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Victoria, Australia will ‘Lock Out’ unvaccinated people from its economy

A woman scans a QR code to enter a store in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, June 11, 2021 © Reuters / Sandra Sanders
By Paul Joseph Watson | Summit News  | September 6, 2021

Authorities in Victoria, Australia have announced they will “lock out” unvaccinated people from being able to participate in the economy.

Premier Dan Andrews made the announcement during a press conference where he told citizens, who remain under a draconian lockdown and a 9pm-5am curfew, that the unvaccinated will be kept under such restrictions indefinitely.

“There is going to be a vaccinated economy, and you get to participate in that if you are vaccinated,” Andrews said. “We’re going to move to a situation where, to protect the health system, we are going to lock out people who are not vaccinated and can be.”

“If you’re making the choice not to get vaccinated, then you’re making the wrong choice,” he added.

Andrews then portrayed the unvaccinated as some kind of horde of unruly lepers, commenting, “It’s not going to be safe for people who are not vaccinated to be roaming around the place spreading the virus.”

The whole system will of course be enforced via a vaccine passport that will serve to reclassify the unvaccinated as second class citizens living in a segregated society.

The pronouncement once again underscores how vaccines are being used as a tool for population control, with the unvaccinated set to be frozen out of access to health care, social activities and the economy in general.

This is all happening while Israel, one of the most highly vaccinated countries in the world, experiences its highest ever COVID infection wave, because the efficacy of the vaccines is waning fast.

As we highlighted earlier, Australian health chief Dr. Kerry Chant says that COVID will be with us “forever” and people will have to “get used to” taking endless booster vaccines.

The timetable is now set for people to be forced to take government jabs every year simply to be allowed to perform basic lifestyle functions.

Those who refuse will at first be denied access to social activities and eventually could be barred from having bank accounts or even being able to make purchases as the true extent of the west’s chilling social credit score vaccine passport system comes into full view.

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  1. Josef Stalin, eat you heart out! Dan Andrews is going for the Guinness world record for being the worst dictator. He only needs to build a few gulags, and he’s on his way. Apart from doing everything he doesn’t have a mandate to do, I wonder if our Dan realises that vaccination is not a condition for citizenship. Therefore, any discrimination on this basis will be illegal, and liable to be challenged in the High Court. Mind you, I don’t mind how many times our Dan is vaccinated. The more, the better.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Bill Francis | September 7, 2021 | Reply

    • You beat me to the Anti Discrimination comment…….Andrews is a deluded idiot. Discrimination is against the law in Australia……


      Comment by brianharryaustralia | September 7, 2021 | Reply

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