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New Poll Finds That 50% of Americans Support Cutting Aid to Israel

By Eric Striker | National Justice | September 15, 2021 

Aid to Israel is now a highly polarizing issue, a poll conducted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the pro-Zionist Israel Democracy Institute have found.

The survey taken last month found that the US government’s deferential treatment of Israel is completely out of line and unrepresentative of popular opinion.

On the question of whether to restrict US military aid to Israel, 50% of all Americans support ending such support, compared to 45% who oppose it. Among supporters of aid restrictions are 32% of registered Republicans, 62% of Democrats, and 52% of Independents. This is a drastic rise from historical opinion polls for all political persuasions right, left and center.

In respects to the Israel-Palestine conflict itself, only 32% of Americans believe the US government should be getting involved on Israel’s side.

A glaring distinction is made clear when both the US and the Jewish Israeli public were asked about potential solutions to the dispute. Last July, it was found that 56% of Americans and 69% of Israel’s Arab minority support a two state solution, which would allow the West Bank and Gaza to become an independent Palestinian state. Only 34% of Jews in Israel support this view.

Even more telling were the answers on a potential one state solution. A one state solution would incorporate Gaza and the West Bank and transform Israel into an American or European style multi-racial democracy where Arabs in occupied territories would enjoy equal rights to Jews. Even higher numbers of Americans (60%) support this resolution, as well as 56% of Israeli Arabs. Meanwhile, only a paltry 14% of Israeli Jews would even consider such an idea.

The only opinion Israeli Jews responded favorably to was to maintain the status quo (42%) in the conflict, which means the slow and illegal expansion of their regime as they ethnically cleanse and kill Palestinians. This view was only shared by 26% of Americans and 15% of Israeli Arabs.

It is not controversial to say that global Jewry is by far the most vocal and powerful advocate for racial pluralism, mass immigration, and multi-culturalism in the West. Yet, in the Jewish state, the idea of a “rainbow nation” is rejected by a super-majority, who are so inflexible that they do not even want Palestinians to have even the most sensible demand of an independent nation composed of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

As this poll run by the Israel lobby shows, Zionism in the United States is rapidly losing ground among popular opinion. This has yet to make any significant mark on Washington consensus, where both Democrats and Republicans have repeatedly shown that American aid to Israel is unconditional.

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  1. This analysis ends with “…both Democrats and Republicans have repeatedly shown the American aid to Israel is unconditional.”

    Billions for a rogue, terrorist and racist country, which has spied upon, stolen from America, which attacked an American navy ship, the USSLiberty, called it a ‘terrible mistake’, ad nauseum.

    What does America give those in Israel who are not jewish? Answer: a pittance and blame for their plight, censorship of the terrorist actions, imprisonment, ad nauseam.

    What does Europe get? Criminal prosecution for anyone who questions… well, questions Israel. So, what does Europe get? The consequences of the wars for Israel’s sake upon its neighboring countries, the loss of so many liberties, ad nauseam.

    America aligns with this rogue country, is its provider and partner.

    “…unconditional…”: it’s nauseating. It’s enslaving them and America and neither has the courage or morality to do anything but continue to be enslaved. The tragedy is for those who do, and must suffer this unconditional policy imposed by those bribed and intimidated of governments and financial might.

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    Comment by michael | September 15, 2021 | Reply

    • “To find out who rules over you, find out who you are not allowed to criticize”…….Voltaire.

      Liked by 2 people

      Comment by brianharryaustralia | September 16, 2021 | Reply

  2. This may be a narrow ray of hope, but I have no doubt that the Zionists are working super-overtime to counter it: false flags, provocations to draw Palestinian resistance that will be blamed on PALESTINIAN intransigence, continued divide-and-conquer tactics between Fatah and Hamas, , continued friction and occasional violence with Hezbollah, Palestinians’ staunch ally as the US continues to demean and call Hezbollah “terrorist,” , continued “milking of the Jared Kushner/Trump successful effort to get KSA, UAE, Morocco et al tolerate and join the Zionist devilspawn in evil ways that always wind up harming the Palestinian cause, continued demonization of Iran-cum-the Palestine-supported-by-Iran, continued use of the “terrorist” epithet to refer to Palestinians, crying about “increased” anti-semitism(Jews) to perpetuate the “eternal victim” canard, continued and increased control of the MSM and other media in the US, continued money-money-money to US pol-prostitutes so that ANY public opinion regarding the torment will continue to be squashed and ignored. These and many more are classic modus operandi of the Zionist bast*rds….

    Liked by 2 people

    Comment by roberthstiver | September 15, 2021 | Reply

  3. 2 states:
    Palestine for Palestinians; Death Valley, walled and roofed, for Yid: Israeli Yid and American Yid.
    All Yid gathered together for a super Minyan inside super synagogue.

    Liked by 3 people

    Comment by 5 dancing shlomos | September 16, 2021 | Reply

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