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Born in Deir Yassin (2017) Complete Film with English Subtitles

January 22, 2022 - Posted by | Illegal Occupation, Timeless or most popular, Video, War Crimes, Wars for Israel | , ,

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  1. This documentary reminds me of the way a lot of Westerners have difficulty relating to other people’s suffering. Vietnam, Afghanistan and their sickening destruction can only be explored from an American perspective and the personal traumas of military personnel (or journalists) – the feelings and experiences of the local people are not valued or simply ignored.
    Here, there is not a single Palestinian interviewed or even cited (if I am not mistaken). With the exception of the photos of the children I cannot remember seeing any Palestinians. I may be off the mark with the objective of the documentary but if it was to highlight the dissonance between reality and the “official Israeli” historical record surely interviewing or quoting Palestinians who were there and survived would have given its reality a more three-dimensional representation.
    Westerners still seem incapable of listening to Palestinian experience directly and need it packaged through a Jewish Israeli or Western lens.


    Comment by redracam | January 23, 2022 | Reply

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