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  1. With reading only to the second paragraph and its last sentence, enough has been stated not to read much further, for the accuracy of what is stated is so true, so significant that one can pause in relief. It’s a moment of affirmation at that point.

    The remainder carries the message all the more: the United States has been taken over by a foreign country, a foreign county and its resident partisans, be they in government, this government, that is, whether they be “non-government orgainzations”, so-called private citizens, or defacto operatives of the fanatic variety, be they Christian, jewish or any other religion who are thus committed to Israel, a ‘Greater Israel’ whose borders are to be expanded, to the religious ”second coming’ or anything else.

    That the media is whole-heartedly committed to the Zionist juggernaut is indisputable. That there are conspirators is indisputable.

    And enter the “domestic terrorists” label that is now applied to dissent, how easily that is alloyed into including criticism of Israel, to the extent that may be a criminal offense as in many European countries, and the control over America as identified here, again, by a foreign country, and the take-over of America is… ominous.

    If not ominous, a la an Alex Odah, a James Forrestal and, yes, a John Fitzgerald Kennedy, then a character assassination along the lines of Henry Ford or Charles Lindberg, or worse… a war instigated by Israel, for the benefit of Israel and any dissent will be met with the down-right infiltration into the American government, acting on behalf of the Zionist state and its establishment here in America.

    Is that what you want, America?

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    Comment by michael | January 18, 2022 | Reply

    • a war instigated by Israel

      I’m not sure the Zios have the stomach for a war, at any rate one against an enemy that can fight, such as Hezbollah. They’re pretty tough against defenceless civilians, but that’s about all. So my guess is that another wave of ethnic cleansing is a more likely prospect.

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      Comment by traducteur | January 18, 2022 | Reply

  2. “Should the American taxpayer continue to foot the bill for all these contrivances to bind the US government hand and foot to the “heritage” of a small minority of the population and to its favored foreign state? These are questions that are almost never asked though, as Voltaire allegedly put it, “If you want to know who controls you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize.”

    Phillip Giraldi, again, calling it like it is. I don’t know how the USA is going to “take their country back”. Such is the control of the USA Government by these “Aliens”. The political prostitutes in Washington who have gorged themselves on “Dirty Money” are the real villains here.

    Maybe, the American people should get off their “ASS” and clean out the Congress, and expel these carpetbaggers back to the land that they love, Israel.

    “Once we have squeezed everything we can out of the USA, it can dry up and blow away”….Netanyahu.

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    Comment by brianharryaustralia | January 18, 2022 | Reply

  3. Is it good for the juice? The only question a head of tax cattle ever need ruminate down on Rancho Goyim, USSA.

    Onward to the cleansing of khazar squatters from apartheid, occupied Palestine…and the freedom of the slaves in Slumville USSA.

    The Invention of the Jewish People
    By Shlomo Sand
    The Thirteenth Tribe Paperback – June 1, 1976
    by Arthur Koestler (Author)


    Click to access 13tribe.pdf


    Comment by Bill Martillo | January 19, 2022 | Reply

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