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  1. How many hours or days does it take to retrieve and review camera surveillance videos related to an incident that purportedly occurred at a known time? Investigators probably already confirmed Ofarim’s allegation as a hoax shortly after he had propagated it to the public, but they were possibly under pressure to keep quiet about the details of the incident, even though the premises of his hoax story didn’t really make sense to many people.

    Two years ago in the city of Halle, nearby, after the shooting and murders of bystanders outside a synagogue, contextual information contained in the live broadcast of that event by the perpetrator (which was strictly censored thereafter) would have raised legitimate questions about possible foreknowledge of, if not even complicity in, a staged false flag attack on themselves, in the knowledge that people worshiping inside the synagogue would be safe from attack in light of their security upgrade shortly before – but all these additional insights were publicly suppressed because they would have disrupted the victim narrative.

    Leipzig’s investigators also familiar with the Halle incident two years ago may have feared another bureaucratic attempt to quash information that would be embarrassing to the ever coddled Jewish community and many in the media. Whereas it was a more serious incident back then, this time it was about the ego of a relatively unknown and petty narcissist from the local show business scene desperate for attention, so the repercussions of a disgruntled investigator leaking their recent assessment to a selected outlet – assuming that’s how the information got out to the press – are comparatively trivial.

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    Comment by Free_Spirit_Critic | October 17, 2021 | Reply

  2. Is it good for the juice? That is the only question a unit of tax cattle down on Rancho Goyim ever need to ruminate.

    Meanwhile in welfare warfare apartheid, occupied Palestine zionazi squatter filth slaughters innocents daily with handouts from the zionist owned EUSSR and USSA. Clueless, brain washed Germans, under their beloved burden of collective guilt, are still being milked by these hollow cost con men.


    Comment by planetsheeple | October 18, 2021 | Reply

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