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European drug regulators abruptly reverse course on boosters

By Alex Berenson | January 11, 2022

This should terrify you if you’ve received an mRNA booster.

Last month, the European Medicines Agency authorized boosters EVERY THREE MONTHS:

Today, not even five weeks later, and barely 24 hours after Pfizer’s CEO downplayed a fourth dose, they said they think frequent boosters may not be safe:

What changed? What data have they seen since Dec. 9? Animal studies? Side effect reports? Epidemiological data? Or is this just an abundance of caution – caution that did not exist last month?

The time for obfuscation and deception is over. Hundreds of millions of people across the United States and Europe have received mRNA boosters.

They deserve to know the truth.

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  1. Another great find. When will this madness stop?


    Comment by Balthasar Gerards | January 12, 2022 | Reply

  2. YOU are the disease, their death vaxxx the cure.

    They will keep jacking you with Pharma Drug Baron junk until it works.

    Onward to the graveyard with the herd.

    Fauci macht frei

    1969 Blueprint for Genocide Democide from the USSAN eugenicist filth running the currrent covaid$ plandemic

    Click to access Jaffe-Memo-full-wm.pdf


    Comment by planetsheeple | January 12, 2022 | Reply

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