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  1. Corbett mentions the Bilderberg meeting has disappeared from media attention, My thought would be that it had been gaining too much attention. As in the 70s the attention CIA had resulted in the moving of much of its covert operations to other entities. I also doubt that these Bilderberg meetings were where what was wanted to happen was decided. More likely they were places where the people who had to actually make those things happen in the real world were told what the agenda was going to be. Like the Bilderberg meeting in the early 70s where it was told that the price of oil was going to rise significantly. In the 70s in the US and Europe the unions were powerful enough to get wages increased in concert with the resulting inflation. The elites did not like the resulting stagflation, One of the intended consequences was the castration of the Third world non aligned movement by the resulting debt. Jamaica is a good example. In the 8os Reagan and Thatcher administrations broke the unions. Stagflation wasn’t going to happen again for reason of wages rising to keep pace with inflation. Rising debt was substituted for rising wages from increased productivity China wasn’t opened up to be a new giant market. it was to use its large disciplined workers to be the outsourced workforce which hollowed out the manufacturing of the West. The deep state does have its plans that work out over decades. As always with the plans of men, there are unwanted unintended consequences.


    Comment by gepay | June 13, 2021 | Reply

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