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Russia on track to have one of its largest-ever grain harvests

RT | December 13, 2020

This year’s grain crop in Russia is set to exceed 131 million tons, according to the Ministry of Agriculture. This would be one of the country’s largest harvests, second only to the record 135.5 million tons recorded in 2017.

“Today we can talk about the completion of the harvest season in Russia. Grains are almost completely crushed. So, we can say with confidence that in 2020 our farmers provided one of the most significant harvests in the country’s recent history,” said the head of the ministry, Dmitry Patrushev, during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The latest figures beat earlier expectations. The ministry had said in September it expected this year’s grain harvest to stand at 122.5 million tons.

Russia’s booming agricultural production has surged by 20 percent over the last six years. The country has managed to capture more than half of the global wheat market, becoming the world’s biggest exporter of grain, thanks to bumper harvests and attractive pricing. Since the early 2000s, Russia’s share of the global wheat market has quadrupled. In 2018-2019, Russia delivered 35.2 million tons of wheat to the global market.

Supported by a massive grain harvest, the country is projected to retain its leadership in the world’s wheat market in the coming years.

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