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Meet Taylor Nichols, MD

By Steve Kirsch | January 13, 2022

He’s the co-founder of an organization, No License For Disinformation (NLFD) that is dedicated to making sure that doctors aren’t allowed to speak freely.

Here’s Taylor Nichols’ Twitter profile:

He’s an emergency medicine physician in Sacramento and co-founder of No License For Disinformation (NLFD), an organization dedicated to revoking the medical license of any doctor that tells the truth about the dangers of the vaccine, masking, and mandates. Basically, if you say anything against the narrative, NLFD will try to get your license taken away.

Note the NLFD logo on his Twitter profile.

I’d like to see NLFD focused on revoking the license of any physician that says the vaccine is safe and effective. Now that would be a great public service.

To that end, I sent Taylor a DM on Twitter inviting him to debate us on the science:

He’s responded, but won’t debate me. I asked if I could interview him in a recorded interview that we can both post. He can ask me questions and I can ask him questions. Totally neutral.

He refused. He only wants it via messages.

Why is that? Because that way, when he doesn’t know something (which is likely most of the time), he can ask other people and look it up. It’s a tacit admission he doesn’t know enough facts to engage with someone who knows what they are talking about. Other reasons people want to use documents include:

  1. They can change the topic easily and avoid answering questions they don’t like. There is nobody there to challenge them in real time.
  2. The documents in a discussion can span hundreds of pages. So nobody is going to be able to follow it.
  3. He can post his answers to a medium he has exclusive control over (in this case his Medium site) rather than a neutral video debate where nobody has control.

He refused a debate. He refused to be interviewed live. If he really wants to stop misinformation, he’s not trying very hard.

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