-charged and a bid to ruin their reconciliation talks.

Youssef was taken at his home in Ramallah in the occupied West Bank on Friday morning. While Israeli authorities have not provided any official information about the move, local media reported that the Hamas co-founder was detained over alleged “renewed” activity by the group.

After helping to found Hamas in the late 1980s, Youssef was repeatedly arrested by the Israeli authorities and spent years behind bars. Hamas has always maintained he was only involved in its political activities, and not associated with its military wing.His arrest was condemned by both Hamas and its rival, Fatah. Hamas claimed the arrest was a politically-motivated move, designed to destabilize the ongoing reconciliation process between the two groups.

“We hereby affirm that the arrest of Sheikh Hassan Youssef by the occupation will not stop the path of unity for which he worked for the past two months,” Hamas said in a statement.

Fatah has voiced a similar opinion on Youssef’s arrest, with the group’s Secretary-General Jibril Rajoub accusing Tel Aviv of “tampering” with the reconciliation talks and attempting to “influence the achievement of national unity.”

“This arrest is a continuation of the occupation’s approach to arresting dozens of our Palestinian people every day, and a continuation of the continuous aggression against our people for decades,” Rajoub stated.

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Russian-Americans Blast Election Billboard Reading ‘Vote Because Russian Lessons are Expensive’

Controversial billboard in Manhattan reading 'Vote Because Russian lessons are expensive.'

© Photo : Facebook / Manhattan Mini Storage
Sputnik – 02.10.2020

In late August, Manhattan Mini Storage, a New York City-based self-storage and moving company, put up a sign outside one of its locations urging New Yorkers to vote in the upcoming presidential election with a tongue-in-cheek message referring to the (long-debunked) ‘Trump Russia collusion’ claims made by Democrats after 2016.

The Congress of Russian Americans (CRA), a San Francisco-based NGO with the mission of preserving and promoting Russian culture, language and spiritual heritage and combatting Russophobia, has asked Manhattan Mini Storage to remove a “provocative” banner that it says discriminates against Russian-speaking Americans.

Natalie Sabelnik, the organisation’s president, told Sputnik that the company’s sign on the Westside Highway in Manhattan reading “Vote Because Russian lessons are expensive” is blatant discrimination.

“I do not expect an answer to the letter [sent by CRA] but if they do, it probably won’t be immediately. I’m certain they will consult with their lawyers first,” Sabelnik said.

Last week, Alexey Tarasov, a lawyer and CRA board member sent Manhattan Mini Storage a letter urging them to remove the banner.

“The meaning of your message is unequivocal: your basic premise is that the Russians will undermine elections in this country and that Americans need to fight against that. The ‘Russian lessons’ is a thinly veiled reference to the election of 2016, which led to an investigation of the Russian Government’s purported collusion with the Trump campaign,” Tarasov wrote.

“The display you put up for the public to see is grossly offensive, in as much as it disparages all people of Russian origin and all people that speak the Russian language,” the attorney continued. “We call on you to remove the banner and never to display such messages in the future.”

Tarasov recalled that as many as 600,000 Russian-Americans live in New York City, with a million more residing in the New York Tri-State area.

“Imagine inserting any other nationality, ethnicity or race into your message. How would the public feel if you wrote ‘Vote because Jewish lessons are expensive’ or ‘because Black lessons are expensive?’” the lawyer asked.

In addition to asking the company to take down the banner and make a commitment not to display any more signs with “ethnically-offensive” messages, Tarasov urged Manhattan Mini Storage to institute written “Anti-Discrimination/Implicit Bias policies” and train staff on the matter of “diversity and anti-discrimination (to include national origin discrimination.”

Wave of Online Anger

Manhattan Mini Storage’s sign sparked a wave of angry comments on its Facebook page, many of them by Russian-speakers.

“Are you seriously suggesting that Russia is about to invade Manhattan? If so, rest assured that 600,000 Russian Speaking New Yorkers can translate for you. By the way, that’s how many people you have offended by this. Did people run out of reasons to vote for Biden and that’s the best you could think of? Remove this xenophobic garbage!” a user named Lyudmila wrote.

“It’s a pure hate speech. You guys vote for equality and bullying people for their Nation. It isn’t funny. It isn’t smart. This campaign should be sued,” Nick added.

“Disgusting xenophobic Cold War message. Let’s discriminate against Russians in a time when there’s already so much division,” a user named Mar said.

“This is offensive and dumb at the same time. Are they implying that Trump is supported by Russia, or that Socialist/Democrats will remake USA into USSR?” Leon asked.

“Why are you spreading hatred?” Margaret Kimberley chimed in.

“I Am Russian-American. U r offending me. Can give some lessons for half a price if you wish,” a user named Elena joked.

“Lovely way to get rid of clients. Please keep going – which language lessons do you think will be cheaper?” Irina added.

“So to follow your logic, Trump is backed up by Russians, then you do not need to vote, Russians will do the magic again,” Julia wrote.

“Russophobia at its stupidest,” a user named Ruth quipped.

Russian Election Meddling Claims Won’t Die

Over the past several months, US officials and media have ramped up claims about ‘Russian meddling’ in the 2020 elections, with the allegations echoing those made before and after the 2016 race. After 2016, Democratic lawmakers and media accused Moscow of systematic hacking, trolling and an interference campaign aimed at getting Donald Trump elected, with some going so far as to suggest that Trump “colluded” with the Kremlin to make it into the White House. The latter claims fell apart in April 2019, when special counsel Robert Mueller released a 448-page report definitively concluding that his team had found no evidence of any collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. Similarly, investigations by tech giants including Google, Facebook and Twitter about alleged “Russian bot trolling” found these alleged efforts were vastly exaggerated and that their impact on the 2016 race virtually non-existent.

Nevertheless, despite the lack of evidence of wrongdoing, Washington introduced several rounds of sanctions against Russian individuals and the Russian government, including the expulsion of dozens of Russian diplomats in late 2016, and a package of sanctions and secondary restrictions in 2017 known as the ‘Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act’. In August 2020, an exasperated Acting Homeland Security Secretary, Chad Wolf, said that Washington had actually “run out of” Russians to sanction over the meddling claims.

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US Sails Warship Off Venezuela’s Coastal Waters Citing Treaty Washington Itself Hasn’t Ratified

Sputnik – 02.10.2020

Last week, Caracas accused the United States of being “the greatest threat to world peace and stability” after Washington slapped Venezuela with additional sanctions on senior government officials for doing business with Iran. The US and its allies have been attempting to overthrow Venezuela’s democratically-elected government since early 2018.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza has blasted the Pentagon over its decision to sail a guided missile destroyer to his country’s coast.

“Venezuela denounces the erratic and childish provocation by the US Southern Command to send the USS William P Lawrence (DDG-110) Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer to within 16.1 nautical miles of our shores,” the foreign minister tweeted, accompanying his post with a formal communique by the Foreign Ministry.

Appealing to the international community, the communique called on other nations to “denounce” the US’s efforts to “intimidate” Caracas via the warship’s deployment.

The communique added that the USS William P Lawrence recognized the authority of the Venezuelan state and responded to radio communications from Venezuelan Navy ships, while claiming that it was “carrying out patrol operations against drug trafficking.”

Calling the US deployment of a warship with long-range missile capability “deeply striking,” the ministry recalled the similar episode which took place in July, when the USS Pinckney destroyer attempted to make what Caracas said was a “stealth incursion” into Venezuelan waters.

The Foreign Ministry stressed that the Venezuelan military is engaged in “systematic and permanent” patrols in Venezuela’s waters as part of its fight “against the scourge of drug trafficking,” and warned that while Caracas would “not fall into absurd provocations that seek to disrupt the peace and security of the Venezuelan peoples and their fellow Caribbean peoples,” it would “guarantee the protection of its sovereignty and territorial integrity, always in accordance with international law.”

The US Navy confirmed Thursday that the USS William P Lawrence had “successfully” carried out a “freedom of navigation operation” off Venezuela’s coast to challenge the country’s “excessive maritime claims in international waters.”

“The illegitimate Maduro regime improperly claims excessive controls over those international waters, which extend three nautical miles beyond the 12-nautical mile territorial sea, a claim that is inconsistent with international law,” the US Navy said, adding that it has similarly “contested Venezuela’s excessive claims” in July.

Venezuela is not a party to the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, which outlines a 12 nautical mile limit to member states’ coastal waters. Nor, ironically, is the United States, which signed the agreement in 1994 but has failed to ratify it in the two and a half decades since then.

In June, the USS Nitze guided missile destroyer carried out a similar ‘freedom of navigation’ mission, prompting Venezuelan Defence Minister Vladimir Padrino to warn that if US warships ever attempted to carry out military operations in Venezuelan waters, they would “receive a forceful response from our armed forces.”

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The Hysteria of Identity Politics is Devolving Into Violence

By David Penner | Dissident Voice | October 1, 2020

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.
— Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to Colonel Charles Yancey, January 6th, 1816

As the tech monopolies, the military industrial complex, the medical industrial complex, and other powerful corporate entities accumulate unprecedented wealth rivaling that which is wielded by many countries, the cult of identity politics has likewise become increasingly formidable. Indeed, this metastasizing Tower of Babel is fomenting an erasure of collective memory, as the multicultural sacking of the working class enters a new and increasingly violent phase, pitting worker against worker, and facilitating the oligarchy’s grasp on total absolute power.

Logic and morality are relative terms and are tied to a particular cultural identity. Engulfed as they presently are by a whirlwind of anarchy, they cease to exist. Denied American letters, British literature, and classics of Western Civilization, it is increasingly difficult for American youth to understand these cataclysmic socio-economic problems. Raised on a diet of woke novels and memoirs written over the past thirty years, they are inculcated with a mindless hatred of “white supremacy” and taught to loathe the very books that form the basis of our cultural heritage. This anti-humanities curriculum relentlessly destroys class consciousness, and fails to pass on to the younger generation the history of the abolitionists, the great labor leaders and anti-war activists, the civil rights leaders (black and white); as well as presidents who were actually principled, progressive-minded, and articulate.

The multicultural curriculum and identity studies have usurped the position formerly held by the humanities, which have been retained as a prestigious course of study for the sons and daughters of the elite and a few fortunate middle class students. Faux leftists have been deceived into thinking that the nihilistic pedagogy of anti-whiteness is anchored in teaching history from a leftist perspective. Yet this is clearly fallacious, as the multicultural curriculum and identity studies, which have acquired an extraordinary stranglehold on both the public schools and academia, are fomenting illiteratization and unprecedented forms of sectarianism.

The witch hunts of Feminism and Russiagate have their roots in McCarthyism, the persecution of socialists and anti-war activists under Woodrow Wilson, and the Salem witch trials of the late 17th century. The dismantling of the New Deal cannot be understood without an understanding of the Gilded Age, the Great Depression, and the policies of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The dismantling of habeas corpus cannot be understood without an understanding of civics; while the 1960s offer many valuable lessons, one of which is that racism can only be vanquished through integration. Indeed, political literacy cannot survive without an ability to place current events in their appropriate historical context, particularly when this lack of knowledge is paired with the oligarchy’s anti-journalism apparatus.

The multicultural curriculum also fails to educate the younger generation in the history of US foreign policy. To the disciples of identity politics Obama and Hillary are demigods. Their murderous foreign policies, so well-documented, pale in comparison with a sex scandal, an alleged racial incident, or an imaginary noose. Indispensable works of American literature, from “Bartleby, the Scrivener,” to For Whom the Bell Tolls, to Johnny Got His Gun, to It Can’t Happen Here, to John Brown’s Body, to Sister Carrie, to Adventures of Huckleberry Finn have been expunged from the curriculum. That these literary works are, in fact, radical (in the truest sense of the word) means nothing to the neoliberals. They were authored by “dead white men” — that is all we need to know.

There are many reasons for people to be angry in America: obscene economic inequality, a destroyed public education system, a jettisoning of due process and the rule of law, horrendous unemployment, a disintegration of the cultural fabric, a health care system run by organized crime syndicates, trillions of dollars wasted on barbaric foreign wars, and a demise of press freedom. And yet the neoliberal youth brigades are indifferent to these horrors. For they have been programmed to think exclusively along lines of race and gender.

As the Jessica Krug scandal illustrates, people are frequently rewarded for being able to portray themselves as having an authentic woke status, as evidenced by her being able to lecture impressionable college students about “racism,” “the patriarchy,” and the need to “dismantle whiteness,” while passing herself off as an imaginary “person of color.”

The relentless vilification of whiteness (and of our national identity generally), coupled with the fear of witch-hunts, has debased common sense to the point where a tech company can sack American workers, replace them with guest workers from China and India, and this can be hailed as “a victory for diversity.” No less inane, permitting international students to obtain undergraduate and graduate degrees, when their command of English is confined to the specialized jargon of their field, and they are explicitly being trained to be guest workers and neoliberal automatons, is extolled as “respecting cultural differences;” while allowing unlimited numbers of immigrant youth to overwhelm the New York City public schools to the point where the entire system collapses, is indicative of “tolerance.” There is an inextricable connection between this irrational thinking and the growing problem of mob violence.

The heirs to the civil rights movement and the New Deal have been transformed into an army of the deranged, disconnected from both logic and reason. The lie that whites are always the oppressor and people of color always the oppressed has muddled the minds of neoliberals to the point where they have lost all touch with reality. This is glaringly on display with regard to the Muslim grooming gangs that have raped thousands of underage British girls. Brendan O’Neill, Joanna WilliamsSarah Champion, and others have attempted to draw attention to this issue, their words often falling on deaf ears. The girls were poor and white. Consequently, they don’t matter. In the upside-down world of identity politics, the anti-racists are the racists, the anti-fascists are the fascists, the native has become the foreigner (they “lost their culture”), and the foreigner has become the native (an insurmountable barrier to assimilation).

The neoliberal jihadis of Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM), who have no understanding of history and are incapable of a progressive vision, are increasingly resorting to violence. This is being condoned by the mass media, with CNN’s Chris Cuomo even going so far as to say “Please, show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful.” In the ideology of identity politics, Western Civilization and the white heterosexual male have outlived their usefulness (members of the ruling establishment and elite preparatory schools excepted). What they plan on replacing this with will be predicated on a hostility to all things Western (including the Constitution and the Bill of Rights), unfettered capitalism, and extreme forms of intolerance.

The word “racist” is being used as the word “hostile” was once used to describe Native Americans, and is meant to dehumanize the accused to the point where no redemption is possible. In fact, the multicultural society is giving the plutocracy the population they have longed dreamed of: illiterate, atomized, deeply segregated, frothing at the mouth against integration and all things intellectual; along with a polyglot rabble that has burned its own canon, thereby embracing its own enslavement.

This faux left has been transformed into a fifth column and charged with the task of spreading anarchy, chaos, and destabilization, ushering in an age where liberty of thought and solidarity are in grave danger. The death cult acolyte, while trapped in a cage of delusion, is deceived into thinking they are free. How can there be a progressive working class movement when the working class has ceased to exist?

As Paul Joseph Watson has posited, there is something reminiscent of Mao’s Red Guards in the way in which the neoliberal mobs are increasingly resorting to publicly shaming people. Disturbing videos have emerged of white people being pressured to kneel and apologize for their “white privilege,” and it is conceivable that these scenes may become increasingly common, even imposed under the threat of violence. What we appear to be witnessing is a cultural revolution, yet with unfettered capitalism instead of communism. It should come as no surprise that as the language of identity politics grows increasingly hysterical, this has led to faux leftists issuing apologetics for the normalization of violence. Writing for Spiked, Frank Furedi elaborates:

Until recently, cancel culture and institutionally backed acts of intolerance were confined to campuses. In such an environment, there was little need for the explicit use of force, because university administrators were happy to take responsibility for policing speech and attitudes. Yet the acceptance of cancel culture always contained the implication that force could be used against the cancelled target.

Campus Reform asked students at George Washington University whether they felt that violence and looting were acceptable in the quest for multicultural purity and “racial justice.” Overwhelmingly, they answered in the affirmative. In the 1960s, college students could often be found protesting the Vietnam War and the bombings of Laos and Cambodia, while supporting the civil rights movement. Today, they are more likely to be found spewing invective, and even physically threatening, anyone that dares challenge identity politics dogma. When conservative journalist Kaitlin Bennett attempted to do some reporting at the University of Central Florida, she and her bodyguards were set upon by a furious horde of multiculturalists.

A pack of unhinged neoliberals also crowded threateningly around Senator Rand Paul and his wife in the heart of Washington DC, and they may very well have been seriously harmed were it not for police protection. As violence and looting tore apart Kenosha, WI, CNN described this as “Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Protests,” even as small business owners were violently assaulted for the sin of being white. And after 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant was murdered in North Carolina by a young black man, black nationalists wasted no time in celebrating the murder as a legitimate response to “white privilege,” comments that would never be allowed on social media should the races be reversed. This sectarian hatred is the legacy of the liberal class.

In what could be termed incitement to violence, Democrat Maxine Waters has riled up the mob, telling her supporters that they should harass and “push back” on any Republicans (i.e. “racists”) should they encounter them in the street. Former CNN host Reza Aslan has tweeted that “If they even TRY to replace RBG [Ruth Bader Ginsburg] we burn the entire f—ing thing down.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made similar threatening statements.

The Portland attacker that brutally kicked driver Adam Haner in the head, rendering him unconscious, expressed bewilderment that he was wanted by the authorities, posting on social media, “Might go to jail for a racist tonight when all i [sic] did was fight him.…” Evidently he received the same education as that of the black teenagers who murdered a random 59-year-old white man at the Great Frederick Fair in Maryland, and then danced in glee around his lifeless body, as if they had just murdered a brutal slave owner in the antebellum South. They, too, are the spawn of a media and an education system that relentlessly fan the flames of internecine strife, racial bigotry, and barbarism.

Just as the American oligarchy has pitted Iraqi against Iraqi, Afghan against Afghan, Yugoslav against Yugoslav, Ukrainian against Ukrainian, and Libyan against Libyan, they are now pitting their own people against one another. Writing for The Unz Review, Mike Whitney writes that “BLM is not the friend of working people, in fact, it is funded by their sworn enemies. They are the foot-soldiers in the War on the Deplorables.” Addressing the origins of BLM, Lawrence Porter and Nancy Hanover write in “Black Lives Matter cashes in on black capitalism:”

From the beginning, the “mothers of the movement” Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi—who collectively adopted the famous hashtag—specifically opposed uniting blacks, whites and immigrants against the brutal class-war policies of the capitalist state. Instead, the group did its best to confine anti-police violence protests within the framework of the capitalist system and push a racialist and pro-capitalist agenda.

After a man with a Patriot Prayer hat was murdered in Portland, which has been wracked by months of violence and looting, an identity politics inquisitor justified the killing, saying to a crowd that “Our community held its own and took out the trash.” Condoning the murder of a man because he stands outside the ideological boundaries of identity politics dogma underscores the growing sociopathy of the liberal class. Perhaps this pitiable creature took a class at Portland Community College where she learned about how whiteness was the root of all evil and should be abolished. Or perhaps she read the article by Rudy Martinez in The University Star, titled “Your DNA Is an Abomination,” where the author wrote that “Ontologically speaking, white death will mean liberation for all.”

Liberals regard themselves as fervent anti-racists and a close ally of the black community, while simultaneously supporting all the policies which cause vast numbers of black children to be denied an education. Upon graduation these young people, so cruelly betrayed by the system, go out into the world, only to find that the majority of the manual labor jobs have either been offshored or given to undocumented workers — policies also supported by the liberal class. Furthermore, liberals support extreme forms of segregation, which go hand in hand with multiculturalism, and which are intertwined with a multi-tier system of policing. (White Americans are also killed by law enforcement, although this rarely makes the news). Like the multicultural society, “the left,” in both the US and UK, is largely a chimera. As the capital-labor struggle is enshrouded by the culture wars, we are left with the preposterous spectacle of watching Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter face off behind the barricades.

Trump has said a number of blasphemous things that have infuriated the establishment. Recently in North Carolina he told supporters that “Joe Biden devoted his career to offshoring new jobs, throwing open your borders, and dragging us into endless foreign wars and surrendering our children’s future to countries like China.” He has also pursued détente with Russia and repeatedly mocked “the fake news media,” likewise heretical things for any American politician, let alone a president, to do.

Therefore it is conceivable that these violent activities have been coordinated, either by the intelligence services, or by powerful oligarchs, and that this could be indicative of a domestic color revolution — a kind of multicultural Maidan. We know, for instance, that many companies are supporting BLM. The influential Ford Foundation has announced that they will be giving $100 million to BLM, to be paid in installments over the next six years. Paul Craig Roberts writes in “America’s Color Revolution” that “As far as the CIA is concerned, Trump is no different from Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro, Charles de Gaulle, Manuel Zelaya, Evo Morales, Viktor Yanukovych, and a large number of others.” Kamala Harris has stated that the violence will continue until Trump has been removed. Indeed, the elites have fomented racial tensions, whipped up the mob, and can now abandon the cities they have destroyed, even to the point of moving abroad should Martha’s Vineyard and the Hamptons go up in flames, as Tucker Carlson pointed out on his September 10th show.

Even some of the most distinguished Anglo-American leftists have been deceived into thinking that the multicultural society is a revolutionary society, and yet unrestricted immigration, the multicultural curriculum, and identity politics do what they were designed to do: obliterate the middle class, the public education system, the rule of law, and any semblance of a collective memory or national cohesion. The cult of identity politics constitutes a war, both on the working class, and on the sum of human knowledge accumulated in the history of Western Civilization; and this has hurled the frenzied masses into a fathomless abyss of paranoia, unreason, amnesia and zealotry. In actuality, the multicultural society represents not a triumph of the working class, but a triumph over it; as the dispossessed unleash brutalities upon one another, and a triumphant oligarchy assumes the mantle of a new slavocracy.

The more tribalism rips apart the cultural fabric of society, the more working conditions continue to deteriorate. So debased is the state of labor in the US that even doctors are looking for ways to leave their profession. Eugene Debs understood that there must always be resistance to tyranny and deplorable working conditions. Speaking to the court after he was indicted for being a leader of the Pullman Strike in 1894, he said:

It seems to me that if it were not for resistance to degrading conditions, the tendency of our whole civilization would be downward; after a while we would reach the point where there would be no resistance, and slavery would come.

Up until Bill Clinton, the liberal class often served as a bulwark to protect the people from slavery, unfettered capitalism, and totalitarianism. These battlements are in ruins, felled by their own creator. The ancient ramparts have been breached, a noble mind torn asunder, as the primeval stallion rears up beyond the zone of anarchy and unlocks the gates of hell.

Millions of Trump supporters have lost everything to offshoring and deindustrialization, and are tired of being told that they have no other identity than that of rednecks and ignorant bigots. As “Marxism” has come to be defined as burning books by white people, replacing free labor with slave labor, and tearing down statues of the country’s founders, they are more likely to be found at the local firing range than reading a copy of The Communist Manifesto. Yeats’s warning that “the falcon cannot hear the falconer” rings more prophetically than ever before.

David Penner has taught English and ESL within the City University of New York and at Fordham. His articles on politics and health care have appeared in CounterPunch, Dissident Voice, Dr. Linda and KevinMD; while his poetry has been published with Dissident Voice. Also a photographer, he is the author of three books: Faces of Manhattan Island, Faces of The New Economy, and Manhattan Pairs. He can be reached at: 321davidadam@gmail.

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The Navalny Poisoning Hoax. Who Are the Instigators?

By Ludwig Watzal | American Herald Tribune | October 1, 2020

From the start, the alleged Navalny poisoning was riddled with contradictions and should have raised eyebrows by every politician and journalist. Being discharged from the Charité Clinic in Berlin, Navalny went into attack mode against President Vladimir Putin. As it seems, this will be his role designed to him by the intelligence agencies. In a couple of days, the Navalny hype will be over. One can only blame Putin for the alleged poising once. If Navalny had the guts, he would return to his homeland and fight Putin politically.

The whole poisoning hoax stinks to high heaven. If Navalny had really been poisoned, his companions, not to speak of all the other passengers in the plane, would have been poisoned too. None of them was. What a surprise? His “poisoning” was of the same sort as the one of the Skripals. There was nothing. Since their recuperation, they have disappeared. Are they still alive? The fooling of the public works only once, and the British MI5 has a long history of leading the public astray.

There are further inconsistencies in the case. Navalny’s backers even found water bottles in his apartment, which were allegedly also poisoned. How could they bring them openly to Germany? How could the whole Navalny entourage travel to Germany without any restrictions, especially under Corona restrictions? They could even go back and forth. By the way, Navalny was apparently poisoned drinking a cup of tea before boarding a plane, which was to have taken him to Moscow. The plane had to make an emergency landing because Navalny started screaming on board. But the pictures of these incidents seemed staged and unrealistic.

After the landing in Omsk, Navalny was medically treated. Russian doctors found nothing special. All of a sudden, Navalny’s entourage claimed that he should be brought to Berlin. Why Berlin? Why not France, Great Britain, or the United States? As it turned out, the Navalny case’s fallout was the killing of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The first one among the political class to call for an end to Nord Stream 2 was Norbert Röttgen, a mouthpiece of the trans-Atlantic network, severely anti-Russian as another Russophobe German politician Katrin Göring-Eckardt called for a stop to the pipeline. When it goes against Russia, the Greens are at the helm.

Although the Russian government offered its cooperation and demanded proof of the alleged poisoning, the German government did not provide any hard evidence. They pretended that they had sent the evidence to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in Den Haag/Netherlands, but the organization referred the Russian back to the Germans. So far, evidence could not be provided by the Germans, just rumors.

The stop of Nord Stream 2 would damage not only German national interest but also the Russian one. Canceling the project, Germany would have to pay Billions of Euros compensation to the companies, and Germany would lose all credibility as a serious trade partner. For over a year, U. S. President Donald Trump has been putting enormous pressure on the German government to cancel the project. Instead, Germany should buy expensive U. S. fracking gas. If the Germans succumb to U. S. blackmail, it will demonstrate to the world that Germany is still a U. S. colony and not sovereign.

German foreign minister Heiko Maas cut the worse figure. He is the main agitator against Russia. Maas used his video speech at the United Nations to demand that Russia deliver “evidence” of Navalny’s poisoning. Russia can’t contribute anything to it because Navalny wasn’t poisoned. Since Maas was appointed to his job, anti-Russian rhetoric has increased. Together with other politicians from the Christian Democratic Party and the Greens, Germany follows a hostile policy towards Russia. The German side refused to answer three letters of Russia’s request to provide evidence of the “poisoning.” Maas seems to have a complex about his childish appearance. Perhaps that’s why he haves like a snip. If Angela Merkel lets Maas go on like this, the German-Russian relationship will be completely screwed up. A long tradition, established by former Chancellor Willy Brandt and his adviser Egon Bahr will go down the drain. Only the U. S. will profit from such a deterioration in relations.

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European Union sanctions against Belarus will backfire and deepen Minsk’s ties to Moscow

By Paul Antonopoulos | October 2, 2020

Yesterday, it was agreed upon at the European Council special meeting that Belarus will be sanctioned. However, the scope of the sanctions and the long path to agree on them, demonstrates that the European Union is in a crisis and cannot project its power as it wishes. German Chancellor Angela Merkel described the bilateral agreement on Belarus and the strategic approach to Turkey as a step forward. The chancellor stated that “we had many discussions today on the issues of Belarus and Turkey, Cyprus and Greece. In short, I can say that they were completely successful.”

This comes in the aftermath of the Greek and Cypriot Prime Minister’s continually vetoing any sanctions against Belarus unless the European Council agreed to a strong joint statement against Turkey and for sanctions to be implemented by December if Ankara continues to violate the maritime space of Greece and Cyprus. Diplomatic sources in Athens revealed that despite the insistence of the majority of the European Council to pass a strong statement against Turkey and a pathway towards sanctions, Germany became isolated and had to eventually give up its resistance to stop an appeasement policy towards Turkey.

None-the-less, with Athens and Nicosia satisfied with the European Council’s statement and plan for sanctions against Turkey, the path was now open for Belarusian officials to be sanctioned without veto objections. This is despite Belarus not being a European Union member or candidate state, or threatening military action against EU member states like Turkey does.

“It was a long and difficult debate, because of course Greece and Cyprus demanded their rights as our member states. But we also had a very frank discussion about the need to look at all of our relations with Turkey,” Merkel said with seeming disappointment. “We can say today that there are sanctions against actors in Belarus, which means that the European Union is now taking action against those who oppose the democratic movements. I think this sends a very important signal.”

Minsk announced today the imposition of sanctions against European officials in response to those imposed by the European Union on Belarusian officials. The European Union claims that the officials who have been sanctioned are involved in the alleged suppression of anti-government protests and/or falsifying the August 9 elections in which President Alexander Lukashenko won 80.10% of the vote. Belarus’ foreign ministry said it had drawn up a list of European officials barred from entering the country, but added that the list would not be made public.

The European Union agreed to impose sanctions on some 40 Belarussian officials, however, Lukashenko is not among them. This in itself is a sign of weakness and desperation from the European Union as it strangely does not sanction Lukashenko, who won the election, but only those associated with him.

Lukashenko in recent years has been trying to court the European Union while also resisting further integration with Russia, even clashing with Moscow over gas and oil prices. Although protests against the election result had the appearance of a Ukraine-like colour revolution, the European Union immediately expressed solidarity, burning all bridges that had been built between Minsk and Brussels. This has only pushed Belarus firmly back into Russia’s sphere. The Belarusian President and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin held a meeting for over four hours in Sochi last month, which Russian spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said was “constructive, lengthy and substantive in content.” The meeting also resulted in a $1.5 billion loan for Belarus.

It is evident that the attempted colour revolution failed to materialize, Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya has not amounted much domestic influence and Lukashenko will not be removed from power soon. Rather than attempting to quickly repair relations to bring Belarus back closer to Brussels, the sanctions demonstrates that the European Union is moving forward with its foreign policy blindly and against their own interests.

The problem the European Union has is that if it repairs its relations with Lukashenko, it will mean an acknowledgment of weakness as they were not able to achieve what they wanted in Belarus. This is in the midst of the European Union already being deeply divided between a small German-led bloc and the rest of the Union in policies towards Turkey.

Another conundrum for Brussels is that from Lukashenko’s perspective, the European Union is now untrustworthy. Successive provocations, like having diplomats lay flowers where rioters died and saying Lukashenko is an illegitimate president, has likely created a permanent rift between Minsk and Brussels. Therefore, coupled with newly passed sanctions, the European Union has lost all influence they once might have had on Minsk, and therefore weakened their own interests while strengthening Russia’s by forcing the deepening of Belarus’ ties with Moscow.

With the European Union’s divorce with the United Kingdom becoming uglier, having tense relations with Turkey, and the endless rift it has with Russia – all completely different issues to each other – European policymakers have demonstrated that they are incapable of self-reflection and identifying weaknesses and failures in their foreign policy. For what the European Union wanted to achieve in Belarus, it has been a serious failure. By not sanctioning Lukashenko, Brussels has left a door open to normalize relations. However, from Lukashenko’s perspective, he will likely end his years-long flirtation with Brussels and move to more deeply integrate Belarus with Russia.

Paul Antonopoulos is an independent geopolitical analyst.

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