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Israel and the Assassinations of The Kennedy brothers

Kontre Kulture | November 22, 2020

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    The assassination of JFK
    The fact is that JFK was killed by someone other than Oswald. So the official account is a tissue of lies, right from the outset. Once we realize that, we don’t have to worry about what part of the official account is true or what part is a lie. The whole becomes suspect & unreliable…somewhat like an unreliable or hostile witness in court.
    The Vietnam War was launched on lies. The Iraq war was launched on lies. None of the insider conspirators was ever brought to justice. On the contrary, most of them were applauded & rewarded. So we KNOW that the US administration is suffused, through & through with liers & deceivers, each protecting & promoting their brethren. Hence we have no reason to respect their opinion about the JFK assassination or 9/11. We may as well go to a kindergarten & ask the toddlers there, or go to a max security lunatic asylum & ask the zonked out patients there. That is the level of reliance we should give to official pronouncements about ANY topic.

    The autopsy x-rays contain additional evidence of a frontal shot. Wound ballistics expert Dr. Larry Sturdivan told the HSCA that if an exploding or frangible bullet had struck the skull, it “definitely” would have left a cloud of metal fragments close to the point of entrance:
    Mr. MATHEWS. Mr. Sturdivan, taking a look at JFK exhibit F-53, which is an X-ray of President Kennedy’s skull, can you give us your opinion as to whether the President may have been hit with an exploding bullet?

    Mr. STURDIVAN. . . . In those cases, you would definitely have seen a cloud of metallic fragments very near the entrance wound. (1 HSCA 401)
    Dr. Sturdivan was seemingly unaware of the fact that on the unenhanced autopsy x-rays, a cloud of fragments is visible in the right frontal region, which would indicate that a frangible bullet struck in that area. Apparently Dr. Sturdivan only examined the enhanced x-rays and not the original x-rays. Historian Dr. Michael Kurtz comments on Dr. Sturdivan’s testimony:
    Sturvidan also stated that Kennedy was not struck in the front of the head by an exploding bullet fired from the grassy knoll.

    The reason, Sturdivan declared, was that the computer-enhanced x-rays of Kennedy’s skull do not depict “a cloud of metallic fragments very near the entrance wound.” In cases where exploding bullets impact, he asserted that “you would definitely have seen” such a cloud of fragments in the x-ray.

    Sturdivan’s remarks betrayed both his own ignorance of the medical evidence and the committee’s careful manipulation of that evidence.
    Sturdivan saw only the computer-enhanced x-ray of the skull, not the original, untouched x-rays. Had he seen the originals, he would have observed a cloud of metallic fragments clustered in the right front portion of the head. Furthermore, the close-up photograph of the margins of the large wound in the head shows numerous small fragments. The Forensic Pathology Panel itself noted the presence of “missile dust” near the wound in the front of the head. One of the expert radiologists who examined the x-rays noticed “a linear alignment of tiny metallic fragments” located in the “posterior aspect of the right frontal bone.” The chief autopsy pathologist, Dr. James J. Humes, remarked about the numerous metallic fragments like grains of sand scattered near the front head wound. The medical evidence, then, definitely proves the existence of a cloud of fragments in the right front portion of Kennedy’s head, convincing evidence, according to Sturdivan, that an exploding bullet actually did strike the president there.

    Foreword by Tyler Newcomb

    “That which is most simple and obvious is the hardest to fathom”
    E.A. Poe

    I remember it like it was yesterday. It was early summer in 1966 and I was
    sitting at the breakfast table with my father, Fred T. Newcomb while he was reading a front page article in the L.A. Times written by Robert J. Donovan.
    It was a review of a new book written by Edward J. Epstein entitled Inquest.
    Suddenly, Dad got up and started pacing the kitchen floor. “My God, someone else may have shot Kennedy” were his words. That was how it all

    For the next 8 years nearly all of his spare time and money was devoted to the subject. With the partnership of Perry Adams it eventually culminated in the writing of Murder From Within in 1974.

    Dad and Perry wrote Murder From Within after years of hard work and thousands of dollars in personal expense. I witnessed this first hand while I
    was in college at ASU in Tempe AZ and helped out when I could (for example buying them the Warren Commissions 26 Volumes and Exhibits
    for their use and study and venturing to the National Archives in Washington DC for documents and to Bill Greer’s home in nearby Maryland (the driver of the Limo that day) to try to interview him in 1973. During this time Dad and his two associates Gil Toff and Roy Dennis telephonically interviewed nearly 50 witnesses comprising 30 hours of tape. Many of these interviews became the basis for the book. One cannot listen to some of the Dallas Police officers interviewed (who smelled “gunpowder right there in the street” and heard shots “right next to me”) and not come away convinced there really was gunfire from within the motorcade. One cannot listen to 2 police officers stationed at Parkland Hospital who were standing next to the Limo and who each saw a bullet hole in the windshield and not become convinced of evidence tampering by the Secret Service.

    When the book was just about completed they printed up @[b] 100 copies[/B] at a personal cost of far more than $1000 (in the 1970’s an enormous expense for their modest incomes and lifestyles). Not For Sale was explicitly stamped at the beginning. All copies were mailed to prominent Senators, Congressmen, FBI Agents and other law enforcement personnel for the express purpose of seriously reopening the case. Perhaps the 1976 House Select Committee on Assassinations came to be in some small measure from someone there reading Murder From Within? He and Perry were asked to testify.

    I often wondered about that and also wondered what motivated my Dad to do what he did by not trying to market and sell this incredible story. It didn’t make sense to me at the time. I am more pragmatic than my father.
    Eventually I realized Dad was not motivated by greed. He was an Idealist on a mission. After all is said and done (what with all the critics of the critics complaining about the “money making motivation” for their books) that is to be admired.

    During this time I was in a traveling Rock Show Band The Gringos and nearly every town we played in I would do a JFK Assassination slide show
    and film and audio tape show. A primitive Powerpoint presentation so to speak in 32 different States at all the Night Clubs we played. I would guess
    hundreds of people over the years saw this or heard about this “theory” and believe it. Nearly Every time I ask them to take their eyes off Kennedy and watch the Driver while projecting the Zapruder Film (we had a bootleg copy from Jim Garrison 7 years before Geraldo showed it on TV) a gasp and groan comes out “Oh My God…he did it”. The “optical illusion” on the film of the Driver turning, aiming, firing and turning back to drive at the moment Kennedy’s head explodes is mind shattering. What are the odds such a thing could actually happen at that exact instant on the most important amateur film ever made? The “gun” however upon close frame inspection appears to be part of Roy Kellerman’s hair. But is it? (Fig. Forward -1)

    No one can prove it either way because the film was in possession of the Secret Service and if Dad’s theory is correct they were busy altering the film itself creating a new original obliterating their complicity in the killing.
    For the better part of forty years all of us have been scouring the landscape for a gunman other than Oswald. We’ve looked in trees and bushes the sewer system the Dal-Tex building the overpass everywhere except the most obvious place, the car itself, which conveniently and by design became both a portable crime scene and the “get away” car.

    All along it was right there in front of us. Our eyes can’t believe it. “That’s preposterous” is the first reaction. But it’s really the only theory that answers the oft asked question why did Jackie frantically try to get out of the car?
    Was she going for help or trying to retrieve a part of Kennedy’s skull? No.
    The first law in times of danger is self-preservation. As Lenny Bruce so inelegantly put it…”She was hauling ass to save ass”.

    Over the years the 100 + copies of the book became an underground cult rarity and “must have” in the JFK Assassination Research and Collector
    community. Copies of it were cheaply Xeroxed in Canada and illegally sold from there for $30. These copies made the rounds between researchers and collectors alike.

    For years and years I have been asked by scores of people if they could purchase a copy of the manuscript Murder From Within. I’ve always politely declined and told them I only have my one personal signed copy # 95 but that perhaps someday it will be released and published. That someday has finally arrived. It is the fondest wish of myself, my sister Valerie and Bonnie Adams (Perry’s widow) to have it legally and professionally printed and published while Dad is still alive (although ailing). What did Dad say when we told him about this from his convalescent bed? He smiled and said simply “get ‘er dun”.

    If you are reading this for first time and all you know about it is “the Driver did it” theory be prepared to find a lot more to it than just that. Read this knowing it was written years and years before anyone else had pointed a finger at the Secret Service and Lyndon Johnson. This theory out of all of them is the only one that can truly hold together as far as answering the 3 major questions: Why did it happen (motive), Who was responsible and most important How was it covered up and a scapegoat framed.

    Who could have done such a thing and gotten away with The Crime of the Century? The “simplest explanation is the best” or “Occam’s Razor” which is an old Lawyers Maxim and certainly applies in this case. Only a small, brutal and fiendishly clever group led by the only person driven to benefit from the murder directly could have accomplished such a dastardly deed. All of this is certainly not without precedence in history. Going all the way back to Caesar and several Roman emperors (who were done in by their inner circle and by their own praetorian guards) and on up to Napoleon (arsenic poisoning?) Huey Long, Benigno Aquino (army airport security), Anwar Sadat and recently Indhira Ghandi.

    Once the power of the Presidency was obtained Lyndon Johnson could and did control the flow and manipulation of the evidence and also had the
    umbrella of cover that if it were exposed it could quite literally collapse the entire US Government. If exposed as an illegitimate President guilty of a
    murder conspiracy the country very well could have descended into a new civil war. Most people who “knew” kept quiet knowing full well that this is
    truly “national security” and must never be exposed lest the entire country fall into complete uncontrollable civil unrest. Did Jackie tell Bobby what shet hought? That the car stopped during the shooting? That there was a large exit wound in the back of his head and an ear shattering sound in her left ear combined with awful smell of gunpowder? Did they decide to go along with the official story and wait until 1968 to win back the Presidency and expose it then? We all know what happened to Bobby, don’t we?

    The JFK 100
    The fifth shot (“Back and to the left”)

    Oliver Stone uses the backwards motion of the President’s head in the Zapruder film (beginning in frame 314) to argue for an assassin on the grassy knoll. As discussed in the previous section, this argument ignores the forward motion of the head that occurs between frames 312 and 313.
    But putting aside the initial forward motion, is the backwards motion in the Zapruder film evidence of a shot from the knoll?
    The trajectory from the knoll

    “Back and to the left, back and to the left,” intones New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison (Kevin Costner) in JFK.

    But look more closely. The President was not thrust “back and to the left”; JFK states it more accurately a few seconds earlier:

    “This is the key shot. Watch it again. The President going back to his left.”(1)

    Back to his left. This is what the Zapruder film shows.

    A comparison of Z frames 315-318

    Does this make a difference? It does. Had the President been thrust to the left, that is, the left side of the limousine, directly into his wife, Jacqueline, this would not be inconsistent with the trajectory of a shot from the grassy knoll.

    But that’s not what happened. JFK lurched forcefully to his left, almost directly backwards in his seat.

    In 1992, author Harrison E. Livingstone became the first author to debunk the myth of the grassy knoll gunman. Livingstone writes:

    If [the President] had been hit from the Grassy Knoll or stockade fence, it would have taken off the left side of his head and thrown him violently sideways, and not backward as in the film. The left side of his head was not damaged at all.(2)

    Author and JFK consultant Gus Russo concurs. He stood behind the camera as Oliver Stone filmed the motorcade scene, and has this to say:

    Standing behind the picket fence, it is . . . apparent that if the shot were from the front, then it couldn’t have originated behind the fence: the fence is at a 90 degree angle to Kennedy’s head — tilted 34 degrees left of center when hit — at the time the President was struck. A virtual broadside hit. Such a shot would not have forced JFK’s head forward or backward, but side to side, with the bullet exiting near Kennedy’s left ear, hitting Jackie. Of course, none of this happened.(3)

    Note also that in the frames of the Zapruder film following the head shot, the wound is towards the front right of the President’s head, not in the back, as Oliver Stone claims elsewhere in JFK.

    Compare the following images, depicting the approximate trajectory(4) a bullet would take in order to hypothetically cause the rearward movement of the President, and the approximate trajectory a bullet would take from where Oliver Stone places a gunman on the grassy knoll.

    Harrison Livingstone is not the only one to acknowledge the disconnect between grassy knoll gunman theories and the “back and to the left” motion apparent in the Zapruder film.

    Sherry Gutierrez is the former head of the Forensic Investigative Unit for St. Charles Parish of the Louisiana Sheriff’s Department. She is a member of the Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction and “has testified as an expert in crime scene reconstruction and bloodstain pattern analysis in over 30 judicial districts in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida.” She believes that a shot struck the President from the front, but acknowledges that the President’s wounds rule out the possibility that a shot could have come from his right side.

    Gutierrez observes,

    “Since the grassy knoll is not positioned within the possible locations of the shooter for the headshot, the fatal headshot could not have originated from behind the picket fence.”(5)

    The fifth shot (“Back and to the left”) (Page 2): Oliver Stone’s JFK: The JFK 100: JFK assassination investigation: Jim Garrison New Orleans investigation of the John F. Kennedy assassination

    It followed a straight trajectory as can be seen by viewing the front right impact and rear gaping at that moment. This excludes all grassy knoll bullshit. It was always a red herring and it’s finally coming out, hardcore.

    NURSE DIANA HAMILTON BOWRON: greeted the limousine with a stretcher. She claimed, “…the back of his head…well, it was very bad–you know…” Arlen Specter failed to elucidate what she meant by the “back of the head” being very bad. (emphasis added) (WC V6:136 Within 48 hours of the assassination the British press relayed a second hand account from Bowron through her mother: “…there was blood all over this neck and shoulders. There was a gaping wound in the back of his head.” (Livingstone, Killing the Truth , p. 180) Author Livingstone corresponded and spoke by phone with Bowron in 1993. He reported that Bowron claimed, “I first saw the large wound in the back of the head in the car. When we were preparing the body for the coffin I had the opportunity to examine it more closely. It was about five inches in diameter and there was no flap of skin covering it, just a fraction of skin along part of the edges of bone. There was, however, some hair hanging down from the top of the head, which was caked with blood, and most of the brain was missing. The wound was so large I could almost put my whole left fist inside.” (Livingstone, Killing the Truth, p. 181) She also said, “…The hole was basically almost the size of a saucer, and sort of from the occiput. So there was quite a reasonable amount missing from the top as well.” (Livingstone, Killing the Truth, p. 190) When asked her opinion of the nature of the defect in the rear of the skull, Bowron told Livingstone, “Well, to me it was an exit hole.” (Livingstone, Killing the Truth, p. 192) Livingstone asked, “Did you see any entry hole in the back of the head?”. “I assumed and I still do that that was an exit wound.” Bowron answered. ( Killing the Truth , p. 195). Bowron prepared a drawing depicting the skull wound as she saw it for Livingstone which bears a striking similarity to the diagram of the wound prepared by Robert McClelland, MD and agreed to by Paul Peters, MD ( High Treason in group of images following p. 23 in hard cover edition.) It shows a defect squarely in the occiput on the right side; a second diagram depicting the skull from above shows the right rear quadrant of the skull absent with the notation “missing”. (Killing the Truth,in images following p. 368)


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    Comment by goldfinger999666 | December 6, 2020 | Reply

  2. When you have an organisation like the CIA, operating without any ACCOUNTABILITY, even to the President of the USA, there will be an ever present threat to the Government of the USA(and The World generally). The British have a similar system with MI 5 and MI 6 being totally unaccountable to the Prime Minister. The Romans used to call it, “The Power behind the Throne”. “Democracy” is a facade, behind which Real Power calls the ‘shots'(if I can use that word).

    “Keeping Americans Safe” sounds good, but it was useless on “9/11” when the CIA must have been asleep at the wheel….or “Up to their necks in it”………


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | December 6, 2020 | Reply

  3. My understanding is that JFK was killed because he wanted to check if Israel was making nuclear weapons- something that to this day Israel refuses to confirm, but we all know they have it.

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    Comment by Alt28 | December 7, 2020 | Reply

    • He also wanted the American Government to take back the power to print money from the Federal Reserve Bank.
      Consequently, his horrific death was carried out, in the open air, and televised, for EVERYONE TO SEE, what happens when ANYONE tries to take the power back, from the Banksters…….

      When Woodrow Wilson approved the formation of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913, and realised what he had done, he cried “I have unwittingly ruined my country”…… then, it was too late…….and now the BANKSTERS and WALL St have all the power.

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      Comment by brianharryaustralia | December 7, 2020 | Reply

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