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The New Irish Soviet: State Bans Seniors from Traveling Until They’ve Had ‘Second Dose’ of AstraZeneca Jab

21st Century Wire | June 15, 2021

Since the crisis began in March 2020, there has been a distinct air of medical fascism which has gradually permeated Irish political rhetoric and policy – which has left many conscientious residents shocked.

This dark state of affairs appears to be coming to a head now, as technocrats in Dublin push the totalitarian envelope even further.

Suddenly, after 15 months of running an open-ended crisis narrative, the great and good are now saying, “Now is certainly not the time to be taking risks on travel,” as the government and media operatives begin ramping-up Project Fear once again.

As usual, the state has singled-out the most vulnerable target demographic upon which to leverage its power, and to mete out some of the most outlandish policies ever seen in the western world over the last 150 years, including policies that would even have been beyond the pale for Stalin’s Soviet Union.

Incredibly, after the Irish government pushed some 400,000 of its older citizens to inject the highly controversial, unlicensed experimental gene-based AstraZeneca jab, the government is now banning them from leaving the country – until they have received their second dose.

Irish Independent reports…

More than 400,000 people who are waiting for a second dose of the  AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine have been told they cannot travel abroad.

The “vaccine bonus” for those who are a month on from their first AstraZeneca jab does not involve foreign travel, the updated advice from the HSE has warned.

People in their 60s, and a significant number of those with underlying conditions, have been left waiting for a second dose of the vaccine, which will take at least eight weeks, but may be even longer for many.

They can avail of the vaccine “bonus”, with one dose after 28 days, allowing certain limited meeting up with others indoors, but “this does not include foreign travel”.

By definition, this can be classed medical fascism – where state and corporations have codified policy in order to coerce and effectively enforce an experimental medical procedure. On paper, this is in direct violation of the Nuremberg Codes which have been recognised for decades as de facto international law. Moreover, citizens are being denied informed consent, which is also a violation of both Irish and European law and contravenes the human rights charter.

This is an incredibly dangerous move by the state, and while it may be done under the now acceptable auspices of fear and general hysteria – it has still been done with no actual scientific evidence to justify it – only often repeated conjecture and increasingly vague claims used to further underpin the ever-evolving self-licking ice cream cone which is the seemingly never-ending “variant” scare.

Intelligent, sober people can now see that the variant scare has been contrived to justify the government’s omnipresent threat of more lockdowns, restrictions and border closures, and above all: to force vaccine compliance.

Meanwhile, technocrats in Brussels are using these artificial travel obstacles created by member states in order to create an artificial demand for a new Vaccine Passport (or ‘COVID credentials’) regime, which they have recently rebranded as a “Digital Wallet” due to pushback against its previous vaccine “Green Pass”:

The EU Digital Certificate, paving the way for travel within the bloc, is due to be operational here from July 19.

The HSE does not specify the same travel restriction for people who received one dose of the other vaccines.

Moreover, government ministers continue to make assertive claims about the alleged “effectiveness” of these unlicensed experimental injections against the newly branded “variants” which are now being deceptively sold to the public as ‘deadly mutations’ of the previously touted ‘novel’ coronavirus:

Public Health England has previously found that one dose of vaccine gives just 33pc protection against the more infectious Delta variant that originated in India.

It said yesterday that two doses of the Pfizer vaccine give 96pc protection while the AstraZeneca gives 92pc.

It comes amid concern at the inevitable rise in the Delta variant, with around 140 cases detected here so far. Another 242 cases of coronavirus were diagnosed yesterday.

How the UK government could make any such claims about the level of “protection” any COVID vaccine actually provides against the alleged ‘variants’ may be more a feat of political science and propaganda than actual clinical science, because the source of these sweeping claims emanates from the pharmaceutical manufacturers themselves. Does anyone seriously doubt by now that these private interests have captured European governments’ regulatory and political institutions?

Still, Irish ‘science’ experts appear to be confused as to how to play the new variant-vaccine narrative. Luke O’Neill, professor of biochemistry at Trinity College, spoke with the Irish Independent, claims to know how the rebranded ‘Delta variant’ virus behaves, while at the same time admitting that, ‘there doesn’t seem to be a huge amount it around’. He then defers to the UK experts and their own spurious Delta claims, whilst advising hapless Irish citizens who have had one dose of the experimental AstraZeneca injection to ‘take care’. By now, this contortionist feat of ‘public health’ gymnastics has become commonplace:

“We know from the UK that one shot of AstraZeneca is not giving the same level of protection from the Delta variant as two shots, so I would think those who have had one shot of AstraZeneca will have to take some precautions until they’ve had their second shot,” he said.

“We’re lucky in that there doesn’t seem to be a huge amount of the Delta variant around, at least currently. The goal has to be to get the second shot into the vulnerable people – including the over-60s – as quickly as possible.”

Of course there is no mention by any government officials about the fact that this problematic AstraZeneca jab has already been halted in multiple countries (and it hasn’t been allowed to be released in the United States either) due to confirmed risks of maiming or death due to fatal blood clotting – a fact now accepted by experts worldwide. This is now accepted as a clear and present danger for any members of the public taking part in this unprecedented human experiment.

In Europe, health officials have stated that countries should also avoid giving the AstraZeneca vaccines to people over 60, as said by the head of the EU drug regulator’s COVID-19 task force on Sunday. But for some strange reason, no Irish politician or mainstream media outlets want to talk about this serious problem.

All of this comes amid the backdrop of British PM Boris Johnson announcing the delaying of an end to the UK government’s indefinite ‘state of emergency’ and lingering lockdown policies. The government claims this is because of fears of the alleged Indian Variant (recently rebranded to ‘Delta Variant’), while claiming that somehow COVID-19 “cases” (not actual clinical cases, but PCR and lateral flow ‘positive’ tests) are now at a three-month high. Britain was scheduled to lift all remaining restrictions on June 21st, but now says that it needs more time to vaccinate more of its population – as extremist voices in political and media circles continue to blame these alleged new ‘outbreaks’ of COVID-19 on ‘the unvaccinated.’

Based purely on its words and polices, Ireland’s ruling Fine Gael-Fianna Fail regime (from the onset, ‘opposition’ party Sinn Fein has also supported these same draconian policies) now finds itself as the vanguard of a new European Soviet. 

Needless to say, this level of medical tyranny and mass-hysteria is unprecedented.

The real question remains: will the public at large and conscientious members of the press and government, come to their senses and wake up before the damage to democracy and freedom becomes irreparable?

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  1. Whether the public at large, the press, and MPs will come to their senses and wake up is debatable. It requires someone, or some thing, to wake them up. Short of a revolution, a legal challenge to the ‘state of emergency’ is about the only way forward. The weak point of the ‘state of emergency’ is that it is based on the disease called covid-19, which in turn is claimed to be caused by the ‘virus’ Sars-Cov2. A challenge to the government to provide the peer-reviewed scientific evidence of the discrete existence and pathogenicity of the ‘virus’ is absolutely necessary. And that scientific evidence has to comply with Koch’s Postulates. If they are unable to provide it (and nobody has done it so far), then the state of emergency is unfounded and illegal, and so are all the regulations and restrictions. Furthermore, the politicians who have introduced these measures are not only guilty of fraud, but may also be civilly liable for all the costs and losses suffered by the citizens of Ireland since the beginning of the ‘pandemic’. Even the garda may be guilty of wrongful arrest or issuing illegal fines and summonses. But, it is going to take at least one person to get the ball rolling. Is there such a person in Ireland? Maybe you should look to Michael O’Bernicia in the UK.


    Comment by Bill Francis | June 16, 2021 | Reply

  2. Pfizer and only Pfeizer macht frei and don’t forget it!

    Meanwhile the sheeple are clamoring to get aboard the Ouch Witz express and the holiday of a lifetime (not to mention thrombosis) in safe and hygienic surroundings all watched over by syringe wielding psychopaths. What could go wrong…already did the minute the ovine mutton stampeded to their toilet paper outlets when this vicarious covaids insanity was unleashed.
    Believing that the EUSSR gubermint filth in Natostan sewer Brussels gives a damn about its livestock has got to be the most idiotic thing since the moon landung. Yes, there are still loons that “believe” that garbage too.

    So diaper on your snout, Satan Swab up your nose, sleeve all rolled up like a dried out junkie and remember satanic pedovore chosenites luv ya’ll.


    Comment by Martillo | June 16, 2021 | Reply

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