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The US money tree: The untold story of American aid to Israel

By Ramzy Baroud | MEMO | December 29, 2020

On December 21, the United States Congress passed the COVID-19 Relief Package, as part of a larger $2.3 trillion bill meant to cover spending for the rest of the fiscal year. As usual, US representatives allocated a massive sum of money for Israel.

While unemployment, thus poverty, in the US is skyrocketing as a result of repeated lockdowns, the US found it essential to provide Israel with $3.3 billion in ‘security assistance’ and $500 million for US-Israel missile defence cooperation.

Although a meager $600 dollar payment to help struggling American families was the subject of several months of intense debate, there was little discussion among American politicians over the large funds handed out to Israel, for which there are no returns.

Support for Israel is considered a bipartisan priority and has, for decades, been perceived as the most stable item in the US foreign policy agenda. The mere questioning of how Israel uses the funds – whether the military aid is being actively used to sustain Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine, finance Jewish settlements, fund annexation of Palestinian land or violate Palestinian human rights – is a major taboo.

One of the few members of Congress to demand that aid to Israel be conditioned on the latter’s respect for human rights is Democratic Senator, Bernie Sanders, of Vermont, who was also a leading presidential nominee for the Democratic Party. “We cannot give it carte blanche to the Israeli government … We have the right to demand respect for human rights and democracy”, Sanders had said in October 2019.

His Democratic rival, now [claimed to be] President-elect, Joe Biden, soon countered: “The idea that I’d withdraw military aid, as others have suggested, from Israel, is bizarre,” he said.

It is no secret that Israel is the world’s leading recipient of US aid since World War II. According to data provided by the US Congressional Research Service, Israel has received $146 billion of US taxpayers’ money as of November 2020.

From 1971 up to 2007, a bulk of these funds proved fundamental in helping Israel establish a strong economic base. Since then, most of the money has been allotted for military purposes, including the security of Israel’s illegal Jewish settlement enterprise.

Despite the US financial crisis of 2008, American money continued to be channeled to Israel, whose economy survived the global recession, largely unscathed.

In 2016, the US promised even more money. The Democratic Barack Obama Administration, which is often – although mistakenly – seen as hostile to Israel, increased US funding to Israel by a significant margin. In a 10-year Memorandum of Understanding, Washington and Tel Aviv reached a deal whereby the US agreed to give Israel $38 billion in military aid covering the financial years 2019-2028. This is a whopping increase of $8 billion compared with the previous 10-year agreement, which concluded at the end of 2018.

The new American funds are divided into two categories: $33 billion in foreign military grants and an additional $5 billion in missile defence.

American generosity has long been attributed to the unmatched influence of pro-Israeli groups, lead among them American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The last four years, however, required little lobbying by these groups, as powerful agents within the administration itself became Israel’s top advocates.

Aside from the seemingly endless ‘political freebies’ that the Donald Trump Administration has given Israel in recent years, it is now considering ways to accelerate the timetable of delivering the remainder of US funds as determined by the last MOU, an amount that currently stands at $26.4 billion. According to official congressional documents, the US “also may approve additional sales of the F-35 to Israel and accelerate the delivery of KC-46A refuelling and transport aircraft to Israel.”

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  1. “It is no secret that Israel is the world’s leading recipient of US aid since World War II. According to data provided by the US Congressional Research Service, Israel has received $146 billion of US taxpayers’ money as of November 2020”.

    And, add to that, America’s Presidential Election campaigns require that nominees have to make public statements that show absolute support for ISRAEL during American elections.
    Israel’s control over U.S. Politics is TOTAL.
    The USA is controlled by Israel.


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | December 29, 2020 | Reply

  2. Where is a ‘check and balance’ to Congress giving away to a foreign country American taxpayer money? Do the citizens have any vote in this give-away of their money? Congress gives away American’s money without permission. Again, does American vote on this give-away, as cited above?

    Those whom Americans voted into Congress are fellow citizens. Presumably, then, those in Congress are to represent the citizens of America. If they “represent” the interests of a foreign country, they are disloyal to America. To be disloyal is to be traitorous.

    Did Americans vote on giving money to a foreign country? Would Americans vote to give the above cited money to a foreign country?

    Those who have a dual citizenship, being to America and to Israel, do they serve Israel, as well, in carrying out their responsibilities as Congressional officials? Those with citizenship to America, they also betray America by giving American money to a foreign country.

    Do Americans vote their money’s distribution to foreign countries?

    End foreign aid to Israel. End dual citizenship for Congressional officials, for American governmental agencies.


    Comment by michael | December 29, 2020 | Reply

    • And, don’t forget, the donations made to Israel, come from American TAX PAYERS, Not from America’s Corporate TAX EVADERS……..
      The American people are being “shafted” good and hard………


      Comment by brianharryaustralia | December 29, 2020 | Reply

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