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West yet to condemn Iranian nuclear scientist’s assassination

By Robert Inlakesh | Press TV | December 18, 2020

In the wake of the Israeli assassination of Iran’s top scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Western governments and media are yet to actively condemn the terrorist attack which took place in Tehran.

Many analysts speculate that the respective actions of the media have acted to exacerbate regional tensions, rather than de-escalate the situation following the Israeli aggression against Iran.

Following the Israeli regime-sponsored terrorist attack on Iranian soil, what has been dubbed as psychological warfare has also been a tool used to attack Iran. With claims spread throughout the international press, regarding an alleged killing of an Iranian Quds Force commander along the Iraq-Syria border area; An unsubstantiated claim but published nonetheless.

The claim originated first in a Syrian opposition media outlet, known as Step News Agency. The story was changed several times, before it was picked up by Israeli media.

Before long, Saudi owned Al-Arabiyya News had cited an unnamed source, providing a name to the commander allegedly killed. Later Reuters, Daily Mail and even RT picked up on these claims. Showing how far false information can spread, based upon no more than allegations, sourced from untrusted news outlets with political agendas.

Israeli strikes conducted against sovereign nations have long gone under reported and have evaded condemnation from Western nations, sparking criticism that the international community operates on double-standards.

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  1. Yessss. How succinct, how accurate, how of crucial import in a real world rife with accustomed Zionist impunity, how teeth-gnashingly frustrating. When will the blinders, the veil, come off and expose the vastly criminal, psychosis-based enterprise of militant/political Zionism?

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    Comment by roberthstiver | December 19, 2020 | Reply

  2. Anyone who hasn’t noticed the ongoing, never ending, “Tidal Wave” of negative reporting in the Western MSM, should wake up to the fact that “We are being lied to” on a daily basis by ‘pretty’ or ‘hunky’ reporters in the Western MSM(who are paid BIG MONEY) to lie to “The People” about Iran, which has not attacked another country in living memory……..

    They are “PRESSTITUTES”, ‘harloting’ their looks, and getting Rich in the process!


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | December 19, 2020 | Reply

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