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UK Is Testing For Covid 10 TIMES More Than Other European Countries

By Richie Allen | October 27, 2021

How many times has it been said on The Richie Allen Show, that if the NHS stopped testing for covid-19, the pandemic would disappear? I must have said it a thousand times.

Yesterday, Professor Sir Andrew Pollard told the commons science and technology committee:

“If you look across western Europe, we have about 10 times more tests done each day, per head of population. We do have a lot of transmission at the moment, but it’s not right to say that those rates are really telling us something that we can compare internationally.”

Pollard, who is credited as a co-creator of the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab, went on to say:

“I think when we look at these data it is really important not to bash the UK with a very high case rate, because actually it’s partly related to a very high testing rate. I’m not not trying to deny that there’s plenty of transmission at the moment, because there is. It’s just that the comparisons are problematic.”

The latest numbers suggest that there are around 50,000 new covid cases a day in the UK. This has led to calls for the return of restrictions including mandating masks again, working from home and vaccine passports.

However, Pollard said that hospital admissions and death figures were “misleading” as the real-time data cannot differentiate between those who are admitted or die “with” Covid and admissions or deaths due to Covid. He said:

“If you have a lot of transmission in the community, lots of people will die from lots of other causes that are not Covid but will be included in the numbers. The death rates are quite misleading at a time of high Covid in the community. Secondly, the hospital admission data are also misleading because they’re also generated in real time. So if I’m admitted for appendicitis today and I had a Covid positive test, that will appear in the daily data.”

This is the second time in a week that Pollard has said that the data is being misrepresented. This isn’t new. The government and its scientific advisers know this. The threat from covid-19 is being wildly exaggerated.

However, the broadcast media refuses to touch it. There is no pandemic. There never was. The tyranny would end in a heartbeat if the media explained to the public that they are being played and that they have nothing to fear from covid. Fat chance though.

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