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The variant’s a scariant

By Kathy Gyngell | The Conservative Woman | June 23, 2021

If ever there was a man there when you needed him in time of Covid, it is the wonderful Ivor Cummins.

When we are all being driven mad by the spurious scaremongering ‘variant’ claptrap that the increasingly deranged Boris Johnson (you have to be mad or evil to write this mendacious nonsense) and his SAGE-backing band keep spouting, there, thank goodness, is Ivor – cool, calm and collected, cutting through the waffle to the facts.

In his latest online update, the biochemical engineer tells us that the Indian Variant (if you have caught up with the latest terminology) is in fact the Delta Variant that’s been around for a while. It was just re-badged, and it has had zero impact on hospitalisations.

And where else does Ivor go but to Government data to demonstrate this. It actually makes you laugh (though it’s no laughing matter) to see that the hospitalisation graph runs in exactly the opposite direction to the ‘cases’ graph. While the so-called variants climb, the hospitalisations decline. You couldn’t make it up. Look for yourselves here.

So, no, Messrs Johnson and Hancock et al, there is no real-world impact of these variants (variant in fact) at all.

Ivor leaves it pretty much there, except for a reprimand to the sensationalising, scaremongering Press.  And his conclusion is that what we are being subjected to is a political scariant, not a deadly variant.

Which is pretty much the verdict of TCW’s recent investigation into the Government’s manufactured ‘case-demic,’ based on the flawed and faulty (Test and Trace) Lateral Flow Test scandal. 

Keep up the good work, Ivor.

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  1. The older I get, the more utter contempt I have for Lying, BullS… spreading politicians. We vote them in, and then they Lie to us………on the orders of the REAL RULERS above us…..The “1%”……”The Moneymen”.


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | June 24, 2021 | Reply

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