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We Should Welcome the Lab Leak Theory, Argues Biologist

By Noah Carl • Lockdown Sceptics •  June 8, 2021

At the start of the pandemic, many of us were puzzled as to why the lab leak hypothesis was considered “racist” but the wet market hypothesis was not. Both theories said the pandemic began in China, and both implied that some Chinese people had acted carelessly. (In reality, of course, neither theory is “racist”.)

The most likely reason why the lab leak theory came to be seen as “racist” is that this was convenient for several key organisations, who wanted to avoid any suggestion that they might have helped to cause the pandemic. These organisations include the Chinese Communist Party, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the National Institutes of Health, and EcoHealth Alliance.

The fact that President Trump endorsed the lab leak theory also played a role, of course. Left-wing media outlets in the US have a habit of assuming that, if Trump says something, then it must – almost by definition – be racist.

In a recent article for UnHerd, the biologist Bret Weinstein argues that we should actually welcome the lab leak theory. This is because, if it turns out to be true, we know how to prevent future pandemics of this kind. Simple: ban the research until we can figure out how to do it safely. (Or at the very least: ramp up lab security.)

However, if the zoonotic spillover theory is correct, then “it’s only a matter of time before something like this happens again. And again. And again.” As Weinstein notes, “The straightforward lesson of the pandemic would be to simply face up to the clear risk of studying dangerous, novel infectious agents in the lab.”

He goes on to argue that, if the virus did escape from a lab, then one of the pandemic’s ultimate causes is the distorted incentives that led scientists to undertake such dangerous research in the first place. According to Weinstein:

… the scientific method has been hijacked by a competition over who can tell the most beguiling stories. Scientists have become salesmen, pitching serious problems that they and their research just so happen to be perfectly positioned to solve. The fittest in this game are not the most accurate, but the most stirring. And what could be more stirring than a story in which bat caves are ticking pandemic time-bombs from which only the boldest and brightest gene experts can save us?

Weinstein’s article contains a lot of interesting details, and is worth reading in full.

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  1. The quibbling over how Covid-19 got out of Wuhan is just a distraction meant to throw everyone off the scent. Anyone who thinks logically can see, from the ‘lockstep’ action of the pharmaceutical industry, governments, banking, media, the medical profession, etc., that this was a deliberate, calculated release for the specific purpose of re-engineering society, and, as others have suggested, for reducing society. The World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ appears to be the blueprint for all these conspirators, and unless a lot more people wake up and look at the big picture, instead of arguing over viruses and their origin, then we will all end up in a worldwide gulag.
    And just in case those who are starting to see what is happening are encouraged by ‘fight back’ in the US, just remember that Klaus Schwab is predicting cyber attacks which will be much worse than Covid-19. How would he know, unless he has something to do with it? And it’s funny how, since he said that, more ransomware and denial of service attacks have occurred.
    Prescient or complicit?


    Comment by Bill Francis | June 8, 2021 | Reply

    America outsourced its research into its patented Coronavirus which it cultured originally in Fort Dietrich
    US Law did not allow gainer function research [use research for military bio weapon] so they sent the criminal Dr Fauci [already heavily implicated in the HIV and Sars research sterilising and killing Africans- their guinea pigs as Bill Gates did too] with billions of dollars to Wuhan to ask the Chinese to assist in the research.
    hidden agenda though was for America to unleash the virus in China and blame the Chinese for this ‘Chinese’ Virus that America initiated, in the hope of destroying China’s successful and ever growing economy.
    America does what it does best, it creates trouble, passes the blame onto others and then comes out presenting itself as the saviour of the world and demanding reparations from China in order to fund its own bankrupt and corrupted pillaged economy

    America alreday had its own Communists within, they did not need China’s Communism. Neocons great followers of Communist Jabotinksy. Zionism gave birth to Communism

    I am not a fan of China and detest Communism but this Scamdemic has American/Israeli origins which has duped the world Community, spreading unnecessary fearmongering and also loss of lives that could have been saved but which corrupt immoral world leaders, Governments turned our Medical staff and health institutions into mass homicidal agents and forcing people into taking these lethal and untested vaccinations that will kill far more people than the alleged virus itself!!
    We are being ruled by psychopaths, liars and deceivers and it is high time the world Communities woke up from their sheeple comatozed sleep and declare enough is enough before it is too late for us all.


    Comment by Maisoon | June 8, 2021 | Reply

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