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Is the govt coming to your door to pressure you to take COVID shots? Here’s what you need to know

By Brian Shilhavy | Health Impact News | July 11, 2021

… This is what is called a “trial balloon.” The government is throwing this out there as a “trial” to see just how much the American public will tolerate in terms of government intervention.

Let them know that you will not tolerate it at all!

The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution protects you from unlawful searches and seizures in your home.

So here is my advice for what you should be prepared to do NOW, this week, if people come to your door to talk to you about the COVID-19 shots.

This advice is based on my years of experience in my working with attorneys all across the U.S. regarding the over-reach of local government agencies such as Child Protective Services who routinely come to people’s homes with the express purpose of looking for a reason to medically kidnap their children.

Most of those legal issues apply to this situation as well, regarding government agents coming to your home to discuss COVID-19 “vaccines.”

First, whether you are a renter or homeowner, the government has no right to enter your property without a warrant signed by a local judge. Absent that warrant, if you don’t want them there, they are trespassing.

And this includes any law enforcement agents. If they cannot produce a warrant signed by a judge, not only are they trespassing, if they are openly carrying a firearm (as most do), they are presenting a threat to you and your family.

Treat them as your enemy, not as your friend. Ask them to leave immediately.

Secondly, you are under no legal obligation to answer any questions – period! You have a 5th Amendment right to remain silent, and if that applies to criminals who are arrested based on an arrest warrant, how much more does that apply to you as a private citizen on your own property where you have not even been accused of a crime?

Do NOT answer any questions! Ask them to leave immediately. Put up as many “No Trespassing” signs as possible on your property, like the one I put as the featured image in this article.

No matter what they say to you, or ask you, the only words that should come out of your mouth should be: “You need to leave now. You are trespassing on private property.”

Third, RECORD EVERYTHING! The best way to record is to have a hidden camera pointed at your door, and then to also hold up a cell phone camera right in front of their face to let them know you are recording.

If they rip the cell phone out of your hand, hopefully you have a second camera somewhere also recording that. If you do, take that recording to your local District Attorney and ask them to press charges. Then send it to us also, and we will publish it to our international audience.

Expect FALSE FLAG events! To merely question the safety or efficacy of these injections is to be labeled a “domestic terrorist.” You can be sure that if these volunteers that are sent out door-to-door are not successful, that they will soon move on to the next stage of their plan, and at some point they are going to stage an event where some “domestic terrorists” allegedly decide to start killing people who are just “trying to do their jobs” and “provide a safe community” by “getting everyone vaccinated.”

Do your best to record everything that happens when unwelcome visitors decide to violate your 4th Amendment rights by coming on your property to discuss COVID-19 “vaccines” that you have no intention of discussing. … Full article

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  1. The American people are treated with contempt, by the Ruling Elite………

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by brianharryaustralia | July 11, 2021 | Reply

  2. Brian Gerrish’s testimony to Reiner Füllmich: Our oppressors are very frightened people

    “A critical document which we found in 2010 was called Mindspace (you can find it very easily by searching online for it as a PDF document). In that document, the Government admitted that it was using applied behavioural psychology to influence how it designed policy and how it implemented policy.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Hammer | July 12, 2021 | Reply

    • I read through a lot of that document, thank you, and I must admit, it reinforced my belief that this “Scamdemic” is there to frighten the living daylights out of us all, and, it seems to have worked on well over 50% of the population.

      I, being someone who doesn’t trust the unmitigated “Bovine Excreta” that flows endlessly from politicians(everywhere), found myself recognising the Covid 19 scare as deliberate CRAP!

      I must say, that I’m impressed with the way this “Terror” has been spread over the planet by the “Behavioral Psychologists.

      I’ll proudly wear the title of “Conspiracy theorist” on Covid 19. The statistics prove it is no worse than seasonal flu.


      Comment by brianharryaustralia | July 12, 2021 | Reply

  3. Wow: this is heavy-duty, in-their-face dissent. I’m not necessarily proud or feeling confrontational, but no “vaccine shill(s)” are expected at my door: all five aged assisted-living residents (I am one) plus the four RN staff-caregivers were VAXX’d fully (Moderna or Pfizer, I the latter) in Jan-Feb at my adult residential care home, where vaccination was the “normal,” expected thing to do. Amusingly to me, only the RN, a 45ish female 20-years-ago immigrant from South Korea, experienced some muscle aches and fatigue.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by roberthstiver | July 12, 2021 | Reply

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