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Will The JFK Assassination Cover-Up Continue in October?

By Jacob G. Hornberger | FFF | August 24, 2021

After President Kennedy’s assassination, the CIA, the Pentagon, and the Secret Service, for some reason, deemed it necessary to keep their records and activities relating to the assassination secret from the American people. “National security,” they said, which didn’t seem to make much sense given the official scenario that a lone-nut communist former U.S Marine had killed the president.

One of the most interesting and, ultimately, revealing aspects of this official secrecy involved the autopsy that the military conducted on the president’s body several hours after the assassination. Military personnel who participated in the autopsy were advised that the autopsy was a highly classified, top-secret operation that they were forbidden to ever talk to anyone about. They were forced to sign written secrecy oaths and threatened with severe punishment if they ever talked about what they had seen and done.

But talk they did, only some 30 years later, when Oliver Stone blew much of the official secrecy out of the water with his film JFK, which posited that the assassination was actually a highly sophisticated regime-change operation that targeted a president who was determined to take America in a direction opposite from that which the Pentagon and the CIA were determined to take our nation.

Stone’s movie informed the American people of the 30-year-long, continuing official secrecy in the JFK assassination on the part of the U.S. national-security establishment. The American people at that time, most of whom had never bought into the very pat official scenario of the assassination, were outraged and suspicious. Contacting their members of Congress and demanding an end to the official secrecy, they succeeded in pressuring Congress to enact the JFK Records Act, which forced the Pentagon, the CIA, the Secret Service, and other federal agencies to disgorge their long-secret records relating to the assassination.

Thanks to the efforts of the Assassination Records Review Board, the agency charged with enforcing the JFK Records Act during the 1990s, that’s when the mountain of evidence establishing the fraudulent autopsy that was conducted on the president’s body came to light. Those military personnel who had been threatened back in 1963 if they ever talked, having been released from those written secrecy oaths, told a remarkable story, one that detailed how they were ordered to sneak the president’s body into the Bethesda morgue about an hour-and-a-half before its official entry time, with the aim of conducting the fraudulent autopsy on the president’s body. The fraudulent autopsy is detailed in my two books The Kennedy Autopsy and The Kennedy Autopsy 2. 

At the risk of belaboring the obvious, there is no innocent explanation for a fraudulent autopsy. It is inexorably intertwined with the assassination itself. It shows us who orchestrated this highly sophisticated regime-change operation.

The ARRB went out of existence in 1998. However, the JFK Records Act permitted the CIA and other federal agencies to keep thousands of their assassination-related records secret for another 25 years. “National security,” of course. 

That 25-year deadline came due during the Trump administration. After promising to release the records, Trump succumbed to pressure from the CIA to extend the time for secrecy. Once again, “national security,” of course. Trump extended the time for secrecy to October 2021, a couple of months from now.

What will happen when the deadline comes due in October? Will the CIA pressure President Biden into granting another extension of time for secrecy? WIll Biden grant such a request?

Time will tell, but I’d like to make clear where I stand on the matter. There is no question in my mind that the CIA will request another extension of time for secrecy. Whatever is left in those long-secret records that needed to be kept secret for the last 58 years would still need to be kept secret from the American people. These people are fully aware of how the ARRB uncovered the evidence establishing the fraudulent autopsy. The last thing they want is for that to happen again, especially with respect to the CIA’s Oswald-related operations in Mexico City, which are still shrouded in official secrecy. 

The fact that the National Archives will not disclose whether the CIA has already expressed an interest in seeking an extension of time for continued secrecy is not a positive sign. See my recent article “Why the NARA Secrecy Over the Secret JFK Records?

Will President Biden grant such a request? In my opinion, there is no doubt that he will. If Trump could be pressured to grant an extension, it will be a piece of cake for the CIA to pressure Biden into doing the same. Of course, needless to say, “national security” will be cited as the justification. 

Bottom line: Make no mistake about it: Unless public pressure were to somehow change the natural course of events, like it did back in 1992 after Oliver Stone’s movie, the national-security establishment’s cover-up of its highly sophisticated November 22, 1963, regime-change operation in Dallas, Texas, will continue come this October.

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  1. “The ARRB went out of existence in 1998. However, the JFK Records Act permitted the CIA and other federal agencies to keep thousands of their assassination-related records secret for another 25 years. “National security,” of course”.

    How can “National Security” be taken seriously, when the bodies like the CIA,FBI, etc etc, are accountable to NO ONE?
    It is not in contention HOW Kennedy died(as any autopsy would clearly show) the question remains, “WHO DID IT”, and the only reason that the Security apparatus of the USA can have for CENSORING a complete investigation, is because THEY were involved, up to their necks, in it(just like “9/11”), where a public trial would have been very embarrassing for the CIA, FBI etc….so it was conducted in Guantanamo Bay, CUBA, away from the eyes of the American people………


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | August 24, 2021 | Reply

    • “Freedom and Democracy” in the USA(and Britain /Australia etc etc) is a complete MYTH…….


      Comment by brianharryaustralia | August 24, 2021 | Reply

    Ask not what USSA can do for you my fellow sheeple but indeed what you can do for the 001%. That is the meaning of a true patriot and the e$$ence of love that binds US and keeps US$A a great nation under Lucifer. Do not be led from the flock by those that cast doubt on our Sacred Trinity of the Holy Hubris and the tenets upon which our exceptionalism of lies and slaughter are erected.
    Know ye that the evil Harvey Lee with magic bullets did alone smite the Knight of Camelot coz said Knight wanted to give away our stuff to the le$$er tribes not to mention smash the CIA crime gang into a million pieces. Ray Earl Redneck did whack Martin Luther King all by his lil self and that Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan murdered the other Kennedy guy even with a gun that fired no bullets into dead Kennedy guy because said Sirhan hated the pooh lil jewish “democracy” in apartheid, occupied Palestine. The more than 10 shots fired in that there kitchen picked up on radio are NOT important anymore than Jack Ruby whacking Harvey Lee under the noses of half of the Dallas POlice Department had anything thing to do with offing JFK.

    Our War Machine with NaSA did “land” a tin can on the moon “and do the other things” that Camelot Guy had promised before they blew his brains out in a car live on TV and waiting for the light to change. This mooning was pulled off with fred flintstone technology after microwaving our moononauts and boiling their brains in the Van Allen Belt, then cruising a further 380,000 klicks out to deep state space where no man had ventured before or indeed since….to finally “land” (pun intended) on the moon ball. Then our guys scouted around in their moon buggy a tad, shot a round of golf and after delicious, nutritious moon snacks and some more bad “Hassleblad” selfies and mock moon rock snapshots blasted 60 miles up into lunar orbit, did dock with mother ship orbiting there at 4000 MPH, magically copulate can and mama ship and then blast home another 384,400.00 kms to splash down in time for more Hollyweird style kodachrome moments and then home to catch Archie Bunker on late nite TV. (Be not ye tricked by those that tell you that almost 50 years later we can’t even manage to get into the low orbiting International Space Station at 400 kms without that damn Vlad Putin’s rockets.) Our “moon scapades” stuff is still up there on the moon….the other side of course and the Chinese and Ruskies are so stupid they can’t find it!

    17 cunning camel herders from the fecal filled feudal Crypt of Saud (our best buddy and keeper of our fiat petroscrip Saudi Mercan toilet paper IOU I$I$ “backed” dollah ), said camel herders did blow up Merca on 9 11 coz they hate our freedoms and the selfle$$ spreading of our dung like demokracy among the lesser tribes. This they did with magic carpet expertise and our NSA GESTAPO found Mr. Atta’s perfectly preserved passport (Allah Snack Bar) blocks away from the Thermite Towers and for this reason we have to wage war on all and sundry who dare U$e any toilet paper currency other than our own blood spattered and much smeared triple-ply U$er toilet paper to preserve the freedom$ of Planet Merca.
    All these and more true lies are the very foundations upon which our exceptionalism is built. Should so much as one of these beliefs be cast into doubt…then my fellow sheeple our entire sheep farm would be in jeopardy and you would very quickly be shorn and become mutton.


    Comment by Martillo | August 25, 2021 | Reply

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